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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Proper Way To Paint Your Doors and Trim~ You May Just Laugh

Yes, there is a right and wrong way to paint your doors and trim.

Let’s talk about what not to do.

1. If there is something sticky on the door, such as leftover adhesive, take the time to remove it. Use either a solvent or a gentle sanding block.

Do NOT just paint over it.

Rudi 078-002

2. If there is a hole~ fill it, sand it, then paint it.

Do not ignore the hole and just paint over it.

Rudi 083-001

3. Take the time to fill, or at the very least, sand smooth the knicks and gouges on the door trim.

Do not just paint over it.

Rudi 084-002

4. If you are painting a door take the time to either remove the door knob or tape it off.

All together now: Do not paint over it.

door knob-001

5. If there are black scuff marks grab a Mr. Eraser and take a moment to clean it off.

Do not just paint over it. You’ll still be able to see it.

Rudi 087-001

6. Finally if you do nothing else, please wipe down all doors and trim to remove dirt.

Do NOT just paint over it. It leaves tiny speckles of painted dust that take forever to sand out.

Rudi 086

So I guess you know what Mr. Décor and I were up against in regards to the prep work of the simple project of painting our interior doors and trim. It was a culmination of every possible lazy solution that previous owners had taken with the house. This is probably why we put off this “simple” project for a year. It took three full days of our lives to correct the bad behavior.  (Labor Day weekend~ what holiday?)

12 interior doors

4 double door closets

Miles of baseboard and door trim

Now we are just waiting on cooler weather so that we can do the garage and front doors. I am itching to add a bit of color.

Rudi 109

I am also ready to oil rub bronze the heck out of the exterior door knobs. What color is this? Not brass, not nickel….but obviously in need of a bit of help.

Rudi 111

Of course there is still one door dilemma left to fix.

If there are ugly door hooks on the back of a door and they will not pry off no matter what you do, do not be deterred. Find a solution to fix the ugly hooks that does not involve “removing the door and burning it off”. Do not give up hope.

Rudi 082

Did previous owners ever commit decorating crimes against your house?



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow! What a lot of prep work!!!

Auntie Em said...

Your doors will be so nice and fresh looking when you are done.
All the decorating crimes in our house, we have committed ourselves. But we were young and poor so that's our excuse and we are sticking to it! lol
As for doors, We slowly removed the plain slab doors and replaced them with colonial doors. Same with hardware. And it's not as expensive as you would think when you watch for a deal. Besides, new doorknobs work so much better and guests don't get locked in the bathroom any more! :)

April Dunlap said...

Alas the previous owners of our home are US. I am married to a man whose father goes thru a printer/fax a year and whose favorite tool is the hammer...does that tell you anything about the prep work that does NOT get done when details are involved? The young apple just doesn't fall far at all!
But I love him. And he's painting our "new old doors" for me...those have been interesting. AND my bathroom is now the loveliest shade of green!
I think that door lock is what we used to call "antique brass"? :)
LOVEd this post!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I agree that's antique brass. I think doors and trim are the least favorite thing to do in a home, I so have to do mine also.
Have a great rest of the week!

Dawna Motz said...

My husband would love your post today!! We have had our fair share of previous owner dilemas to fix! We are just helping our son and daughter in law with a reno in their first home,,,so far so good!! and Darrell is passing along his "do it right " the first time advice!! :)

Teri said...

Does putting in baseboard with 4" nails count? Or having a college athletics emblem stickers on the kitchen appliances and master suite bathroom mirror? Or putting carpet around (like up the side along the top edge) the Jacuzzi tub in the master suite count?

And that is just a few of the things we've been fixing.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I need to do all of mine. Yours are going to be fabulous. Hugs, marty

Vel Criste said...

Great rules that are difficult to follow for impatient DIYers like me! hahaha! The magic eraser though has been my secret weapon though for all painting jobs too!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I am laughing, Laura, because .you are talking to us a out the nail holes and failure to wash down the door. I need to tattoo this on my brain. LOL



Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thanks for these important, but often over-looked suggestions.

What I Did Today said...

Good to know! And thanks for the laugh too! :) Good luck fixin' it all up!

Debbie said...

We inherited the well painted doors and trim of the original owner, done when the home was built. Unfortunately, it was the ugliest shade of cream all through the house. We have had to repaint (and it's oil based, of course, so...sigh.) I hate painting trim. This would be the reason that it took fifteen years to do and we're still not finished in every room.

Karena Albert said...

Oh yes, window sills painted over and over and over again. Layers of wallpaper not removed!

Fun, fun, fun, yuck!

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