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Friday, July 19, 2013

An Enchanting Gardening Experience and Children Behaving Devilishly

Did you know that Anthropologie also has a gardening store, Terrain? While they do have an online site there is just one store and it is located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania.

Summer Vacation 2013 523

Think of Anthropologie’s wonderful displays of repurposed items and gifts from around the globe then add lovely flora and fauna to the mix.

Summer Vacation 2013 444

From the moment you walk in there are enchanting gardening vignettes everywhere.

Summer Vacation 2013 446

As per my usual custom anything that caught my fancy got an even closer look.

Summer Vacation 2013 448

Who knew some scrap lumber and four bicycle tires could be so cute?

Summer Vacation 2013 473

Large scale architectural salvage was use to create “rooms” in the outdoor areas.

Summer Vacation 2013 529

A profusion of plants for purchase.

Summer Vacation 2013 535

Zinc topped tables loaded with African violets.

Summer Vacation 2013 538

Now you know what to do with old birdbaths~ stack ‘em up!

Summer Vacation 2013 541

Then fill with succulents.

Summer Vacation 2013 542-001

Acres of antiques waiting to be discovered.

Summer Vacation 2013 503

Can you imagine building a gardening shed around these doors? Auntie T says “Yes, yes I can.”

Summer Vacation 2013 502

How about having your own personal pavilion?

Summer Vacation 2013 507

At night you could dance underneath rows of sparkly lights.

Summer Vacation 2013 515

Yes, this structure was Sweet boy approved.

Summer Vacation 2013 516

He also loved the checkerboard look of green grass and paved stones.

Summer Vacation 2013 504

I spied some gardening stakes that surely could transform my backyard into the delightful potager Meryl Streep loved in “It’s Complicated”. (It is my dream garden after all.)

Summer Vacation 2013 490

Ever the eagle eye, Sweet Boy spied a picnic set and said “Hey mom, don’t we have this EXACT table and bench?”

Summer Vacation 2013 526

Why yes, we do. Of course ours does not feature a jazzy painted update… yet.

Summer Vacation 2013 524

How about a bit of French bistro seating in happy, bright colors?

Summer Vacation 2013 557

What’s this, a charming restaurant on site? Why yes, I am hungry.

Summer Vacation 2013 484

They had indoor tables that offered hanging vines for privacy.

Summer Vacation 2013 452

But the weather was so lovely we opted to dine al fresco. The table was set simply, but quite quaint.

Summer Vacation 2013 458

Refreshing spritzer’s started us off.

Summer Vacation 2013 465

Homemade bread was brought out in tiny terracotta pots. I might try this for a future dinner party.

Summer Vacation 2013 460

I forgot to take pictures of our entrĂ©e’s as the young man was SO hungry and I was distracted as he was having trouble cutting up his chicken. But the bill was brought tucked inside a darling old book. 

Summer Vacation 2013 469

After lunch it was time to head inside to see the delightful array of offerings such as Weck canning jars~ my favorite.

Summer Vacation 2013 567

Hand thrown pottery in sunny shades.

Summer Vacation 2013 572

Don’t let the worlds largest rosemary topiary tree distract you from the cute pedestals made of wood and metal rings.

Summer Vacation 2013 574

I wanted several pieces of the outdoor copper lighting in the WORST way!

Summer Vacation 2013 578

Like chicken wire, but better.

Summer Vacation 2013 581

It’s raining cans, hallelujah.

Summer Vacation 2013 586

I’ll close this post with a really funny and definitely embarrassing overshare.

Thoroughout blogland you see pictures of well mannered cherubic children. Some mothers may think to themselves “Why aren’t MY children perfect like that? What am I doing wrong?”

Some may even question how my Sweet Boy (cough cough) behaves so beautifully as I take him to boring site after boring site. (His words, not mine.) The reality is this:

I made sure on this trip that he ALWAYS had a book (he is currently reading the Percy Jackson series) or his Nintendo DS to occupy his mind when he became bored.

Even so, he tortured me. Primarily with photo bombing.

Summer Vacation 2013 696-001

Can you imagine, as a blogger, setting up shot, after shot, after shot and being consistently photo bombed each and every time?

Below is the image that sent me over the edge.

Beautiful wreaths.

Boy with delicious mischief sparkling in his eyes walking deliberately into the shot for like the 800th time that day.

Summer Vacation 2013 545

I made the #1 error in motherhood.

I said “Can you PLEASE find some other way to entertain yourself that doesn’t involve torturing me?”

So he did.

A few minutes later he went up to Auntie T and said “We need to leave.”

Auntie T looked at her watch thinking he was eager to pick his cousin up from soccer camp but he interjected “Can you hear that?”

So she listened.

Quiet ticking was followed by a large ear clattering rrrrrrrriiiinnnnnggg of an chicken shaped kitchen timer going off.

Did you set that? She asked.

I set ALL of the chicken timers. He replied.

And she let him live.

Summer Vacation 2013 467-001

Quickly she hustled me out of the store. Once in the car they gave a blow by blow account of what was going to occur in the store within the next 3 minutes.

I then made the second worst error in motherhood.

I started to laugh.

I laughed until tears sprang from my eyes.

I finally was able to say “Can you imagine the looks of bewilderment on the faces of those poor store clerks?”

Auntie T, always in possession of quick wit, said:

“Yep, it will be a look that says”…

“What the cluck?”



Craftymoose Crafts said...

One of my favorite posts so usual interesting, beautiful photographed & presented and funny! Go Sweet Boy!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOL!! I love it!! What a fun kid!!!! Loving the photos!!!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

great photos and fun commentary.. just the kind of post I love..

I adore that rustic garden wagon. wish I could find some old wood and wheels. I'd build me one.

thanks again for taking us on another fun site seeing tour.

openid said...

I'm so sorry I missed out on meeting up with you, sweet T and the time keeper for lunch. The Terrain looks lovely and I have never been. Will make a point to get there soon. Perhaps it's best though, as I would have encouraged and helped Sweet Boy Gunn set every timer in the store and then stepped back with him to WATCH chaos ensue. Love T's response!
Your Friend,

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Sweet Boy is just the cutest. Love this post. Hugs, Marty

the cape on the corner said...

oh my gosh, HOW funny! he's so smart, you have to give him that. glen mills is near me, so I've gone in there to browse a few times. and then I hit up the more accessible home goods down the road for things I can actually purchase.

Catherine Holman said...

How funny! I do love that chicken timer!

Linda said...

OMG, Laura, did you HAVE to tell us about this store?? Now I'm looking it up online and finding new ways to spend money that I don't have! :O

Great photos. :)

Love, Linda

Vicki said...

Hahaha, I laughed through tears rolling down my cheeks! This was a beautiful post; so many inspirational photos. Thank you for sharing!

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

What a fun trip! I like a kid with some spunk!

Rita C. said...

That's hilarious - just wait till they look at the video, lol!
Love Anthropologie! That wall with the bistro chairs looks like art!
ps - thanks for stopping by while you're on your trip. ;)

Lorrie said...

What an inspiring place Terrain would be to visit.
Glad to hear Sweet Boy makes his own fun wherever he goes!

Karen Albert said...

Laura thank you for making me laugh! I am sooo glad that you had a good time. Sweet boy may be a bit mischievous; we would worry though if he weren't!

2013 Designer Series & Giveaway

Karen Albert said...

Oh and what a very cool place; I had no idea!xoxo

Carol said...

What a wonderfully beautiful place! Photo bombing happens, but here it is usually our cat! Too funny about the timers, and yes, I would have cracked up, too!

Susan said...

Oh Laura, you must be having such a wonderful time. And you are sharing it with your blog peeps!

Loved all the photos. Thanks so much. Also, for your visit to my blog! Susan

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Laughs for dessert!
You rock, Sweet Boy!
Thank you for sharing all of this awesomeness, Laura!

Debbie said...

I just made the worst mistake a fellow mother, seasoned one at that, can make... I laughed right along with you!

I love this post so much. The eye candy was wonderful enough, but the kitchen alarm story at the end just made my morning. Love it. I'm still giggling.

(The wagon out of bike tires was my favorite thing, for obvious reasons.)

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

Oh, my, that looks like a wonderful place- why, oh why is there only one?! I'm somewhat afraid to look them up online, could get me in big trouble. Sounds like you got out of there in the nick of time- ha! I'm thinking sweet boy is quite clever to figure out a way to get you going quickly. :)

ImagiMeri said...

Love that rascal boy of yours....he's just like a mini-me! That store is to die for.......I wouldn't last a minute in there.

Love ya'

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

They have lots of things that look like they can be replicated or reinterpreted. Lots of great ideas in your photos.

That's funny. I imagine it is a little shorter time period for a girl, but at a certain age, it is not easy to shop with them, boy or girl. It sounds like for the most part he was a good sport.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

He's a trip! My dd likes to photobomb me and so does my dh! Uggh!!

I have to make a visit to Terrain! So amazing!

The Boston Lady said...

Ah, so the boy has a lot of his Pa in him, eh? Love, love, love the chicken timer story - I could very well imagine my son doing something like that - in present time!

Love that store, Laura, I had no idea and I wonder why there is only one. Ann

NanE said...

LOL! Yes, some times those RARE occasions when our cherubs do not behave, are the ones we will remember the most and put a smile on our face years later! Nan
PS, this looks like a store I would love!