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Monday, May 13, 2013

House Crush: Jenna Lyons

If you follow Décor To Adore on Facebook or Twitter you may have, in the past, read how much I loved Jenna Lyons Park Slope home (128 Garfield Place in Brooklyn) when it was featured in the November 2012 of Lonny Magazine.

Jenna Lyons Park Slope Dream Home-9

I had first seen her home in the November 2008 issue of Domino Magazine. (Sigh, I STILL miss the monthly version of the magazine.) This was followed up by a feature in the September 2009 of Britian’s Livingetc magazine as well as a feature in the September 2011 issue of British Vogue. Some wondered “Was it worthy of all that coverage?” I believe so as Ms. Lyons was constantly creating new vignettes within in her home.

The home was purchased by Lyons and her now ex husband in 2004. Many mourned when it was announced that the home had been sold to Vincent Martin of Depeche Mode in late 2012 for well above asking price by Sotherby’s. But I see it as an opportunity for Ms. Lyons to now have a fresh blank canvas in which to create something fabulously new. 

Park slope

But the space deserves one last look and I have collected my favorite images from the different publications mentioned above for this one post.

This is the interior entry of the Victorian gem which dates back to the 1880’s. The arched door and dentil molding is simply magnificent.


Many people often shy away from older homes thinking that they have to fill the space with furniture from the same era. But one can easily see by the following images that is not the case. The classic architecture was mixed with modern furnishings.

Jenna Lyons at Home... (I could pin every room in her house it's just so great).

My belief has always been if you start with good bones in a space anything will look good.

Jenna Lyons Living Room

The living room was done in neutrals with the exception of a bright yellow sofa. Happy, happy.

Jenna Lyons Park Slope Dream Home-3

The formal dining space was separated by a magnificent archway. I adore the twin fireplaces.

Jenna Lyons Dining Room

If you were wishing you could see into the cabinet in the previous image here you are. I like that simple dishes and pitchers, as well as books, were arranged together.

Jenna Lyons home

The artwork could easily be recreated.

Jenna Lyons Dining Room via Domino

The chandeliers were duplicates which I think is a perfect solution to ease the eye in transitioning between two spaces.

jenna lyons in british vogue

I adore the brass helmet lamp.

Jenna Lyon's house was dark and moody + gold + pink waaay before the rest of the world was!

The kitchen, although a small size, was remodeled by Levenson McDavid Architects and quite functional. I actually don’t mind the silver duct work showing.

This shot includes a glimpse of the backyard.

A blooming dogwood tree in the backyard is the epitome of spring in New York.

Jenna Lyons Vincent Mazeau Park Slope House For Sale Photo 1

The bedroom space featured dark walls and white linens.

If you’ve ever hesitated to paint out fantastic trim this shot shows that it can be quite stunning.

beautiful alcove

The attached bath featured a herringbone floor, claw foot tub and brass plumbing fixtures.

Jenna Lyon's Bathroom. (Domino)

This shot reminds me a bit of Kelly Wearstler.

Jenna Lyons #chic #fashionable #Mom

A happy childs room.

I enjoy an office that looks like actual work gets done.

vintage Moroccan rug Jenna Lyons office

For those of you who perhaps aren’t aware of what Jenna Lyons job is, I have to share her dream of a closet.

Jenna Lyons (Creative Director of J Crew) and her closet. Are you kidding me...

Oh the shoes….

Jenna Lyons is the creative director for J. Crew.

jenna lyons

Her personal fashion style is pretty fabulous too. She has been featured in several fashion magazines, including Glamour and has received tons of pins on Pinterest.  

jenna lyons

I can’t wait to see her new space. It was rumored that she was living HERE, but this apartment has now also been sold.



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Her home is amazing! I can't wait to see what she does with her new home also!

Laura Turner said...

A truly unique sense of style. Thank you for sharing and exposing me!

Laura from sunday view

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I love it, too, Laura. She looks like a very creative person, and I love her sense of style. Being "old" I have to say, though, that those high HIGH heels make my feet HURT. LOL But everything else gets a thumbs up!



Louise said...

It looks architecturally like it could be in London. And the style of decor seems very "London" to me also . . .

Oh I feel such a kinship. I also bathed my children while wearing stunning gowns (and spoon fed them in their high chair too, what is a custard splatter if not simply patina) . . .

Auntie Em said...

While I love the look of the older homes with the beautiful details, I look at them and wonder how many rodents and insects there are crawling beneath the floor boards! I know, warped but realistic. lol

Thanks for sharing the great photos! :)

Miss Charming said...

I absolutely love the yumminess of beautiful old homes. (My dream architecture!)

Karen Albert said...

Laura, Jenna's former home is glorious, simply could walk right through the front door and live there!

Art by Karena

Jen said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous space! I love that yellow living room sofa! *Swoon* And the chandelier? Just fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

April Dunlap said...

Beautiful. You have nearly managed to cement my resolve to paint EVERY vertical surface in my home WHITE.
It's summertime. In Louisiana.
Hoping your end-of-school is working out well!

Vel Criste said...

totally understand why, I'm a huge fan of J. Crew and Jenna's style has a LOT to do with it's success!