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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ways To Use Pretty Wrapping Paper

I am heading into finals week. But let’s think about happier things shall we?

Some wrapping paper is so lovely is deserves to be framed.

I am a wrapping paper hoarder. It’s true. But my collection has grown so large that I need to start using it.

I could see myself wallpapering a closet with scraps. 

While lining the back of a bookcase isn’t a new idea, I think using a pair to create an altar is simply fabulous!

An even quicker project is to line a cart or tray with paper.

I’ve done just one simple project this past week. I lined the top of the kitchen island drawer with paper the Fashionista had found for me several months ago. (Avion from Paper Source.)

You probably remember when I painted the island last fall.

kitchen 121

At the time I had also ripped out the stained and tattered faux velvet drawer liner and there it sat until the day I could look at no longer.

drawer 003

There was enough of a gap under the wooden slats that I simply slid the paper underneath.

drawer 009

I didn’t even bother tacking the edges down.

drawer 017

The weight from our everyday napkins was enough.

drawer 019

I can’t wait until I have time for a few more projects. But this weekend I have … a boy scout fundraiser, a soccer game, church luncheon and of course trying desperately to get Rêve out on time for the May 1st release date. Problems keep abounding with production. There is a chance it may be delayed. But I am trying to stay positive.

I have a huge final in each of my two art history classes. One this Friday and the other on Monday. My photography class at the local community college will end on May 9th. Then I will have ten glorious days before the summer session begins at ASU.

College Student Falling Asleep while Studying for her Finals - Isolated Background Stock Photo - 6802628

I can’t wait, projects are lined up!



Di said...

Just beautiful! I bet you will do wonderful on your exams. I remember those days. Make sure to rest and you will do great! Di

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving that paper in the drawers!! Looks beautiful! Good luck with your tests!!

Jen said...

Trying to catch up with my favorite blogs this morning! I love the wrapping paper ideas.... especially since I have quite a few rolls stashed away here. Good luck with your exams! I totally understand!

Karen Albert said...

Laura how DO you do it all? Love your drawer paper!

PS I am having a Paris Book Giveaway!
Art by Karena

ImagiMeri said...

So and Julie tire me out just reading your blogs....gosh I miss my youth! Everything is going to work out just fine dear lady and you're going to ACE your finals. Reve will happen when it's supposed to stressing please. Your way to special to stress out, take deep breath and think of the love of your family....Mr. Decor, Sweet Boy and surrounds you like a special hug.

Love ya'

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love the paper, it looks wonderful and I love that island. Good luck with the finals. Hugs, Marty

Vel Criste said...

OMG, I'm a huge wrapping paper hoarder too, I use them all over my house! Bookcase backing, paper placemats and of course, wrapping gifts too! :-) Good luck on your finals dear

WendyBee said...

Oh Laura, I hope that your schedule will calm down a little. Or do you thrive at this pace?
Anyway, I love that paper --it's wonderful! And now I'll be looking at wrapping paper with a new eye. What wonderful ideas you bring us.

Lorrie said...

I love, love, love the paper. What a great way to use it - you'll catch a glimpse of it every time you open the drawer.
Oh, Laura, I'll be praying for you as you tackle your finals and all the busyness of life!

Chubby Chieque said...

Hello gorgeous Fashionista,

OMG! Great minds think alike. This is my on going project in my kitchen drawers. It's fully finish as of yet and hopefully, soon. 14 drawers, Gee! I was sweaty just thinking of it, as I am so busy with my full-time job. But, I will b4 mid-May, §:-)

Thank you for a great entertaining thru your incrible tips.

Happy mid-week to you & family.

Greetings from D´Box,
/CC girl

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

great post.. I'm using some wrapping paper to do the back of my secretary:)

best of luck with the tests~!

8)(8 said...

Best wishes with your finals.

I can't believe it is the last week before May, somehow it caught me off guard.

openid said...

The Fashionista discovered the perfect paper for this project! Don't forget to pause in your pursuits to appreciate the process and consume a few glasses of wine. :)

Danice said...

Wonderful ideas. I just now found your blog, and am now following. Your blog is very interesting. 'Will return often :)

Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

Love it. Good luck in your exams x

lynn cockrell said...

I have to admit, Laura, that I hoard wrapping paper too(and a lot of other things). Your island drawers look really nice with the unique choice of paper you used. Best wishes on your exams and on getting the publication out on schedule!

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

Wow, I don't know how you keep up with it all- my brain freezes just thinking about going back to school- yikes! I love the paper you used as a drawer liner- just beautiful.

Nonie Hoffman said...

Great ideas that even I can do.


Debbie said...

Just call me duly inspired with wonderful ideas. I'm a wallpaper hoarder too.

I'm believing for you for great success in finals and productivity to boot!

Auntie Em said...

I would buy pretty wrapping paper and there were two sheets so after the parcel was wrapped the spare would be tucked away. I hoard sheets of scrap booking paper now. I wonder if there is a 12 step program to over come this addiction...but then again, do I want to be cured? lol It looks so pretty in your napkin drawer.
Good luck with your finals! I am sure you will do well and lead the class. :)

Liz Hockamier said...

I put scrap book paper on the back of my kitchen cabinets. I STILL love it. But if I change my mind... it will be easy to switch out. :)

Love yours.
(see you in a bit)


The Boston Lady said...

Oh Laura, I love that Avion paper. It looks just perfect in the drawer. Best wishes on your finals and find some time to rest during the weekend! Ann