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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

French Inspired Valentine Candy Boxes

Hearts…flowers... amour….. I adore it all!

box 065

A few years ago I found these small Martha Stewart candy boxes on clearance. It was one of those things that I wish I had bought more of. The paper rosettes were left over from a Halloween vignette I made HERE.

vday 006

This handsome French couple was printed out on cardstock, carefully cut out and edged in glitter.


As you may know I save all sorts of craft scraps that I organize by color. This was a great opportunity to use up several bits and bobs.

box 040

Pearls, vintage millinery, lace and paper.

box 046

The back was finished off with a simple paper punched heart.

box 037-001

I can’t decide which is my favorite,  but I am leaning towards the pink.

box 055-001

A birds eye view of the top of the boxes.

box 067-001

They will be filled with candy for my two sweethearts~ one who will love the box and one who will love the candy. :)

box 027

What kind of candy do you like to receive?


I hope you’ll join me on Thursday, February 14th!

Saint_Valentines_Day_Candy_Valentine_s_Day_013165_ (1)-001

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  1. Wow wow wow!! These are GORGEOUS Laura!!!!! I love them!!!

  2. Hi Laura, these are so very lovely. I think even you candy-loving Valentine will appreciate their beauty.
    enJOY a lovely day,

  3. I shall be linking right along with you girlfriend.

    Your candy boxes turned out divine, as I knew they would cuz everything you make is divine! When are you gonna adopt me?

    Love ya'

  4. Oh. Ces petites boites sont adorables et pleines de charme...
    Je suis très heureuse de vous retrouver.
    Gros bisous.

  5. Laura, those are beautiful! And they look so fun! I want to come craft with you someday!

  6. They are both so pretty, Laura, I can't pick a favorite! Love that you used up your little left over bits. I save those little scraps and bits, too, thinking they will come in handy for something.

  7. Laura,
    These are both lovely and your Valentines are very blessed! {But I think they already know that.}
    I like Godiva and Chocolate Garden best. What is your favorite?
    Your Friend,

    PS I mentioned you in my last post.

  8. Awe....beautiful! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Oh my word, these are unreal. Love them. Hugs, Marty

  10. Hi Laura,
    These are some of the prettiest Valentines decorations I have seen yet! I like the red one best!

  11. Laura, your candy boxes are fantastic! Love your blog, I will visit often... Mary

  12. Gorgeous boxes, Laura. Your creativity is wonderful! As to candy - for me, it's dark chocolate all the way. I'm particularly weak in the knees when it comes to dark chocolate covered pink salt caramels. Ooh la la.

  13. Oh Laura, these are just gorgeous!!! my kind of Valentine!!

  14. You did such a beautiful job! I would be one who would love the box and the candy! I like chocolate...high end, Godiva etc. OR low end-Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

  15. I love, love, love this! Great job!


  16. Oh My Word! Laura, you are so talented. These are beautiful! My brain just can't come up with this kind of thing. I'm so impressed. Yes, I'll be at your Valentine party. Looking forward to it. laurie

  17. Oh these candy boxes are so pretty Laura! Filled or un-filled they are simply adorable and so French-y.

    I love Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters ( the Dark Chocolate Jelly Sticks ( Bad part is, they are hard to find without buying an entire box of candy - and most of the remaining chocolates, I don't like!

  18. Oh, oh, oh....I love them!! How sweet and I love the dimension to them. Fantastic once again!

  19. OO-la-la . . . Belle, belle:)
    Your boxes are wonderful . . . they look like fantastic tea party favors.
    Great job.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  20. I love the red one! Dark chocolate anything makes me smile!

  21. These are so beautiful, I love them. Great job!

  22. can't believe you made these! looks store-bought! love it!

  23. Laura, a post as
    sweet as you are!

    I think I love the
    pink the best, too : )

    Dang you are one
    crafty babe!!!

    xo Suzanne

  24. I was being rather lazy about Valentine's day but now you have inspired me with these stunning boxes. I am going to play in my studio today! :) Your announcement on the e-magazines is such great news. Congratulations and I know you will have beaucoup subscribers. I am delighted to join your party next week. xo

  25. Oh how I wish I had time for these!! Your creations are stunning, Laura, and I'm sure will delight the recipients!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  26. Hi Laura,

    These are just BEAUTIFUL! What a great job you did on them. I like them both, but I definitely think the pink is my favorite.

    I'm very impressed that someone so creative can also be so organized. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way with me. I can be both at times, but rarely both at the same time. :) I'll just have to keep working at it.

    Have a great day!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  27. Love the boxes. I have some heart shaped boxes I have saved over the years will have to see what things I can come up with to do with them. Out of curiosity how do you store things like this from year to year? Sometimes I will not make something I have seen because I am not sure how to store it after the holidays without ruining it.

  28. Oh, my! Laura, these are beautiful! You are so talented and creative. Very pretty!

  29. Very pretty Valentine boxes! LOVE your table setting for Valentines too!
    I love most "good" chocolate! Carmel and sea salt are top of my list today! LOL!

  30. Your Valentine boxes are so sweet. I love the little couples and the rosettes edged with glitter makes the perfect backdrop.
    I have found myself wishing I had purchased more of something I had found on clearance when I had a chance too but more often I am standing there thinking 'Darn, there's only one of these left!' lol
    Enjoying your crafty tutorials. Thank you so much for sharing them! :)

  31. Laura, these boxes are so totally gorgeous!

  32. Dearest Laura,
    Your creations are so incredibly sweet!
    Valentine Blessings,
    Carolynn xoxo

  33. I'd like to receive some candy in one of these boxes...

  34. These are truly gorgeous! Instead of candy, I'll take a cupcake ;o)

  35. Hi Laura,
    I love your Valentine boxes. So Romantic looking. They sure are pretty. I love them all but the pink is my favorite..Happy Valentine's Day!

  36. Laura, I am thrilled that you linked these beautiful creations to my V'tine party. I already pinned and picture from this post. Thank you for joining the party. I'm looking forward to your party. laurie

  37. Laura, I'll be at the Party. These two boxes are sheer delight. They could be vintage candy boxes with all these special details. I'm sure they were lots of fun to create. I've saved special candy boxes through the years. I bet these will be come heirlooms. As for what's inside. I'd want chocolates.
    Happy Valentine's Day! ~ Sarah

  38. You always put your special touch on things to make them your own and even more beautiful. It's always fun to see your designs! Happy Valentine's day!

  39. Wow! Very impressive. I love these!!!

  40. Oh, Laura, I LOVE the Marie Antoinette candy boxes!! Your recipients will love them I'm sure! Happy Valentine's Day!!

  41. These are just adorable! I want to make some for next year!


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