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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Adore These Shoes!

Yesterday I was cruising the aisles of T.J. Maxx and spotted these B. Makowsky shoes. Cute style, $19.99. Instant love! Alas the 6 1/2 size was a wee bit small and there were no size 7’s. Boo!

If you happen to be in T.J. Maxx and spot these in my size I will happily reimburse you, pay for shipping and possibly give you my firstborn. :)

What do you have to have right now?



  1. Now that's shopping with the internet! lol
    Sorry but no TJMax in our neck of the woods. Just a Winners and Home Sense. Good luck finding your pretty shoes though!

  2. Laura,
    I will check in our neck of the woods! Right now, I'd settle for a second cup of coffee. :)
    Your Friend,

  3. Will have to keep an eye out for you! LOL They are very pretty shoes!

  4. Cute shoes!! I'll keep my eyes open! I would love a day off from work to stay at home and craft and work around my house!


  5. Oh those are lush & clever. I will look. If I find an 8, I'm keeping them though. :)

  6. Have you tried eBay? I would check there for sure.

  7. Have you tried eBay? I would check there for sure.

  8. Those are really pretty! I may need a pair, but I'm a
    I will keep my eyes peeled. We go there all the time.

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  11. Gosh I love those Laura and I will keep my eyes out for them!
    You don't even have to send my your first born, I already have a 22 year old. lol.
    Hugs friend,

  12. Gorgeous shoes Laura! I have TJ Maxx on my agenda for tomorrow, so I'll look and see what I can find for you!

  13. Adorable Laura. I hope someone can track these beauties down for you. We have a T "K" Maxx here but I have yet to have luck finding shoes. Each visit the shelves are literally picked clean. I use to have one just walking distance from our house in TX. I would of looked for you in a heartbeat.

    Cheers ~ Deb

  14. Personally, I have to have about 5 more clones of myself to get all the stuff in my head accomplished. I hardly look for clothes anymore as my size fluctuates so much and I'm either always crafting or sleeping, so it doesn't matter much. However, lovely, petite models, such as yourself should definitely be wearing stylish togs. Excuse my vulgar language, but you look so damn pretty in everything!

    Love ya'

  15. Amen on this Laura - P-r-e-t-t-y as pie. I'll check out the stores here. :-)

  16. Those are gorgeous, Laura.

    Shoes are an issue though with me and have been over age 45. My feet are not the feet I once had where I could wear those lovely heels. Because of a huge "pump bump" on the back of my left foot, which leaves me virtually crippled at times, the only shoes I can wear are ones with a slight incline, and frequently are my New Balance walking shoes or boots. That's about it. All dress shoes pinch or hurt the back of my foot or my toes. I think the days of my feet looking stylish are completely over with. :(

    Can't say that I'm happy about it.

    As for what I have to have right now - nothing really, except for paint. How exciting is that, ha ha. :D

  17. Well before I run out to TJ, let's get more info on the first born. Does s/he come with lots of money? How much does s/he eat? Picky eater? Clean up after themselves? Haha! Very pretty shoes, hope you get them in a 7!


  18. Gosh, I love a treasure hunt... Rest assured, the TJ Maxx in Auburn Hills, Michigan does not have them...I checked!! Will keep my eyes out when I'm at the next one...hope someone finds them!!

  19. Those are very pretty, but the height would make me pass them by.
    Now, a certain lampshade and pillow combination from Target is what I'm after right now. Let us know if anyone FINDS the shoes for you, because you know we'll all be looking on our next TJMaxx trek. :)

  20. It is his Black and White Hessie pump. I can't find it...but you may be able to google some more and have better luck!

  21. Oh my....these are seriously cute!

  22. Hello from Tucson. Will check for you!


  23. These are so cute!
    I love B. Makowsky bags. I have 3! All from T.J.'s! I didn't know he has shoes too! I wonder if they go up to size 11!


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