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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 31 ~ Whooo Loves An Inexpensive Halloween Tablescape and Treats?

Happy Halloween from Décor To Abore!

halloween 016-002

Our family of four celebrated a day early as the Fashionista has to work on Halloween night. What a fright! I have to say we actually had a lot of fun with our feast. More so than when we are normally scrambling to get out the door to go trick or treating.

halloween 019

I began by topping the table with a very old and tattered tablecloth I have had for many years. I knew I wanted to include this snowy owl in the vignette. I’ll be stalking Michaels the day after to see if I can find a few more on clearance for next year.

halloween 029

The aptly titled spider mums, carnations and purple status came in a large bouquet I found at Fresh and Easy for $7 which I just separated.

halloween 025

I used old crocks as watering vessels including the so apropos mini size of “bloater paste”. Ewwwwww!


halloween 029-001

Old flower frogs were repurposed as pedestals and vintage jello molds became votives.

halloween 034

It looks like it will be a frighteningly fun feast!

halloween 054

The old crystal goblets were filled with “Grapestein” or “Bubbling Cauldron” also from Fresh and Easy – $1.99 a six pack.

halloween 064

Each place setting had a pumpkin candy pouch I made HERE. The plates rested on lacy black scrapbook paper that reminded me of spider webs.

halloween 052

It probably would have been more creepy to eat with our hands, but I tucked old silverware into tiny bags decorated with jack o’ lantern smiles.

halloween 048

Now for the spooktacular treats to eat!

Care for some terrifying teeth?

halloween 011-002

I can’t tell you where I got them….

halloween 027-001

But the “lips” remain fresher longer after a quick dip in orange juice.

halloween 010

How about a bowl of bloody good soup?

halloween 021-001

My little monsters had fun creating “Cousin It wiches” and a one eyed, one horned tasty bite.

halloween 009

Some crunchy witch fingers round out the meal.

halloween 025-001

Of course we needed a bit of dessert. While I can bake with the best of them, sometimes store bought can be bliss too.

Mr. Décor and I nibbled on maple leaf cookies. I found them at the Dollar Store. Add a cup of cauldron boiled tea for extra happiness.

flowers 009

Next up, Sweet Boy’s favorite:Trader Joe’s Halloween Joe Joe’s cookies. A 16 oz box is just $2.99. Bonus - each cookie has a different jack o’ lantern face.

flowers 014

For those of you who don’t have a dollar store, Fresh and Easy or Trader Joe’s ~ go ahead and put the Fashionista’s favorite in your cart. They are sold at most supermarkets.

At the end of the evening, as I was cleaning up, I received a horrendous fright! I went to grab a plate of encrusted cheese and there was a…..

halloween 030-002

Have a thriller, diller night!


You can find my Halloween playlist HERE.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh Sandy! Sweet T’s Halloween By Candlelight

Hurricane Sandy arrived with a vengeance. I have family in both Virginia and Pennsylvania and therefore I was and am watching closely and praying heavily. Cousin L in Arlington lost power. I found this image that made me weep. These men NEVER give up their post come hell or high water. Yesterday was a little bit of both.

Cousin Sweet T in Pennsylvania also lost power and is currently still without it.

Hurricane Sandy

School has been closed and people have been advised to remain at home. Halloween has been cancelled. This is SO sad as Sweet T’s daughter, our Miss M.,  always has the BEST costumes. This year she was channeling her inner Edgar Allen and was going to be a raven.


But not to be deterred Sweet T (and grandma Nene) created a magical event with candlelight. I thought I would share since so many of you loved her “Royal Wedding Carriage”.


One year Miss M. was a witch and Sweet T saved her shoes. Love it!


Dry ice was placed in a larger bowl and a smaller bowl that was set atop contained a bit of brew. Spooktacular effect!


Love the “finger food”. The cheese biscuits had blanched almond “nails” made red with food coloring.


Check out the cranium cupcakes!


Chocolate cake was placed in silicone skull molds and pink buttercream frosting was piped on in an “s” fashion with a medium round tip.


Happy Halloween from Cousin It, Sweet T (for terror) Nacky Nene and Miss M. ~mysterious!


Prayers to all enduring this storm,


Day 30: Two Posts in One Day…Again

So yesterday there were two posts that showed up on my blog. Arghhhh! This one entitled “Creating a French Garden in the Southwest ~ Extending The Patio” and how I “created a container garden using blue pots”.

Alas the goof was not mine this time. So, another “new” post will show up later today.

I share my thoughts on what I really learned while writing this series on Thursday.

Extending The Patio

A few months ago our family moved into a new home. Throughout the heat of the summer the backyard remained a barren, dusty parcel of land.

garden 088-001

The temperatures are now finally starting to decrease here in Phoenix (mid 80’s) which means that our desire to venture outside has increased. But not to view this:

garden 060

Of course to even get out to the yard is a grand fete! In the kitchen is the doorway that leads out to our teeny tiny patio. The small slab of concrete barely holds our table and four chairs. I had to stand in the middle of the kitchen to take this shot.

garden 095

So before we can dream about:

Alluring alyssum

Lovely lavender,

Lavender Garden, Provence.

Radiant roses

Flowered Garden Arch, Provence,

and luscious lemons.

lemon tree hbrickman 

The patio needed to be extended for a bit of breathing room.

This is truly back breaking work.

garden 001

Arizona is famous for it’s Caliche soil. It’s rock hard and takes forever to dig out.

garden 062

Mr. Décor created a soil sifter with 2 x 4’s and metal grating to help sift out any good soil. There wasn’t much.

garden 061

There were also massive roots to contend with.

garden 092

After many hours the area was ready.

garden 091

Various patterns were first tried out on the computer and then laid out on the grass.

We had to come up with a way to combine pavers with the existing brick lined beds.

garden 058

I think we have found a favorite design but you’ll have to stay tuned…. Argh! I know.

Now I was not just standing around taking pictures during all this hard work. I was working in another area of the yard creating a vegetable garden. Alas I did not create the portable potager I dreamed about HERE.

I spoke with a few master gardeners and was informed that I would be lucky if wooden boxes would even last a season in our extreme weather. But I think my take on portable gardening will be pretty.

We already had all of the blue pots so I am giving it a go. You can read the complete post HERE.


Mr. Décor also has other plans for the yard. He’d like a fountain.

Provence garden

I’d like to find a way to camouflage all the concrete brick walls.

Metal salvage would work.

French-style garden

But I would really love to train vine to cover the concrete brick. Anyone know how this is done?

French Garden

I promise to revel the patio space soon. I found a similar lantern at Home Goods. Now I just need a zinc table and bistro chairs.

french garden furniture

What projects did you work on over the weekend?