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Friday, June 29, 2012

It’s Curtains! Top Trends

Every single one of my windows has some sort of window treatment. I have used everything from plantation shutters, to cornice boards, but most often just curtains. (There is an ongoing debate of using the word curtains versus drapes. Curtains is the correct term. Drape refers to how a fabric hangs or…drapes.)

In my old home in the main living areas I hung plain panels for the past seven years and feel as though I would now like to add in a bit of pattern.

Hands down the biggest trend in drapery right now is the use of imperial trellis print fabric. The original master was David Hicks and now Kelly Wearstler has brought it to the forefront again.

I myself really like it as a design option for upholstery and wallpaper too.

It looks great in formal spaces, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms.

I love the Dorothy Draper esque mirror that is paired with the gray blue paper.

bathrooms - Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis Wallpaper - Soft Aqua white ornate mirror white bathroom cabinet vanity calcutta gold counter top polished nickel sconces faucet

Custom imperial trellis curtains can run into the thousands of dollars, so I scouted around for more affordable options.  

Target offers an indoor outdoor version that is fantastically priced.

Gateway Trellis Indoor/ Outdoor Curtains.Opens in a new window

I love the Farrah drape which is currently out of stock. Of course it is.

Target Home™ Farrah Fretwork Window Panel.Opens in a new window

The chevron print runs neck in neck with being a current favorite trend. I love Jess Constable’s entire apartment which feels very fresh. The chevron curtains are a perfect backdrop.

Urban Outfitters offers up a curtain they call Zig Zag print.

Another popular print is the medallion style. It is somewhat a cross between damask and ikat.

Again Target has a great price point for their version. Sadly, these are unlined which won’t work for me, but might be a great option for you.

Target Home™ Medallion Window Panel - 54x84

The Henna style in blue is available in a 95” version which is wonderfully priced at $24.99.

Target Home™ Henna Single Window Panel.Opens in a new window

Here is a good example of Ikat. While I know these are pillows and not curtains, it was a great close up shot. Ikat is often mistakenly labeled as medallion (as shown above) or damask (which is shown below). But a true Ikat design will always appear to be “feathered” as if the dye has “bled” on the fabric.

girl's rooms - orange ikat pillows French bed orange gray bolster pillow metallic orange geometric pattern wallpaper black column lamp  Fantastic

Ballard has just come out with new drapes in this pattern.

Suzanne Kasler Ikat Panel

I adore a great damask design.


An large scale damask design is a modern version of classic Victorian elegance. From Ballard.

Bingham Printed Damask Panel

Paisley is also a tried and true classic.

bathrooms - freestanding modern tub gray paisley silk roman shade gray bathroom vanity round pivot mirror  Ivory & gray modern sophisticated

A large Paisley print is offered at Anthro.

I have said before that I really like Pottery Barn drapes. As a rule they use good quality fabric and lining. Here in Phoenix lining is a necessity because the hot sun will rot your draperies pretty quick.

I currently have the Peyton oatmeal linen hung in Sweet Boy’s room and have used the white linen in my office. My favorite pattern they offer right now is the Vanessa. I adore all the colors in this floral print.

Floral curtains always seem to make a space happy.

After our great furniture purge I am taking inventory. We have one ektorp sofa with both the linen and white cotton slipcover options.

EKTORP Sofa IKEA Easy to keep clean with removable, dry clean only cover.

Most of our casegood pieces (buffet, china hutch, entertainment center) have a dark wood finish.

front room 016

But I am thinking about wallpapering the back of this beauty.

We also have the curbside chairs which I upholstered in white cotton and slipcovered in antique ticking and grain sack.

blogvictoria 021

I spotted these lined beauties at Ikea for a great price.

EMMIE KVIST Pair of curtains with tie-backs IKEA

While Ikea doesn’t exactly present them in their best light, they reminded me of the drapes Miss Mustard has hanging in her dining area.

I am thinking over time that such a busy pattern might make me crazy. But a little less…yes. You can find the following HERE. 

Of course I will then want to bring in a third color via a rug and a few throw pillows. Hot pink? Cheery yellow?

People are often afraid of pattern, but it is what makes a room memorable.

If someone said to you “I want to take a red Persian rug and pair it with leopard and chevron and throw in some lavender.” you just might recoil in horror. But all together it somehow works and feels like a truly individual space versus a page out of a … insert Pottery Barn… Restoration Hardware, etc.  catalog.

It is now curtains for this post. Sorry I HAD to slip it in somewhere. :)


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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cool It!

Right now it is so hot in Phoenix that I am thinking of a cool color palette for our new home.

Blues, soft greens, and turquoise.

With woven blinds.

It might feel casual.

Or simply elegant.

I do want to bring in a bit of pattern.

I have dark furniture.


As well as light colored furniture.

Then there are my baskets and white slipcovered pieces.

While the palette looks fantastic in kitchens, I’m a bit unsure.

Although cool colors suppress your appetite, which I like!

Blue and green kitchen

But maybe it’s better in just a dining area.

I’d like a side order of Foo Dogs please.

I’ve had a blue bedroom for years.

It’s so cool and calm.

bedrooms - blue velvet tufted headboard blue white striped bench blue damask bed skirt antique gray nightstands gold leaf beveled mirrors turquoise blue ceramic lamps velvet blue accent chair ottoman black wallpaper walls

I haven’t tired of it yet.

Many decorators pair this color combination with silver.

But I myself like gold.

A touch of hot pink is pretty great too.

Love it all,


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Monday, June 25, 2012

Spice Girl Part II

I just finished organizing my crafting supplies.

misc 010-001

It all started when I found this old spice rack at the thrift store for $5. Just two days later I found a second one for even less. One glass bottle alone can sell between $2~$3 on ebay so it was a fantastic deal.

fall wreath 020

The first thing I did was clean all the jars and reorganize my own spice cabinet. You can read Spice Girl Part I HERE.

spicy 020

Then the old spice racks sat and sat and sat in my stash.

stuff 017

There is nothing like moving and having to validate what you are packing to make you finish unfinished projects.

stuff 016

Once I started going through my craft area I began to rediscover a lot of great stuff that I had forgotten I had. (Does that sound familiar? Please, somebody validate me. :) The problem was that the stuff was hidden in tins and boxes, etc. so I couldn’t see the contents. It was a horrible case of “Out of sight, out of mind”. So I spent two days just sorting. I also tossed and gifted a lot of things. Once again it felt good. But the process was not pretty. The following image is not for those with week stomachs.

wigwam 002

After a few coats of Rust-Oleum’s heirloom white I happily placed my rediscovered treasures on the rack.

misc 016-001

Identification tags were printed out in French script, paper punched and tied on with linen twine.

misc 018-001

I just love being organized.

Happy Spice

I have temporarily turned off the comments while I am in the midst of moving. I hope you understand. You can always leave a message on the DTA Facebook page.