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Friday, November 9, 2012

A Stress Free Season ~ Laughter is the Best Medicine

A week ago Mr. Décor had been on another long business trip. I was at home dealing with scorpions, sassy kids (yep mine) a broken kitchen disposal, a shower faucet that didn’t work, trying to help five cub scouts complete their Arrow of Light requirements and needing to order the Fashionista’s college graduation announcements like yesterday. A good friend was very sick and my bff had suffered the loss of a family member. Stress meter: a perfect 10.

To top it off according to my personal calendar I needed to have 50% of my holiday gift buying done. I hadn’t even started.

I called my Grandma Jingles (Ingalls) and asked “Grandma, Christmas will soon be here and I’m making a list. Any ideas of what you would like?”

Now what I love about Grandma Jingles is that she doesn’t beat around the bush and say things like “Oh you don’t have to get me anything.” Which results in me spending 80 hours trying to find something when all she really wants is say a cheese grater.

Nope, Grandma Jingles, an avid reader who favors such writers as James Herriot (All Things Great and Small) and Jan Karon (The Mitford Series) says,

“Well, I just finished the last book in a series that I was reading. I need something new. I have seen several newspaper articles about this 50 Shades of Grey, get me that.”

It was a good thing I wasn’t actually drinking anything because I choked, coughed, stammered and blushed.

“Grandma, I am NOT buying you the 50 Shades of Grey books for Christmas!”

Inquisitive she said, “Oh, why not?”

“Grandma, they are complete rubbish for a 90 year old Christian woman with a heart condition!”

“Oh I see”, she said. (She’s a smart cookie.)

“Well then, she continued, how about a nice sweater vest. With pockets.”

I replied, “I’m on it Grandma. Call you Sunday.” Then I hung up the phone.

Confetti sweater vest - [K16350]

My 90 year old grandmother wanted me to buy her literary soft porn for Christmas.

I doubled over as laughter ripped through me like a freight train. Tears streamed out of my eyes, there was snorting and even the potential for pants wetting. 

So this weekend while I

1. Iron every tablecloth and napkin I own

2. Polish about 50 pieces of silver and copper

3. Continue to sew drapes for my office

4. Work on setting up a nice guest room

5. Sign and send out a dozen Thanksgiving cards

I will do everything with a smile.

grand 012

What was the last thing that made you really laugh?




Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That is toooooooooooo funny!! I have several Grandma friends that have read that series!! Too funny!!!!!!

Auntie Em said...

Hope your friends are doing OK. You are such a good friend.
And ya' gotta' LOVE grandmas! :) My maternal grandmother would have asked for the same thing, I am sure, and laughed out loud, holding her hand over her mouth while she laughed. Be sure and find Grandma J a good book of some sort to read to tuck into her vest pocket! :)
And BTW, don't wear yourself out doing all that work! You just moved into your new home and painted and polished every nook and cranny before you did so slow down and enjoy the season.
p.s. I would be wearing workboots around the house all the time if there was any chance of a scorpion being anywhere in it. Stay safe!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Cute post. I love the pic of you and your grandma, way too cute and she sounds like such a fun person. Hugs, Marty

Hope Filled Living said...

Sounds like you have your hands full! Grandma sounds so cute and spunky. lol. What a doll! Remember to breathe and enjoy the journey.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

LOL! She's a corker {as my grandmother used to say}, Laura! Those are the best. Those simple, everyday things that make you laugh then continue to bring a smile to your face. It definitely does relax me when I think of those moments. Recent ones usually involve my granddaughter because she is at an age where she is talking more and, well, she always delights me.

April said...

Oh my gosh. You made me tear up. TOO FUNNY.
I bet it will be a gorgeous sweater vest when you find it.
Happy polishing--you know the quick aluminum foil and baking soda trick for silver, right?
Thanks for sharing your giggle!

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

I am laughing my fanny off! That is a great one! Nothing like a good laugh to de-stress everything!

Priscilla said...

The last thing that made me laugh would have to be your grandma. I'd rather stick pokers in my eyes than read those kinds of books. I'm not anywhere near 90! Bless her.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Ahhhh, I love your grandma.

Barbara F. said...

Oh Laura, your grandmother is absolutely adorable! You are both very blessed to have each other. I wouldn't even want to read that book! xo

Lorrie Orr said...

I'm smiling still as I envision the conversation.

I love to laugh. You are so right about it being a great stress buster. But you know, just now I can't think of the last thing that made me laugh, although I know I have in the past couple of days.

openid said...

Oh, Laura, I _NEEDED_ that smile!
Your Friend,

openid said...

This reminded me of a day I spent with my family at an expo at the AC Convention Center. It was very crowded and a VERY windy day in March. We parked blocks away. My Gram was with us.(She was very small.) To prevent children and Gram from blowing away we each had a hold of two. At one point Gram was holding onto a street light post and her fuzzy little white cap blew into the busy road. A few cars and a truck drove over it before I was able to scoop it up and hand it back to her. Safely in the car, my Gram pulled the cap back on her head (complete with tire tracks) and said: That was such a sin to see that poor cat get run over. :/

Marydon said...

Love your photo Laura ... & she is a kick, to boot! That would put me into laughter, for sure.


Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

Oh my goodness...that is tooooo funny! What a sweet picture of the two of you.
I hope somewhere in your busyness you have much laughter...and a few moments of quiet rest as well.

AllyJo said...

Spunky grandma. Yea, stick with the sweater vest with pockets. I will be ironing napkins this weekend too. Blessings to you!!!

What a wonderful world said...

Our dear grandmothers,this made ​​me laugh!!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Hi, Laura! I came here by way of Meri's blog! So glad you get to go to the crafting event at her house.

Sounds like gramma is wanting to sow some wild oats! Hee-hee! I haven't had a grandmother since I was 7. It must be wonderful.

The last thing that really made me laugh was when my one year old grandson looked around our front yard and said, "UH-OH!" Yeah, it was looking kind of messy and red neckish! How embarassing! Ha-ha!

Be good to yourself, Laura! ♥

WendyBee said...

That is hilarious! I am glad that you cautioned you against those books -- they are rubbish from what I have read and heard about them. But I think both of my grandmothers might have enjoyed them (!). My paternal grandmother passed away years ago at only 73, and she was full of vim and vinegar! My maternal grandmother, while more, um, refined (? by some standards), was a great reader, and loved to read all sorts of books. She passed Aug. '11, just one month shy of her 91st birthday. And the last thing I gave her was a knitted shawl. Which I doubt she used. She probably thought it would make her look like an old lady.

Cindy said...

Love love love that story! Sorry about your week, but that almost made up for it!

Cindy said...
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Karen Albert said...

Laura this really made my day!It is so wonderful to have a relationship like this with Grandma Jingles,

Love and Hugs,

5th and State said...

oh i adore grandma jingles! i want to be just like her when i am 90
sending her kisses

The Boston Lady said...

Well, I think that was the last thing to really make me laugh! Can't you find a PG version for her? Hope I'm as sharp as she is if I'm lucky to live that long. Ann

Louise said...

I think Grandma Jingles has a great sense of humour, if she has read several articles she has a clue as to what 50 Shades of Grey is about!:)

I read all the James Herriot books as a teen, and loved them.

Carol said...

That is an adorable story, Laura. Your grandmother sounds like a real character.

Kelley Highway said...

Just last night when my 73 year old mother asked my daughter's adult male "friend" while we all played Phase 10, "What's it to you what phase I'm on?!" LOL Everyone laughed hilariously. {Had to be there!}

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

Your story about your Grandma is so funny! I'm a Librarian and you would be suprised at how many little old ladies have come in, leaned over the counter and asked for "Fifty Shades of Grey" and said "don't tell anyone I'm reading it"!!
Knocked my socks off!! :-)