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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 28 ~ Does God Have Anything To Say about Design?

Day 28. I am almost there. I believe that this is probably the most meaningful post that I will write during this “31 Days of Décor” series.

I think I may have shared a story in which I was attending a bible study and was asked by one of the other participants “How could I be involved in a profession which was so materialistic and self serving?” Needless to say I was crushed. For months. I prayed for a sign, message, passage or person to confirm that I was indeed supposed to be doing, what I felt in my heart, a job that was pleasing to God.
I was about ready to give up my profession when I began reading the bible from the beginning. There it was, the first sentence in Genesis 1:27.

“So God created human beings in His own image.” and just in case you’re a blockhead (like I am at times) the next sentence reconfirms the first. “In the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.”

You may have seen this message:

So the person who loves to garden ~ they are created in the image of God. The person who loves to paint ~ they are created in the image of God. Math whiz~ ditto. History buff ~ yep. Writer ~ oh yeah.

God created all of our gifts and when we use them for His glory ~ it is AMAZINGLY good!!!

So I kept reading. I already believed that God was an amazing landscape architect. It wasn't hard to view 
His amazing work.

But an interior designer? Hmmm. So I continued reading. I almost dropped my bible when I began reading Exodus 25. This passage talks about when the Lord said to Moses that He wanted the people to provide an offering. The offerings included: gold, silver and bronze, fine twined linen, acacia wood, onyx stones ~ just to name a few.

In verse 10 God provided very specific verbal blueprints on how to build the Arc of the Covenant ~ a chest which would hold the Ten Commandments ~ His words/laws that He had given directly to Moses, a truly sacred gift. The chapter continues on with listing the intricate specifications on creating the mercy seat which would rest on top of the arc, the table upon which it would rest, plates and dishes to be created for incense, and a lampstand of pure gold.
  “David Before the Arc of the Covenant” ~ Giovanni Battista Pittoni the Younger ca. 1725-1727

Then verse 26 in Exodus begins the elaborate instructions for creating God’s tabernacle. The curtains alone take up 10 verses. The Lord provided perfect instruction for His Tabernacle, its elements and even the garments for the Priests. His thoughts on design continue through several detailed verses/chapters. 

Can you imagine? If only there were a time travel machine.

So yes, God is also an interior designer.
Some of us are created in His image in this area. Some love to build, carve, paint, forge, weave, sew…the list goes on and on.

All of these skills are created in the image of God.  
We can and should use these gifts to His glory.
You know there is a “but” coming right?

But we cannot let these things consume us.

I am going to tell you right now that I have FAILED in this area. I have sinned.
Whether it is gently referred to as excited, focused, determined, etc. I have been all of those things at times when working on projects. Yet when it conflicts with God or my family that is when it is not good.
If I sigh heavily or become irritated when I have to put down a project I was working on to tend to my child or refuse to put down the new issue of House Beautiful even when I remember I haven’t done my bible study, or decoupage instead of making dinner ~ those traits are not pleasing to God.

God wants to be the center of our home and even in decorating we can make it so.

Truly the happiest I have felt is when I create God centered beauty for others. Yes there is the “important work” I’ve done with the NOCC and Hope’s Closet ~ but perhaps sewing on the missing button for a friend, providing a special tray of treats for a weary house guest, or mailing off a set of curtains had just as much of an impact for that one person.
Truly it is when I ask God to bless my hands so that I may be of help to others that I do my best work.
My prayer this week is to see opportunities that I can use my gifts to bless others.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”  ~ James 1:17

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