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Sunday, September 9, 2012


This past week I have been enjoying time spent with my dear friend Tracy. We have been best friends since the the day she walked into Miss Dobson’s 3rd grade class. One of the things that I love best about her~ she’s honest.
Yes, even living in L.A. and working in the film industry she has remained true to herself.
It is as times very difficult to be honest. To have integrity, harder still.

Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.” ~ Spencer Johnson

Honesty is truly the best policy and integrity is a gift you give yourself.
The other gift she has is the ability to always keep in mind one of my favorite quotes:

We agreed long ago to stop asking questions that we really don’t want an honest answer to such as:  yes, the jeans DO make you look fat. :)

Be blessed,

“The lips of the righteous are the pleasure of the king and he loves the word of the upright.” ~ Proverbs 16:13

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