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Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

I fully intend to take today off and spend it with my family.

picnic picnic picnic

I didn’t mention it before for safety reasons, but Mr. Décor has been out of state working very hard for the past FOUR weeks. He arrived safely home Friday evening. 


Of course Murphy’s law prevailed while I was single parenting and keeping the home fires burning. There has been some craziness at Décor to Adore manor while he was gone. Poor Sweet Boy somehow received a staph infection last week so horrible medicine and wound care has been a top priority. But he is better now. Whew!
Yes, relaxation is called for.

picnic picnic picnic!

We have a house guest arriving Wednesday night, so come Tuesday, the whip will be cracking! :)

A previous Labor Day post that has been enjoyed my many can be found HERE.
The comments have been turned off in observance of the holiday.

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