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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back To Cool

Last week I went back to school shopping with Sweet Boy. As we embarked on our quest I asked him if there were any specific items that he was looking for.

His reply: “A white shirt, pants I can roll up and definitely a vest and suspenders.”

Luckily, I had just swallowed my big gulp of pepsi.

I tried playing it cool and said “That’s an interesting combination. What is your inspiration?”

“Mom, you know how sissy (aka The Fashionista) loves One Direction? Well, they are pretty cool guys. They got style.”

Luckily, One Direction has been a topic of deep discussion in our home several times so I instantly knew the look he was going for. Yes, I know more than I would like to about Liam…

…and even more so, Harry ~ the object of a certain girls affections.

For those of you who may not be familiar with One Direction they are a boy band that has inspired a new British Invasion. There’s nothing like a British boy band to create a good frenzy.

They have their share of haters but I certainly have found myself singing this tune and really liking this song.

So hate if you will, but since the beginning of time men have responded to what women want and I think we may be seeing a lot less of this…

…and more of this.

I for one am glad, very glad.

ian 041

ian 043

For those of you who have been asking for more fashion posts, this qualifies I hope. :)

ian 030

shirt~ Target  pants~ Old Navy  bow tie ~ JC Penney

Readers, you light up my world like nobody else,


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Jane said...

Hard to believe it's Back to School time, but some have already started. Here they start August 20 - eek!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Yay for handsome sweet boy! He's rocking the bow tie!

Jennifer Watkins-Jones said...

Doesn't he look so handsome! One Direction is quite a fashion influence, and I for one am so thankful!! It's hard to believe summer break is in its last days. We will be doing the school shopping thing this weekend. Shopping for to teenage girls and a boy ought to be quite the entertaining adventure!

chris mckinley said...

Sweet Boy is just that!!.. A Sweet young man!! And so handsome!!


Debby said...

He is just adorable. Great pictures. Love how he is moving into that "cool" stage.

Auntie Em said...

He is so adorable! My son was always seemed to know exactly what he wanted to wear too. Much less complicated than finding clothes for his older sister! lol

Kilee Nickels said...

I love everything about this! So funny- but so adorable. If that is where teenage boys these days are getting their fashion ideas, then its a good thing.
Announced a new link party starting next week over at my blog- WKWW What Kids Wore Wednesday. I hope you stop by with another installment of back to school fashion. :)


Vicki said...

What a handsome young man - inside and outside! I'm praying for an over-the-top, terrific school year for him.

Bloggymom said...

I so hope the baggy pants get phased out. My son is into grunge but we insist that he wears a belt (where it belongs).

You have a cute kid!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME/Doublewide Decor said...

Anything over underwear showing is a vast improvement. He is so cute. Love the bow tie!!

Linda said...

Adorable <3

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

We LOVE 1 Direction!! And LOOK HOW HANDSOME he looks!!!!! Way to go!!!!

April said...

He's just the cutest kid. One of my dear friends here has a son and I *think* he and yours are near mirror-images of each other. Too funny. Makes me wonder about their personalities!
I love his new look! :)
Hope back-to-school is HAPPY.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

He is so handsome and I love his bow tie. So glad we may loose the sight of boys underwear and their pants about to fall off. They walk so funny. Looking forward to Saturday. Hugs, Marty

It's All Connected said...

Thanks to my niece's obsession with this band, I understood your post! I'm still hip! lol ~ Maureen

Vel Baricuatro-Criste, MD said...

Oh, my he is really a natural! And he's so handsome too!

openid said...

If it were possible for 'Sweet Boy' to look any sweeter, he does today.
Your Friend,

Barefoot in Blue Jeans said...

What a great post. I was smiling all the way through and your son is adorable.

Blond Duck said...

Don't they sing "Glad you Came?" I love that song! And I think they dress nicely--great role models!

Cote de Texas said...

this is the cutest ever!
he is soooooooooo adorable. omg omg

i am dying over this!!!!!!

and you know i HAD to mention my boy!!!


Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam said...

YAY for Sweet Boy! So proud of him! I love the look those guys are sporting! Tell SB I approve!

Kit said...

He looks fantastic! And oh how I hope that baggy pant look goes away! Kit

CAS said...

Don't you just love it when boys begin to find their groove. I remember when my son was about that age, having just gone from telling me he wouldn't mind just wearing "bum" clothes to directing me to specific stores for certain items. But I do hope we will be seeing much less of those pants that look like they will fall down to the ankles if the wind hits them just right!

French said...

Too cute; I will have to find something great for him when he is in town.... I think you can't go wrong with bow ties!

Kelley Highway said...

Your D2A fans now require-- a MUST-- the inclusion of Young Handsome in every. future. post.

I have spoken. End of discussion.

Never raised a boy, so this is incredible. What a good kid.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Tell "Sweet Boy", thank you for keeping me hip and up with the times!
He's a heart warmer!

Little Leslie said...

I like the boy look. Very cute. And a new trend is striped socks, with wingtip shoes. You can get the socks anywhere,and the shoes can be bought at thrift stores for a couple of dollars.

mycraftcave said...

o thank goodness that droopy drawer fad has gone on far too long!!!

The Boston Lady said...

That's one cool dude and those guys have captured a lot of hearts in the short time they've hit the scene. I hope Sweet Boy's new school is a winner, because he certainly is! Ann

Jaybird said...

WOW What an incredibly handsome young man!!! Bravo to him for being a trend setter!!

black sabeth said...

it's my favorite band!