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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Inexpensive Pet Bed

When we first moved into our new to us home I had dreams of creating a built in sleeping area for Rudi and Franz in the laundry room.

dog bed

Maybe a bit of beadboard and molding.

Perhaps some shelving on top.

So I went to my favorite décor haunts looking for two matching dog pillows to place in the room temporarily. Crickey! $30 for just one simple dog bed!!! No thank you! I put on my thinking cap and remembered I had two extra large euro sized pillows not in use. A trip to Ikea produced a nice linen look cover that is washable.

patience 025

I got the pillows all set up in the laundry room and guess what? The boys weren’t having it.

They wanted to be out in the main living space no matter how hard I cajoled.

They won by insisting they would sleep on the ground if need be.

So I placed the pillows on either side of the entertainment center.

patience 012

Franz was the first to inspect the new sleeping accommodations but he then claimed the left side as his own. (It’s closer to the kitchen. :)

patience 013

Easy going Rudi moseyed over next to the pillow.

patience 014

Success! I now just need to make some matching blankets. (Dachshunds like to snuggle.)

patience 018

I am thinking about having Mr. Décor build something similar to this great crate to house the pillows.

This sweet seat was created from an old side table.

Dog Bed

I had to include this one as well as it features Rudi’s doppelganger.

I loved this idea from Neat O Rama.

cool dog bed

Of course Rudi and Franz’s favorite creative idea was this sweet suitcase which holds a lovely long haired doxie.

Suitcase dog bed!

Where do your pets sleep?


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Perfectly Printed said...

My Chloe and Cassidy slept anywhere they want! Sort of a joke, but they really only sleep in their beds about half the time. They too like being in the living room.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeeee the pillows you created for them!! My Mr. Dandy sleeps with me at night -- and pretty much anywhere else he wants to during the day! lol!! Yes, he is spoiled! :)

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh my, there are some really creative ideas here. I like your pillows, they look amazing. Hugs, Marty

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

So funny how each one picks a different place to lay, and then we put the bed there. love that first utility room.
Hope things are going well in the new home!

Jennifer Watkins-Jones said...

Unfortunately we crate our Beagle at night. He was raised in the country & this new city life of ours does not agree with his personality. He howls out a window all night if he is out because he would rather be hunting!! He does have a pillow in the living room for hanging with the family during the day and evening. I keep wanting to fix a cute little bed to match our space. I love these great ideas!

It's All Connected said...

The old cat, Utah, will sleep in any box that is put on the floor. He is not deterred by the box being only half his size! The pillows are a great idea! ~ Maureen

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME/Doublewide Decor said...

I wanted a bed for Bentley...hubby said no...he sleeps whereever he wants anyways...don't waste the money...he is right on this one!

Creations By Cindy said...

What great and creative ideas! Passing these onto my daughter who has an inside doggy! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

We LOVE your little weenie dogs! DD would LOVE to have one... or two. Our miniature schnauzer has a bed by my desk, in our TV room, in the piano room, and his crate bed near the back door. He has his choice. His favourite is my bed -- as soon as he hears DH's truck leave and the coast is clear! :)

Shelia said...

You're the best pet mommy, Laura! Love your sweet pillows and your little fuzzy faces. :) Now my little Chloe Dawn sleeps right in the bed with me and hubby! She's spoiled rotten! :)
Be a sweetie
Shelia ;)

openid said...

Where do our pets sleep? Wherever they want and that usually translates to whatever room we are in, underfoot or across our desks as we attempt to work. I am not surprised your dapper Dachshunds wanted no part of being "exiled" {as they see it} to the laundry room. Dogs are pack animals. I think you found a perfect solution. So many great ideas. Now about that service bell Herr Franz wants installed by his bed...heeheehee.
Your Friend,

Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam said...

The crates for holding the pillows would be awesome Laura!
Our cats sleep outside - they are not allowed in my house! LOL! My poor kids are so deprived I know!

Kelley Highway said...

My beloved Tucker sleeps with his family on Guam. I don't care to ever see him again because it would fracture my heart... again.

Love your creativity for "The Boys." (Do you call them that? We called Buckwheat and Major "The Boys.") They're so pretty (handsome). Glad they like their new, comfy spots.

Teresa said...

My pets sleep everywhere ahahaha
Loved all your suggestions!
Kidding, they have their own pillows by a window where they enjoy the sun and snugle under a blanky on rainy days.
I live the Dog's Life in my home not them ahahaha

Late Bloomers said...

I've made a bunch of dog beds, incl from the bottom of a dresser that had lost it's bottom drawer.
The lab right now is sacked out on the premium Bloom Coco Mat baby bassinet mattresses I found at the clearance store for $10 each, they retail for $170 each when you're buying them for your bambino. The Beagle prefers the corner of the couch.
My Yorkie loves her dogsac- it's basically a shallow pillow case, I make the outside out of quilted fabric, and the inside of fleece... and she goes in and snuggles up in there.


Karena said...

My Miss Belle likes to sleep with me part of the night; then she is up and about doing who knows what!

I bought her on of those comfy round beds; she wanted nothing to do with it!
Instead she likes to curl up into a round woven basket!

Art by Karena
2012 Artist Series featuring Harrison Howard

Sarah said...

I just saw that octagon bed and thought a trip to the thrift store was in order

My Crafty Home Life said...

Buster has a bed in our room and in my son's room. He starts in my son's room and ends up in ours.

Muji Anto said...

very nice dog bed