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Monday, July 2, 2012

Utensil Storage Ideas

I have just begun unpacking. As a retired Air Force wife who moved often I have a pretty good system. The beds are made up first. That way when you are completely exhausted you won’t have a major meltdown when you walk into the bedroom and find a bare mattress. Next, is putting away the bathroom necessities so that teeth can still be brushed in spite of chaos. Third in line is unpacking the kitchen. What can I say? I like to eat.

Putting your utensils in a pitcher is an cute and excellent idea. Look Martha does it.

She also uses crocks. I’ll admit it. I am envious of her collection.

But if your pitcher has a rather narrow opening there may be the possibility that when your husband goes to reach for a spoon and a whisk, fork, and strainer also clatter onto the countertop there is a good chance you’ll hear about it. Repeatedly. 

So I googled “utensil storage” and found some great ideas. I thought you might like to see them as well.

If you have a wooden spoon collection you might think about turning them into a light fixture.

The very first album I ever bought was Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall. But in regards to utensils ~ on the wall is a better choice.


I really truly thought about doing this. Ikea has some really inexpensive wall storage options. But then reality crept into my mind. What would this darling, colorful image look like after a month? Would there be bits of dried pancake batter stuck to the spatula? Would the oven mitt be in need of a wash?

Colorful Kitchen Utensils Design Ideas

So of course I am also on the fence about this idea of using…you guessed it, vintage fencing.

pears and storage rack in kitchen

Show me your drawers. I wonder if the out of sight, out of mind concept applies here?

kitchen utensil drawer

This is clever. I have three narrow cabinets in my new kitchen. Somehow though I think that if the drawer didn’t roll smoothly and things were flailing about I would quickly go crazy.


I wonder what this is, an industrial sized scooper? Cute, but would the spoons slide out the bottom?

white dishes

The idea that really made me sit up and take notice was Heather Bullard’s storage solution. Do you see it? On the far right. The champagne holder? It hides a multitude of sins. It’s Mr. D├ęcor approved as the wide opening means that when you reach for a spoon no other utensils try to join in on the action.

My good friend Deborah recently sent me a fine vintage specimen that I am currently using. Images soon to follow.  Just as soon as I unpack the camera. :)


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