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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Slow To Speak

During our recent move there were many times I felt myself so exasperated that I couldn’t speak. This was probably a good thing. :)
One such experience occurred on the second evening spent in our new home. I was unpacking boxes looking for toilet paper. My search was interrupted by Mr. Décor asking if I had seen the surround sound speakers.
My friends this is a fine example of the vast difference on how Venus and Mars move and unpack. Their priorities are polar opposites.
I replied a terse “No.” and continued my search for toilet paper. Now that is important.
Within a few minutes I could tell my hubby was getting really frustrated when he asked me about the speakers again. I was about to unleash a torrent of verbal vomit about priorities when an image came into my mind.
I had been in painting H E double hockey sticks for over a week. I once again needed to pick up the roller and begin on the kitchen. Except my hand flat out refused. Every time I tried to grip the handle a blast of pain shot up my arm. I was getting desperate. Things COULDN’T be put away until this task was completed (at least in my world :). I was in near meltdown mode when Mr. Décor removed the roller from my hand and proceeded to paint the entire kitchen. All the nasty cutwork included.
This memory made me keep my mouth closed, stop my search and take up his. The speakers were quickly found in the cab of the truck. The toilet paper alluded me for another 20 minutes. :)
I was so thankful for a rare opportunity of being slow to speak. 
“Remember this, my dear brothers and sisters: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and should not get angry easily.” ~ James 1:19
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