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Friday, July 6, 2012

Pot Racks

My last home had 24 foot cathedral ceilings in the kitchen so a pot rack was not an option in the kitchen. But my new kitchen has 9 foot ceilings. So I have become a bit obsessed.

Love pot racks

There are plenty of premade pot rack options. But I like the idea of something a bit more unconventional.

I mean why get something that everyone else can have when you can create your own? Look at how cute this version is. A large branch painted white supported by rope and “S” hooks. Simply lovely.

Rustic pot racks

My friend Linda created her wonderful pot rack with simple copper tubing.

Who knew that brass and copper would look so lovely together?

A great solution to a ceiling with a hanging light fixture is to place a small pot rack on either side.

Here is a pot rack, sans pots, made from an an antique Italian window grille.

Another great idea of repurposing is using an antique drying rack as a pot rack.

kitchen with blue painted island

An old ladder has the same effect.

Screen door? Fo Sho (for sure) !

8 DIY Pot Racks

Old fencing provides a certain shabby chic charm.

As for me I have an antique German sled that I plan on hoisting up. Kind of like this:

So I am off to find a stud. Both the wooden beam and Mr. D├ęcor variety to make this a reality.


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