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Monday, June 25, 2012

Spice Girl Part II

I just finished organizing my crafting supplies.

misc 010-001

It all started when I found this old spice rack at the thrift store for $5. Just two days later I found a second one for even less. One glass bottle alone can sell between $2~$3 on ebay so it was a fantastic deal.

fall wreath 020

The first thing I did was clean all the jars and reorganize my own spice cabinet. You can read Spice Girl Part I HERE.

spicy 020

Then the old spice racks sat and sat and sat in my stash.

stuff 017

There is nothing like moving and having to validate what you are packing to make you finish unfinished projects.

stuff 016

Once I started going through my craft area I began to rediscover a lot of great stuff that I had forgotten I had. (Does that sound familiar? Please, somebody validate me. :) The problem was that the stuff was hidden in tins and boxes, etc. so I couldn’t see the contents. It was a horrible case of “Out of sight, out of mind”. So I spent two days just sorting. I also tossed and gifted a lot of things. Once again it felt good. But the process was not pretty. The following image is not for those with week stomachs.

wigwam 002

After a few coats of Rust-Oleum’s heirloom white I happily placed my rediscovered treasures on the rack.

misc 016-001

Identification tags were printed out in French script, paper punched and tied on with linen twine.

misc 018-001

I just love being organized.

Happy Spice

I have temporarily turned off the comments while I am in the midst of moving. I hope you understand. You can always leave a message on the DTA Facebook page.

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