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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Light (and a bed, bathroom, etc) In The Attic

I recently had a conversation with my cousin Sweet T that cracked me up. For a bit of background she lives in a 110+ year old home in Pennsylvania that has an unfinished attic. She has been dreaming of an attic that looks like this:

Or what about this rustic gem?

No, this is more her style.

With a closet like this on the other end.

But she wouldn’t turn her nose up to these great beams and lovely gold bed.

Sigh. Kelly green is SO happy!

Elegant Design Attic Bedroom-381

But truthfully the wee kid, Miss M, would probably lay claim to the space.

She likes bright colors.

The stone wall is a real possibility.

Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas Attic Room

Miss M would probably like something with color and birds the best.

Attic Bedroom with Turquoise Wall Decor: Attic Bedroom with Turquoise Wall Decor

Their attic is so large that a bathroom could be added.


It’s so needed. Because right now four people are sharing one shower.

use attic as wooden attic

It’s enough to make anyone blue.

natural bathroom in attic

A bit of wallpaper can work wonders in a small space.

purple classical bathroom in attic

But my favorite attic bath still belongs to Iris in the movie “The Holiday”.

So back to Sweet T’s attic. She though she may have had a squirrel issue and really wanted to start clearing out the space. She and my cousin E decided to tackle the cleaning out last week.

He asked “What is in all these boxes?”

She said, “I can’t really remember.”

She then said to me “You know how you get a great box in the mail and you think: I am going to save this to reuse.”

“Yes”, I said.

She continued “Well, I looked in the first box and…it was empty. Then I looked in the second box and… it was empty. We kept going until we filled our entire recycling bin with boxes and started eyeballin’ our neighbors empty bin.

I had to ask, “Just how many of the boxes in your attic were empty?” (Because I have seen that attic.)

She replied, “Well, let’s just say I could win an award.”

But I told her she was second place at best.

boxes 001

Because these are two images of what my garage is currently filled with.

boxes 002

I asked my neighbors in the cul de sac of kindness to save their boxes for me and boy did I get exactly what I asked for. :)


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