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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It Has To Go

Blah, blah, blah, were moving. We’re not only moving we are downsizing. Big time! So what that means is that we needed to get rid of a few things we just don’t have the space for. 

You might be surprised but we put the French Hutch on Craiglist. The decision was based on that it was very, very heavy and we already have an antique china cabinet and buffet, as well as an entertainment center, that we love more. 

bookcase 015

For many of the same reasons we also got rid of the Ikea Liatorp bookcase. Our ceilings are only 9 feet tall in the new home and this piece was huge. I will still need a bookcase but would like my next office to have a little more of a built in look.

bookcase 002

Also gone, the Clayton Marcus couch. It was a very good couch that we custom ordered. It looked great when our home was done in the Tuscan look, but I have now moved on to the French/Belgian/Swedish look. It was not eligible for slipcovers due to the attached back cushions.

couch 009

The Ikea ottoman. I like the Ektorp series. We have the slipcovered couch, chair and the ottoman. Which Mr. Décor HATED. It’s his house too, so bye bye. Depending on space the chair might go too.

Alas there was also no room for this sweet seat. Happily it found a new home at my friend Phyllis’ house.

holiday 101

So, everything sold like “THAT” (snaps fingers). I knew it would. It feels good to really clean house. It is exciting to have a new space to decorate and it’s wide open design wise.


I have temporarily turned off the comments while I am in the midst of moving. I hope you understand. You can always leave a message on the DTA Facebook page.

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