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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cool It!

Right now it is so hot in Phoenix that I am thinking of a cool color palette for our new home.

Blues, soft greens, and turquoise.

With woven blinds.

It might feel casual.

Or simply elegant.

I do want to bring in a bit of pattern.

I have dark furniture.


As well as light colored furniture.

Then there are my baskets and white slipcovered pieces.

While the palette looks fantastic in kitchens, I’m a bit unsure.

Although cool colors suppress your appetite, which I like!

Blue and green kitchen

But maybe it’s better in just a dining area.

I’d like a side order of Foo Dogs please.

I’ve had a blue bedroom for years.

It’s so cool and calm.

bedrooms - blue velvet tufted headboard blue white striped bench blue damask bed skirt antique gray nightstands gold leaf beveled mirrors turquoise blue ceramic lamps velvet blue accent chair ottoman black wallpaper walls

I haven’t tired of it yet.

Many decorators pair this color combination with silver.

But I myself like gold.

A touch of hot pink is pretty great too.

Love it all,


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