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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Tip For Tuesday~ Twist and Shout!

I recently had a conversation with Mr. Décor that went something like this:

He said: I can’t believe you wrote a post about bacon.

Me: Giggle.

He said: What is more unbelievable is that the readers seemed to have really liked it.

Me: Laugh.

So here’s another tip on a Tuesday if you have things like sheets, cushions and bedskirts that need to stay in place and don’t.

I’m gonna share a secret~ I have bought not one, not two, but three bedskirts in the wrong size on purpose. It was all because of a “make me fall over” good deal.

In the guest room I purchased a queen size bedskirt for an antique full sized bed. The skirt was a gorgeous quality cotton by Ralph Lauren. I wanted to dye it and if it failed I didn’t want to have wasted more than the $10 I paid for it. It didn’t fail, but it was a little too big.

Then I bought a full size bed skirt for the twin bed in Sweet Boy’s travel themed room. I had been looking forever for a natural linen skirt that wasn’t gathered and when I found it, well I decided to improvise. It helped that the Pom Pom (cha ching!) skirt was on clearance for …$10.

Lastly, I have been looking for a sheer white linen skirt for my own queen size bed for over a year now. I have grown a bit tired of the custom gingham skirt I have had on the bed for oh about …six years. Talk about airing your dirty laundry…

DTA 085

I finally found a Bella Notte (cha ching!) linen skirt at a store closing sale for, you guessed it, $10. It was king sized. I washed it in hot water to see if it would shrink at all. Then it was fenced dried. This method is similar to line drying. :)

DTA 082

When the linen was 90% dry I placed it on the ironing board, used a measuring tape and ironed in a crease. Next, I put the bedskirt on the bed, refolded the crease and held it in place with several twist pins. You can get them at any craft or sewing store. They come in packs of 10 to 25 for a few dollars and look like this:

A few turns through the fabric into the box spring and your fabric (folded or flat) will not move. The pins lay flat against the surface when you are done twisting.

DTA 087

Warning: While twisting you will shout if you accidently prick your finger with the tip of the pin. 

Shake it up baby,



Auntie Em said...

Nothing wrong with writing about bacon. I am allergic to an additive they put into bacon and other processed meats but there is one brand that is made without it and is safe for me to eat, other than the real smoked stuff which is usually a little strong for my tastes. Once in a while a lovely Caesar Salad with real bacon crumbs or a slice of fresh tomato with bacon for a sandwich is a good indulgence for the soul (even if I have to eat it with gluten free bread)
Please let Mr Decor know that we enjoy all your posts. :)

And I like your bed skirts. I once used a slightly damaged lace tablecloth for a bed skirt on my daybed. I was sooo pretty over a slightly faded flowered sheet. I secured everything with diaper pins. Those things are amazing in what they can do and not fly apart under stress. (Wonder if they come large enough for bigger problems?)

Hope you are having a good day, with or without bacon! :)

I voted. Your blog is really the best there!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

That's what I love about blogging!
Simple pleasures. Bacon, screw pins, coffee filters, book pages...who knew that the whole world could embrace such simplicity. Your French wooden spoon is held in grand esteem in my kitchen. Mr Dreams just shakes his head and smiles!
Shake it a baby!

Sherri B. said...

That is just brilliant! "Twisted pins"...I will date myself now when I tell you that I remember 'twisting' those in to the arm covers on our couches and chairs when I was small!

Have a great week! xo

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Oh my goodness! What great information!!!I have never seen these twist pins! I am going to file this tip away!!!!
Thanks so much!

Creations By Cindy said...

Thanks for the information on twist pins! Great trick of the trade there. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Priscilla said...

Well, I'm going off to get some twist pins as soon as I can. That is such a brilliant idea.
Mmmm bacon. Have you heard about Voodoo Doughnuts?
They are becoming nationally known for their maple/bacon doughnuts. They even have a maple/bacon doughnut beer. It's brewed right here in Portland.

The Boston Lady said...

I haven't used bedskirts for quite some time due to them never staying in place. What a great idea and I also never would have thought of buying them one size too big! Ann

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I know this trick...right now I am looking for a King size bed ruffle for our Queen bed.....I love the longer look!!

I am home by the way!!

Barbara Miller said...

I am always suckered into great deals on fabulous bedding of the wrong size. Glad I am not the only one. Plus, I prefer to go larger always better than looking skimpy. Great trick with the twist pin!

Debbie said...

This one deserves a huge shout out. I have a bedskirt on our bed that is just a wee bit too big. I'm tired of dealing with it. I will be trying this and soon.

What I would do without blog land I do not know. Seriously. This place would be the same hot mess it was before I found it.

openid said...

I had a hard time reading your blog post about (whispers) "bacon" because Scout must have smelled it and went wild preforming tricks and licking the lap top screen. Okay it wasn't Scout. What can I say? I like bacon aka the gateway drug for vegetarians.
I think I have the bed skirt you just replaced on my bed. You are a clever and creative one Mrs. Decor. Shake it up, baby!
Your Friend,

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Bacon? I missed a post about bacon? I need to go back and check this out!

Great tips for bedding...I love that you find such great bargains! Please tell me that wasn't really YOU falling behind the bed! Well, if it was you, you've got great legs!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

hehehehehe.... bacon! LOVE IT!!! And loving how you worked those bed skirts!! Totally genius!!!