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Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Universe Will Never Be The Same

Throughout my childhood I was parented by my mother Karen, my mother Nadine, my foster mom Janty, my Aunt Jan, and my grandmother’s. Even today a bevy of other beautiful women continue to lovingly influence me. Many of them are friends through blogging.

I am thankful for every single soul. They have helped nurture and inspire a continual garden of beautiful blessings. 

Their love and guidance has led me to now parent and nurture in a wide variety of ways.

In the traditional sense I have two biological children.

I thank God everyday that He made the decision to bless a 20 year old girl with no education and limited means with a baby. That baby changed my life. You hear people often say that, but truly she did. I can remember the exact moment she was born. Although I was joined by one doctor and a few nurses I was essentially alone when she came into the world. As they placed that tiny girl in my arms I knew I would never be the same. My heart overflowed for the first time in my life. 


As easy as my darling girl came into my life I also remember the exact moment a few years later Mr. Décor and I were told “You will never have children.”

But I had faith more than the size of a mustard seed. I prayed without ceasing. God led us to German doctors and three years later on our final IVF attempt we experienced a true miracle. Sure, all babies are miracles, but Sweet Boy, well he was/is extra miraculous. He couldn’t wait to come into the world and after eight months, spent mostly in bed, he arrived. Five pounds of smiles.


Even though I wasn’t blessed with a big brood of my own there are other kids I thank God every day that I get to help shape and guide. In the non traditional sense I love many.

Like my girl, Miss M. She belongs to my cousin E. and Sweet T.

She likes bugs, birds and Julia Child. :)

dc 427

I feel like this about her.

While the arts have been cut and I don’t possess an art degree, those factors fail to stop me from bringing art into classrooms of deserving kids.

There is also a wonderful group of boys I am blessed to know. For five years Mr. Décor has been the leader to 10 cub scouts. On occasion I am able to jump in and help shape tomorrow’s young men by creating fabulous and fun things together.

bluegold 071

Oranges, water, and the crazy woman on the sidelines who whoops and hollers for each and every goal are appreciated by these Super People.

cinco 094 

Yes, love and nurturing can be expressed in a variety of ways. You only need to seek out love and you will find it.

But I personally never understood “those crazy dog people”. You know, the ones who talk about their dogs, write about their dogs, give their dogs Christmas presents…

I grew up around two dogs ~ Buffy, a poodle mix and Wrecks, a standard dachshund. I even had a very nice golden retriever named Peaches. Until now, I have never written about any of them.

Then came Rudi.

misc 015

When Sweet Boy was just three we went to visit a shelter to select a dog as a gift for Mr. Decor’s birthday. We sat down on the ground in preparation to meet the inmates. As the cages were opened a hoard of dogs came running out. One lone mangy rat slowly walked over and laid his head down on Sweet Boy’s lap.

The shelter director said, “Oh, I’m not sure if you want that dog. He’s really sick. We found him in the desert. Someone dumped him out there several weeks ago.”

I instantly saw this dogs future. It wasn’t good. I replied, “I am not leaving here without this dog.”

The director: “Well, ok, but you’ll still have to pay the shelter fee ($300) and then be responsible for all his medical expenses which could be very expensive.”

Me: “Will you take a check?

Just two weeks later as I was unloading groceries from the car two of our neighbors vicious dogs escaped and came snarling towards me. I saw that the front door was open, but there was no time. I could only scream.

A seven pound weak and sickly dog came out the door like a shot and took on two large pit bull/shepherd mixes.

Love always wins.

Rudi was supposed to be Mr. Decor’s dog. But he is my boy.

dress 076-002

Who do you love and nurture?


"As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem." ~ Isaiah 66:13


LDH said...

A most heartwarming post, you sweet and crazy dog person :)

Modern Country Lady said...

I am tearing up here Laura, what a lovely and quite emotional post- and I love the picture of you and Rudi!Yes, you are quite right, you can nurture children and support them,even if they are not your own- the kids really appreciate it- and we as adults can shape their world in a good way even if you are not their mum or dad, Have a great Sunday ! XOXO Bea

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Love you Laura....precious post! Have a fantastic Mother's Day!

ImagiMeri said...

Hey Sweetness,

Have the bestest Mother's Day ever. You've been nothing but a blessing since you came into my life, and I truly treasure our friendship.

Love ya'

Denise Adorian said...

I enjoyed reading this post of all the young people the Lord gave you to nurture.blessings upon blessings-Denise

Late Bloomers said...

Aw I do not think a post has ever made me tear up, but yours today did.
I also have a boy who came into the world at 8 months and 5#, and I could not love a person or anything more.
I have my sister back, coincidentally she reappeared the same time my son did- talk about a miracle.
And I lost my first, 'heart' Beagle 2 years ago... I too am a crazy Dog lover... if more people were like dogs the world would be a better place.

Late Bloomers said...

ooops, meant to sign the above:


AshTreeCottage said...

I could never have any children. My husband never wanted to adopt, so I have my Yorkies. First Bitterman, then Binkie and now Bentley. They have been my babies. They have been the ones I have nurtured. Your little guy is blessed to have you. Happy Mother's Day.

Susan and Bentley

Joani said...

WOW. Those flowers are breathtaking. Happy Mother's Day. Have a great day!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What a BEAUTIFUL post!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee it!! Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Karena said...

Laura the story of you and Sweet Boy going to the shelter; then Rudi coming right to you is precious!!

You are the best of Mothers to many!!

Art by Karena


I loved your post, so lovely and heart felt, I loved reading it this morning of MOTHER'S DAY. Your post is filled with so much love for your darling children and the love you received by many moms and at the same token you norture so many kids as well. Have a very blessed and happy MOTHER'S DAY sweetie.


Your doggie baby is adorable too. I lost my 13 year old baby Ben two years ago, (a pug) and I still miss him so! Hugs,

CAS said...

This is a beautiful post, Laura.

Neabear said...

This is an awesome post Laura!! Beautiful! You have been blessed throughout your life. Happy Mother's Day to you!!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh Laura, you truly are an awesome Mom. Love you tons, such a precious post. Happy Mothers Day. Hugs, Marty

It's All Connected said...

Aside from the fact that you made me cry, I love this post! You have wonderfully expressed how much love comes into our lives and how much we need to share that with all God's creation. That river need never run dry! ~ Maureen

Auntie Em said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! You are a natural. {{Hugs}}} :)

Linda said...

I love, love, love, love, LOVE this!!!!

You are truly one of the sweetest people I've ever met.

As you know, I have a whole host of daughters that I nurture, because we've made our home a welcoming place. Three of them are sleeping right now in the other room after an all-night sleepover.

Much love and blessings to you and your family on Mother's Day and I'll be praying for you with your upcoming move, etc.

Love, Linda

Maple Lane said...

Such a heartwarming post, Laura. What a blessing your children are! Of course, I love that fun pic of you and Rudi! Whatever would we do without our doxies?? Sending my love to you on this special day.

Sherri B. said...

Thank you for this touching, special post, a perfect one for today.

Praying you have a perfect Mother's sure deserve it!


Hope Filled Living said...

Thank you for sharing part of your story with brought tears to my eyes.
May you have a beautiful Mother's Day sweet friend.

Deanna said...

Dear One,
God bless!
Happy Happy Happy Mother's Day
2 u!!!

d from home haven

Perfectly Printed said...

Love the picture of you and Rudi! We have rescued two dogs and they are just like our kids, as you well know!
I would not trade them for the world!

Happy Mother's Day Laura!

Debbie said...

You had me from the flower garden...
What a wonderful, wonderful representation of the love that comes into our lives. They're all different, and together they are all even more beautiful.

This was a beautiful post, Laura.

And WooooHoooooo-ing all the way from Georgia about the Great House Adventure! I just can't tell you how happy and thankful I am for you!

TRay said...

Happy Mother's Day, my pod!!

Love you!

Your Pea

Jill Elaine said...

I love the pictures of you with your babies. And I just love the fact that Mr. Decor loved you and your little girl so much he made you a part of his life. And the miracle of your boy - I'm not sure I knew those details. Our God is so big and so awesome!
And your dog story - I'm not an animal lover but I can understand just a bit where you are coming from. We got kittens last summer for our girls. One of them now has kittens of her own. She is the best momma cat and has such a personality. It can be a little hard to stick to my rule of 'no animals in the house'!!! But don't tell my girls I said that!

Jill Elaine said...
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Buttercup said...

Wonderful thoughts and photos. Hope you had a great day!

April said...

Beautiful post. I hope your day was beautiful too!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Beautiful story. Happy Mother's Day!

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Your beautiful heart is showing, Laura... Arent the twists and turns of our life journeys just amazing -- and isn't God so good to us? Renaissance Man fell in love with me and two little girls when I was 28 years old, and what a turn our lives took. I thank God for men like ours.

Congratulations on your house sale! I'm praying for you as I suspect you're now having to get in "full speed ahead" mode. All the best!

Teresa said...

We had Mother's Day one week earlier. Here's celebrated on the first Sunday of May...
So I've been thinking - from what I know of each of them - what my Bloggerfriends would write about (their) Mother's Day.

Because we spent so much time together that little bits escape, and some don't escape; and by far informing more than by those which do...

And I expected a lovely, grateful and blessed post by you. I'm missed Rudy's part though I'm one of those crazy dog person ahahahahah. I also believe that special dogs wouldn't allow you to be less than their mother and he's lucky to have found you. The same way you found Missa Fashionista and Lovely Boy - God wouldn't Want anyone else for the special bunch.

I love to witness your rebirth when you speak of their birth and if someone personifies the quote below, it's you.

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."

I feel blessed for having met the new you, then the faithful you, then the warrior you...


openid said...


From one mother and Crazy Dog Person to another ... Happy Mother's Day. (Through your words, I have come to know and adore the talented and lovely Fashionista, the sensitive and old soul of Sweet Boy, and the courageous and adoring Rudi.)


Dovecote Decor said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt post. Oh, and your dog! We has a miniature long haired daschund, named Violet who was like a cartoon character!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Beautiful Mothers Day post.
I am happy you are so blessed with all this love in your life!