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Friday, March 2, 2012

A Happy Friday~Vintage Windows Used As Decor

I must begin by telling you that we felt your prayers yesterday. It was like a warm, calming hug. I sit here with tears in my eyes at the amazing love and support we received. Thank you. Praise be to God that your prayers were answered.

While we still have many miles left on this difficult journey it is wonderful to know that our faith, combined with the hope and prayers of many others, will help see us through.

May you all have tenfold the blessings you have bestowed upon us.

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I’ve had an old window that has sat in my garage for several years. I have to wonder “Why?”

The most popular use for an old window seems to repurpose it as a picture frame.

Showcasing a set of botanicals is quite impressive too.

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A pretty tray is a great idea.

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Or creating a window in a room that doesn’t have one.

I love the idea of building a cabinet around a window.

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Although this is a Christmas themed vignette, you could also find a cake decal and switch out the numbers to create one of a kind birthday or wedding d├ęcor.

Oh how about a dreamy bed canopy!

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Or a clever pot rack?


A great idea to divide a large space, while still allowing in the light, is to hang a grouping of windows.

I like the idea of using salvaged windows as a shower enclosure but I wonder about the wood versus water dilemma. 

A bathroom via Remains Lighting.

An outdoor greenhouse made from a variety of vintage windows is completely adorable!

In the end I think I am going to take my old window out of the “destined for Craigslist” pile and transform it into a unique jewelry holder.

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Let the son shine in,


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Northshore Prep said...

I love the windows around the shower - how cool?! I may have to convince hubby to do that here.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

I LOVE all of the images. I have been wanting to make a little "green house" "cold frame" out of old windows for years. I will save the image that you have presented here. It's wonderful!

Auntie Em said...

We use to have so many 'storm windows' as they were called around our farm after our parents had 'efficient' aluminum ones installed in the 60's. (horrible things)
They were often put to use as covers for 'hot beds' in the garden. Seeing your window greenhouse reminded me of them.
Thinking of you often and hoping each day is better for you and your family. Prayers sent! {{hugs}}

Debbie said...

I'm sorry to have missed yesterday's opportunity to pray specifically. I always feel that it's such an honor to pray because it gives the double honor of joining in praise. I will still join in the thanksgiving for his Presence yesterday. I had not forgotten that you and your family were burdened and tried even though you hadn't mentioned it.

Since I have a bunch of windows that I've been using up and access to a bunch more, I really loved this post. I'm pinning it.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love all of these ideas!!! Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

April said...

I love these ideas! Old windows are a favorite of mine. The jewelry holder is one I've missed, somehow!
Happy Friday and happy March, Laura!
Blessings to you,

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Every time I see a window at the antique mart here, I think of the botanicals picture you show here, Laura! I think it makes for such a great way to show them off and it's a nice size piece to hang on the wall, too.

Marydon said...

Laura, I hope what you shared with me/us at our gathering hasn't come to pass.

Your window frame ideas are wonderful. I just remembered I have one more frame in the garage that I am going to use in the redo of the 2nd master bedroom. You come up with the most wonderful things for us to browse & incorporate into our ideas.
Thank you.

Have a beautiful week ~
Hugs & prayers ~

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I'm glad you felt the power of our prayers.
I got rid of a stack of old windows when we moved because we had already decided to our new house "modern".
I could kick myself.

Vicki said...

Thanks for the update and praise report! I LOVE old windows. When we can buy a house again, I plan to use them either in the "outdoor room" I'm dreaming of, or as room dividers somewhere in my house. Although, I'm definitely showing Dan the window shower enclosure, that was awesome!

Karena said...

Laura, So happy that our prayers are helping;they will give you strength for the road ahead.

I love all of these creative ideas, the pot rack is one I could use!

Art by Karena

THE COOK'S said...

These are all such great ideas!!! Love the inspiration....thanks!! :-)

French said...

I bought a great folding screen at the NY Flea that was made of windows; I loved and used that for years in my apartment there; wishing forever that I had not sold it before moving!

Liz said...

Thank you for the window inspiration! I have one under the guest bed that I am still lingering on... I think that I have some good ideas now. :)

See you in a bit!

P.S. Praise Jesus who hears all our requests and intercedes always in our favor!

Pamela R said...

I love vintage windows as well! Luckily my father-in-law has a room full of them and I'm going to go raid his stash and add one to my mantle!

Jill Elaine said...

I love old windows! They are so fun to use in decor in all sorts of ways! I'm pinning quite a few of these you have posted!!

The Boston Lady said...

So glad the sun shone on you yesterday! I love all these window ideas - I used a couple to make the window over our bed more interesting. I am always tempted to pick up the old windows I see as I think they can be used to creatively. Ann

Whimsey Creations said...

Wow! Beautiful ideas. Thanks for sharing them.

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

People's creativity never ceases to amaze me. An eclectic collection of uses for windows.
Take care. E XXX

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

So good to see you the old windows...they are hard to find here!

AshTreeCottage said...

I have a vintage window sitting in my garage too. Thanks for the inspiration. My prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

Susan and Bentley

openid said...

I'm glad you aren't putting everything in the Craigslist pile. What would your creative soul do without projects? All of these images and ideas for used windows are great although I wouldn't trust or use them as a shower enclosure or a canopy. I especially like the greenhouse!
So happy to 'see' (feel) your smile again.

{oc cottage} said...

awesome ideas!

m ^..^

Barefoot in Blue Jeans said...

These are all great pictures. But I really like the one with the black and white photos in it. Really cute.

Gypsy Heart said...

So many wonderful ideas! I love the canopy over the bed.

Prayers will continue for you and your family.


Gypsy Heart said...

So many wonderful ideas! I love the canopy over the bed.

Prayers will continue for you and your family.


Meeha Meeha said...

Lovely post - I'm in love with the window as a fake headboard! Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my spring vignette :)

Tameka Lauricella said...

I love the fifth window vanity! I like the idea of “creating a window in a room that doesn’t have one!” It definitely looked like a real window open for sunlight and fresh air. :D Plus, I love the retro style! :’>

- Tameka Lauricella