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Monday, January 23, 2012

Won’t You Take Me To~ FUNKYTOWN

Yep, I got nothing. This weekend consisted of unbloggable things like painting the masonry wall in the backyard, redoing the bathroom caulking and replacing the kitchen sink sprayer.


I have no less than five pretty projects that I want to make but my get up and go has got up and went.

But I refuse to give into the Monday blah’s. So here are a few lovely things that are currently making my heart happy.

Downton Abbey. Please tell me you are watching this delightful bit of Masterpiece Theater bliss. I discovered this smashing series last year and the second season has just started.

I have to watch each episode twice. Once for the amazing storylines…

The second for the fabulous clothing….

…and of course the gorgeous interior shots.

You can catch up on Season 1 via Netflix. Season 2 is currently on PBS.

The Anthropologie Wedding site BHLDN almost makes me lose my mind with glee each time I visit. Right now the winter sale is going on. I WISH the sale prices didn’t still make me suck in my breath.

Revival Party Dress

Cute. Makes me want to rummage through my extra fabric bits.

High-Spirited Garland, Large

Thankfully the Beribboned dress and Sangria heels are no longer available in my size.

Beribboned Dress

I have nothing to wear with this positively perfect pair of periwinkle pumps but that still didn’t stop me from checking to see if they had a 6  1/2. No.  :(

Dauphine Heels

A sad case of “all dressed up and no place to go”.

Indigo Mist Dress

Wouldn’t these be perfect for Valentine’s Day? Alas if I bought them I’d be in the doghouse.

Story Amour Mary Janes

But the real torture comes from J. Crew. I really need a new winter coat to replace my tired 10 year old black wool trench.

Beautiful, happy, gorgeous emerald. On sale for $199.00 Argh.

Double-cloth lady day coat with Thinsulate®

What is currently catching your eye?



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Lovely pieces...but I know what you mean...I have to watch that 'breaking the bank'!! Your doggy napping is ADORABLE!!! Have a great week! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Debby said...

Love your little doggie......they are so cute when they are sleeping.
Window shopping is free, thank heavens.

ImagiMeri said...

I just finished watching all the season one episodes of Downton Abbey on Netflix last week. I love the show for pretty much the same reasons, but mostly because if it's got Maggie Smith in's gotta' be good! Elizabeth McGovern, as the wife, isn't working for me. I just don't like her and I don't think she can act all that opinion!

You and I never disagree about's heaven.

Loved seeing you last week, and I hope we can do more of it.

Did Sweet Boy enjoy his cookie?

Love ya'

Karena said...

Laura, We must be soul sisters. I adore Dowton Abby and easily could slip back to that period! The clothing is too too fabulous.

I have not been on the Anthro Wedding site, something new for me to check out! Those golden Hearts shoes, oh my!

Art by Karena

Auntie Em said...

What lovely pics to look at this morning. Mondays aren't really my problem. It's Tuesdays that I find are my haywire days. If anything can go wrong or will go wrong, it will usually happen on a Tuesday. Even as a child I found Tuesdays were never good days. Oh well, I guess we can't really take two days out of a week.
It may not have been and exciting day at your house but it sounds productive. Calking, sprayers and painting! That's a lot of work.
Hope your Monday cheers up soon! :)

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

I've got to see Downtown Abbey. Heard so much about it and by the pictures, I know it's my cup of tea. Love all the inspiration in this post! Especially the shoes! The coat takes my breath away too!
Have a great week!

Gina said...

Thanks for sharing all this eye candy with us today. I adore Downton Abbey and have been watching each episode twice also! LOL

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Rudy wins!

The Tablescaper said...

Thanks for the reminder about Downton Abbey. I loved the first season. I didn't realize it was back on. It certainly is something to swoon over.

Drop by for a visit. I have a GIVE AWAY going on.

- The Tablescaper

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Ok, I have to remember to watch this. The scenery is unreal. Hope all is well. Hugs, Marty

Terri said...

I am totally with you there on the couch watching Downton! I have watched the first episode twice, and am planning on doing the same for the next two. Lasts nights was fab!!!

Love all the clothing you have shared!

Antiques And Teacups said...

Have loved Downton last season and this. I am amazed at how many never saw the first season. It started a bit slowly but episode 3 seems to be back in stride. Love Violet's line about the next suitor may be"a chimney sweep from Solihull" husband's area near Birmingham...made us laugh...not that he was a chimney sweep, but...specially good considering your chimney sweep post!

openid said...


I will be catching up on Downtown Abbey -- another thing we will have to chat about! Sadly, I am so focused on getting the Fairfield House done the only shopping I've done is at Lowes and Home Depot! I am tempted by the Beribboned dress and Sangria heels.

Your Friend,

Stitchfork said...

I keep hearing so much about Downtown Abbey - really must try to catch it!
xo Cathy

Jill Elaine said...

I too love BHLDN. And you know I caved and bought some stuff! my weekend was boring stuff too. Nothing to blog about. But it is only 68 days till April! That's what I blogged about!

White Ironstone Cottage said...

Love the show (and the house!!)
beautiful post and adorable puppy too

countrycharisma said...

OK, between the adorable dauchshund and the three ladies adorned in hats and white dresses, and more the rest, I was ahhhhing and ouinnng.

Nezzy said...

What beauties you dug up from your borin' day....ahhhh Blah treasures glore.

I'd hate to see all ya come up with without the Monday Blah's!

I'm longin' for that red dress!!! Woohoo!!!

Have a blessed week sweetie!!! :o)

Deanna said...

Howdy from Kansas!!!

I watched season one of DA last Winter and then bought the series and have enjoyed it. The interiors and clothing are so beautiful....the story line interesting enough.

I no longer get PBS on the tele, so I will have to watch this over the internet on the PBS site.

God Bless and may you have a sweet winter,

black sabeth said...

you're right. that dog is incredibly cute and does resemble a certain red haired fellow i know, but i know it is not him bc that dog is nowhere near as fat as ours!

The Boston Lady said...

Laura, Mr. T gave me a Kindle for Christmas. While travelling I was delighted to watch the first season of Downtown Abbey and was so glad you had suggested it to me. I watched it with headphones while laying in bed and felt quite decadent and like I was part of the show. Love it! Ann

nannykim said...

I love that PBS or BBC show too--so beautiful.

Vel Baricuatro-Criste, MD said...

Just started watching Season 1!!! Going gaga over it! :)

Lisa said...

I am loving Downton too! The garden party scene from last season was so took my breath away! Why can't all television be like this?LOL!

Danielle said...

Hi Laura,
Love your photos! I'm hooked on Downtown Abby too. Also, I Love that winter coat. I'm in need of an new one too! Thanks for the great post ~

Kit said...

Oh I just love Downton Abbey! I rented the first season and now "tape" the new season on my DVR. I am going to keep them and watch them thru out the winter. I just adore Maggie Smith and my favorite guy of course has got to be Mr. Bates. Loved him on Larkrise. Kit

Jennelise said...

Hello! Your blog is lovely! This is my first visit :) My Mum and my Nana love Downton Abbey. I have only seen parts of the first season but I have admired photographs online many, many times! I agree the costumes and interiors are beautiful! BHLDN always makes me sad (in a good way:). If I came into some money I would definitely make a little online trip there! As far as what is catching my eye right now I am longing for spring and the start of pretty new color palettes! I did see a little champagne colored slip today that I loved :) Thanks for sharing!

Privet and Holly said...

LOVING all that you
are loving, too! I have
hoarded Sunday night's
D.A. to watch tonight ~
can't wait. I did NOT
know about the Anthro
wedding site.....but will
check it out, as your picks
are all so pretty. It was
great to see your kind
words on P&H.

xx Suzanne

WendyBee said...

Oh, Downton Abbey! I have seen the first two episodes this season, and caught onto it last year for only the last couple of episodes, so there's some history I'm not up on, but I'll find a way. Okay, the clothes, uh-huh, yeah, they work for me. And they can't have Maggie Smith on the screen enough to suit me. I could watch and listen to her allllll day looooong.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a cute banner...and a PBS series I would love to see! I mentioned you on my blog this morning! I hope you can stop by! Hugs! ♥

Bonnie said...

My husband and I are enjoying Downton Abbey very much. Enjoyed your pictures.