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Friday, January 20, 2012

Pillows & Pictures & Lampshades Oh My!

Thank you so very much for all your kind comments about my new plate wall. It was funny to read that you were both intrigued and horrified that I used paper clips to hang the plates.

I had hoped to have finished my lampshade project for the office by today. Oh it is going to be so good. Here is my inspiration:

The Needlework Garden Shade is altogether even more lovely in person. It costs $128.00 just for the shade… Ouch! I just couldn’t swing it. But hopefully this weekend I am going to be stitching up some felt my friends…

Now, the pillows. I’ve said it before and will say it a million more times…in design, repetition is a good thing.

I knew that I wanted to create a wall of plates and by having a few circular pillows thrown into the mix it creates a feeling that the overall design “feels” right and makes sense. While I could find several circular pillows they were either not the right color or too expensive. I found two pillows for $6.99 each at Ross.

office 075

  I bought them even though they were the wrong color because they were 100% cotton and therefore could be dyed.

office 037

I did the stovetop method I showed you HERE using equal amount of RIT fuchsia and violet in the liquid form to achieve the magenta color that I was seeking.

plates 004

I still have one more pillow to sew from the leftover fabric I have when I used a chair slipcover and transformed it into an ottoman cover. (More to come on that too…) Oh and I have to show you my favorite pillow created by my darling daughter at Christmas.

I am also struggling to find reasonably priced frames for another project I have in mind.

Pinned Image

Over the years my kids have created some classic artwork that I would now like to showcase.

Pinned Image

I love the feel of these frames. Although, it might take me awhile to collect such gems.

Pinned Image

Even Ikea’s plain frames cost between $3.00 to $9.00 a piece. That is too much money for the large amount of frames I need. As I have cathedral ceilings I am thinking about a layout like this….but taller.

Of course there is the worry about going overboard.

If I didn’t have heavily textured walls I would do something like this:

Pinned Image

I am open to solutions. Tell me, have you been framed?



Jen said...

I have been collecting "gallery" ideas on Pintrest for our new home when we move in three weeks. There are so many ideas! The idea of framing up a child's artwork is such a good one. I actually inherited a few gilded, scrolled type frames from my hubby's grandmother that are a little on the feel-used side. I was thinking of have new glass put in and painting them, then mixing with a few straight edged frames for a wall. I hope to find a couple more frames at the thrift store to add to the collage. I am looking forward to seeing your gallery wall in the future.

openid said...


Love the inspirational piece you are using to model your shade after. Look forward to seeing the completed work of art! As far as frames, I have a gallery wall in the family room and front stair case. Although I find them pleasing to the eye, whenever I see these floor to ceiling framed gallery images all I can think about is how much more dusting I would add to my housework!

Your Friend,

Jill Elaine said...

Love your inspiration. I love displaying stuff in groups or rows. I love the all white wall of frames.
Go thrifting - grab any and every cheap frame that you like the shape or style of. Then get spray paint and paint them all the same color. Thrift shops have frames cheap. Even if it has a picture in it you can ditch that!
You have inspired me to get on with my photo hanging now that our stairway/landing is finished:)
Have a wonderful weekend.

Vicki said...

Since I am a cross-stitcher and go through frames like they're water, I've learned to buy frames at Goodwill. I just discard the artwork (if any) inside and then paint, distress, strip the frame to fit the piece I've stitched. On 50% off day (which is every other Saturday) you can get even more of a bargain. Plus if you sign up online at Goodwill, you receive a 20% off coupon every month. I've gotten some really great frames there!

Heather said...

Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


Karena said...

Laura I agree with the ladies above, Goodwill also yard sales. Ditch the art if you do not like it and paint the frames any way you want.

?????Where do you find the variety of Rit dyes. Everywhere I go they have at the most 5 or 6 shades/colors to use.

Art by Karena

Bettyann said...

love the in canadda I go to garage sales, charity shops etc..look forward to seeing your final result.

Auntie Em said...

Your decorating is coming along so beautifully! I love that lamp shade too but it is a little more than I am willing to spend on just the shade. I wouldn't be able to afford the electricity to light the lamp after buying it! :D
I remember a beautiful pair of drapes and chair covers in a Victoria magazine years ago done in wools in crewel work. So rich. Love the look, hate to stitch it.

My grandfather use to make frames for pictures (usually from pretty calendars) by buying a length of wood molding and then mitering the corners. He would cut a piece of corrugated cardboard to fit the back and glue it on. (Seriously, this man didn't go for high tech!) But they did work and he would paint or stain them what ever colour he liked.
They sometimes have small lengths of moldings for clearance at DIY shops.
Can't wait to see your pretty room! :)

Debbie said...

Don't look to ME for advice. I'm the chick who took everything off her walls and has yet to really beautify them back. I am the most indecisive homemaker on the planet.

Wish you were my neighbor, Laura!

I love the way you dyed that pillow, and I'm definitely going to remember that.

Ivy Clad said...

I love all of your inspiration photos. I keep an eye out for frames at Hobby Lobby during their 50% off sales and of course watch their online coupon. I've seen some good ones at garage sales too.

Good luck!