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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wear It With Everything

I recently bought a gray wool a line skirt. I cannot stop wearing it! It looks so good with jewel tones.


Pairing it with teal and turquoise is my favorite combination.

Pinned Image

It also looks pretty chic when worn with black velvet.

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Of course nothing is more classic that wearing it with white.

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Red is Mr. Décor’s favorite. With tights. Must be a school girl thing. :)

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I found my skirt at the thrift store for $4.99. It is vintage.

gray skirt 032

It had a classic “A line” silhouette which I loved. But the button and  belt loops had to go.

gray skirt 003

I dug through my button jar and found this single fleur de lis silver button and took scissors and a seam ripper to the belt loops. Perfection in five minutes!

gray skirt 033

I  have fallen more and more in love with this fashionable gem as I reach for it again and again. Perhaps it is also because it was such a steal. When looking for something similar I found this J Crew A line wool skirt in heather acorn. A $138.00 stunner.

Sterling skirt in double-serge wool

The Ann Taylor Carousel wool skirt is $118.00.

Banana Republic has a wool pencil skirt in charcoal that is priced at $79.50.

Gap had this cutie on sale for $34.99.

Pinned Image

Ladies, get yourselves to the thrift store and find one. Pair it with your jewel toned holiday sweater and thank me later. I am currently working full time through Christmas so please forgive my lack of comments.


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Monday, November 28, 2011

Stocking Stuffers

So did you get any great deals this past weekend? I didn’t shop at all. Actually, I’ve been keeping a secret. Last Tuesday the Décor family got on a plane and is spending a week in Virginia. Given that we are entering a season of high theft I thought it would not be wise to announce “I am not at home.”  I’ll share photos of Colonial Williamsburg, The White House, Arlington National Cemetery and many, many other wonderful places and things possibly on Friday. 

I do have a few stocking sized gems in my Etsy shop.

I wish you could smell these lovely hand milled French soaps that I brought back from my trip last April.

french treasures 153

Scents include rose, almond, honey, olive and lavender. The are $7 (which includes the stateside shipping).

french treasures 150

Need some spice in your life? Here are some wonderful French rose tea and seasonings, such as Herbes de Provence, for $8 (which includes stateside shipping).

french treasures 101

The rose tisane, pronounced tea-zahn, is perfectly pretty just to look at.

french treasures 110-1

But the delicate taste and smell when steeped in hot water is really wonderful too.

french treasures 112

If you would like the soap, spice or tea just leave me a comment or contact me privately on Facebook. Now I’m off to catch up on laundry and make some new stockings for my family.

Christmas Stocking - Linen Bobble

Happy Monday!


Friday, November 25, 2011

The 4th Annual Black Friday GIVEAWAY

Did you have a lovely Thanksgiving? I truly hope so. Every year on Décor To Adore I have hosted a Black Friday giveaway. This is year is no exception. This giveaway contains many European delights designed to add some sweetness and relaxation to your holiday season.

giveaway 021

The winner will receive:

A gorgeous Royal Albert china serving bowl from England.

Lovely antique French linen generously sized for pillow covers, tea towels, napkins, etc.

A new French wooden spoon from Julia Child’s favorite cooking shop.

A French pastry scraper.

300 grams of French lavender soap. (Smells heavenly!)

Salt and pepper pots from Portugal.

Friedel Chocolates from Germany

Lu Chocolate Biscuits (cookies) from France

giveaway 010


You may also want to visit my Etsy shop and select your favorite item because ONE MORE THING IS GOING IN THE BASKET and it’s from my shop. It may very well be what you select.

The rules are simple.

Everyone is eligible.

You don’t have to be a follower, jump through flaming hoops of fire or give me your firstborn. You just have to leave one comment.

If you want an extra entry you can:

Join the Décor To Adore Facebook page and let me know via a comment.

If you Tweet, Facebook or write a blog post you can receive another entry. Just leave the link in the comments.

For those of you who are busily Christmas shopping, I am also offering a 20% discount in my Etsy shop though cyber Monday.  At checkout just enter the code:    DECORTOADOREBF2011

A winner will be selected on Friday, December 2.

UPDATE: The Random Number Generator has selected Dreams on 34th Street as the winner. Congratulations and enjoy!

Bonne chance!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Happy Thanksgiving!
Heavenly Father, on Thanksgiving Day
We bow our hearts to You and pray.
We give You thanks for all You've done
Especially for the gift of Jesus, Your Son.
For beauty in nature, Your glory we see
For joy and health, friends and family,
For daily provision, Your mercy and care
These are the blessings You graciously share.
So today we offer this response of praise
With a promise to follow You all of our days.
~ Mary Fairchild
I have turned off the comments so that we may celebrate. Be sure to come back tomorrow for my 4th annual Black Friday Giveaway.
Blessings to you dear friends,

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Turkey Shot Out Of The Oven….

When the Fashionista was in the fourth grade we lived on the small Greek island of Crete. She was homeschooled by yours truly. Part of our Thanksgiving themed curriculum included making an Indian headdress and vest out of a brown paper bag. She also learned the following poem by heart.

Recently I made a deal with her that I wouldn’t put THE PHOTO of her on the blog if she recited it to me again. It still makes me laugh all these years later. 

The turkey shot out of the oven
and rocketed into the air,
it knocked every plate off the table
and partly demolished a chair.
It ricocheted into a corner
and burst with a deafening boom,
then splattered all over the kitchen,
completely obscuring the room.
It stuck to the walls and the windows,
it totally coated the floor,
there was turkey attached to the ceiling,
where there’d never been turkey before.
It blanketed every appliance,
it smeared every saucer and bowl,
there wasn’t a way I could stop it,
that turkey was out of control.
I scraped and I scrubbed with displeasure,
and thought with chagrin as I mopped,
that I’d never again stuff a turkey
with popcorn that hadn’t been popped.
~ Jack Prelutsky

Hold the popcorn and the comments. Happy preparation!


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A very vintage christmas 054

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Do you create a special Thanksgiving centerpiece for your table?
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For inspiration I took a tour through Pinterest and gathered up a few favorite images.
Pinned Image
This is perfect for a sideboard or buffet.

Who knew a neighborhood stroll gathering fall leaves and an old tin could result in such beauty?

This could be a super easy DIY project. A piece of old lumber, a few votives and a drill. You wouldn’t even have to add the cast iron feet, although they are a cute touch.

I hadn’t thought of arranging pheasant leaves in my own floral centerpiece, but I am now.
Pinned Image
Don’t forget the children’s table. Isn’t this a sweet interpretation of the Mayflower?
Pinned Image
Elegant simplicity.
Pinned Image
I still love the unexpected table I did last year.
metis thanksgiving 063
I have turned off the comments today, but come back on Friday for the 4th annual Décor To Adore Black Friday Giveaway!

Today’s post was brought to you today by the E is for Elves stocking.

E is for Elves Stocking

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sweet Favors

There are many ways you can greet or send your guests off that are simple but make them feel extra special.
A very vintage christmas 029
Christmas crackers are a time honored festive tradition.
Flowers are always Centsational!

Of course the fail safe collection of sweets is always appreciated too.

I have a tiny holiday table this year so I decided to create something truly crafty. It began when I discovered a sack full of dirty, rusty boxes at the thrift store. (This image was taken after they were cleaned and sanded.)

projects 028
The boxes were painted in various colors and then the edges were lightly distressed. The front of the boxes were mod podged with various holiday images.

No two were alike. 
A very vintage christmas 001
The interiors contained a bit of scrapbook paper and a vintage treasure that corresponded with the image on the front of the box.
A very vintage christmas 003
Sweet sayings were glued in as well.
A very vintage christmas 050
Along with liberal doses of faux snow.
A very vintage christmas 016
Don’t forget the glitter!
A very vintage christmas 061
There are several other holiday themes.
A very vintage christmas 008
All were placed into my Etsy shop.
A very vintage christmas 025 
Be blessed,
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