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Friday, April 29, 2011

Bon Voyage

By the time you read this I will probably be somewhere over the Atlantic on a plane bound for France. I have a few jitters. I always do when it comes to flying, being separated from dear Mr. Décor and of course my kiddos. I would so appreciate a wee prayer or two for travel mercies.  If any blogging is done it will be on our French blog~ Metis Linens. Truthfully I don’t know if there will be time, as our itinerary leaves me exhausted just reading it.

There may or may not be some dancing.


“Can Can Dancers” by Jean-Louis Forain

We will of course be visiting several different flea and farmers markets in Paris, as well as several Brocantes and Marché aux Puces in the region of Burgundy. Much is always made of Paris and Provence so it is with great glee we will share our love for other areas. That’s right~ the hidden gems.


“Marché aux Puces, Porte de Clignancourt” by Luigi Loir

This is a business trip to replenish our merchandise for the new Metis Linens website which we’ll soon launch, as well as meeting friends and associates to confirm the destinations for Metis Linen Tours~ the first of which is scheduled for Spring 2012~ Who wants to go?

“Young Woman in Boat” James Tissot

In addition to our flea market tours we will have culinary themed tours, which will include cooking classes, visits to vineyards for wine and champagne tasting, shops and dealers that specialize in culinary tools, (Hello copper pots!) Did I mention taking time to savor all of the gastric goodness and pleasures that await? Because of course in France you cannot merely eat.


“The End of Lunch” by Pierre~ Auguste Renoir

Are you wondering just what are our qualifications in that we think we can do this? In terms of the flea market tours both Andrea and I have shopped the French fleas for many years. I did so while living on the Alsace~Lorraine border of Germany and France, and Andrea lived in Paris for a few years. She now has a beautiful home in the Burgundy region.

“The House of Pere Lacroix in Auvers” by Paul Cézanne

Ok so anyone could lead a tour based on that. Indeed many do. But tourists are becoming smarter and are looking for guides with a certain je ne sais quoi. This is where I become embarrassed as it feels a bit like bragging. So I will start with Andrea. (hee hee) If you read her blog then you know she has amazing culinary skills. But you may not know that she completed a three year course in art history at the Ecole du Louvre. That’s right. Her classrooms were located in the basement of the world famous Louvre museum. Can you imagine having someone with such a lovely trained eye as your guide?

“Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci

I offer as my services a degree in interior design with concentrated studies in European antiques and architecture with an emphasis on French furniture from the 17th and 18th century. (It’s all in the legs.)

No, not these legs.


Furniture legs.

I also worked in the USO European tours department while living in Germany. A good time for me is spending days researching old buildings, historical sites and of course décor. I receive great joy from sharing my passions of all things antique. Actually, Andrea and I both love sharing our interests with others. Have I also mentioned we’re both really fun? Our aim for the tours is that you arrive as guests and leave as friends.


We will return on May 11th. No doubt eager to sift through what will probably be thousands of photos and recuperating from a delirious flea market hangover.

worn out

But for now, there is dancing, the Eiffel tower and fresh French bread.


Au revoir pour l'instant mes amis! (Goodbye for now my friends.)


Thursday, April 28, 2011

It’s official~ I’m Royally obsessed.

The Linky party is still going strong, one post below!

My flight leaves in 12 hours. Am I packed? Nope, too obsessed with the Royal wedding. Tonight’s menu is bangers and mash accompanied with peas and pints.

andrea book 011

I don’t think I am going to bother going to bed. By the time I finish packing I am sure it will be close to midnight. The pre wedding coverage starts at 1 am here in Phoenix. I’ll sleep on the way to Paris.

andrea book 013

I have blueberry scones, lemon curd, tea and Devonshire cream planned for 4 am.

andrea book 017

I would love it if you would say a prayer for me and ask for travel mercies as I am a bit jittery.

Au Revoir and Cheerio!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

RWW ~ Royal Wedding Party Ideas and Linky

Welcome to the D. T. A. Royal Wedding Wednesday Party Idea and Linky Extravaganza!
There is so much darling goodness to behold if you are preparing to host a Royal Wedding viewing or street party.
Royal Wedding - Street Party
So let’s get this party started! (This video is a happy must see. )

While I myself have been hosting a Royal Wedding party every Wednesday since January, I will not be holding an event in my home as I will be headed to France (I know~I know).  But for those who are, I hope you will enjoy these ideas regal enough for Royalty.
I think I may have actually squealed out loud when I saw this “bubbly” couple. To see how to create this darling Royal bride and groom please visit the Domestic Goddesque.

I love this bunting idea from Patti Crafts.

A sweet pattern for pinwheels can be found at Moore Minutes.

How happy~ try hanging red, white and blue pom poms from the ceiling or on walls as party décor.
Check out this fabulous paper bouquet from Whether Paperworks. Wouldn’t this be amazing as a centerpiece?
Custom Large Paper Bouquet
Street parties are big events in Britain as are garden parties. I adore the Cath Kidston feel of this event created by Elizabeth Harris.
Merely googling “Red, white and blue party décor” will bring forth a plethora of wonderful ideas for entertaining such as this gorgeous fête by The Sweetest Occasion.
A quick sweep through your home and the grocery store aisles to search for items in a patriotic color palette can result in a treasure trove of items you can transform into a charming party vignette.
Life sized cutouts of the happy couple to place near the front door would also be fun!
Fantastic free printable are available at Design Editor.
For quick and easy entertaining one of my favorite U.K. shoppes, Accessorize, has this cute tiered cupcake stand.
Accessorize - Royal WeddingI love these darling paper (Yes paper!) plates from Velvet Wedding.

They do paper napkins too.

I’m thinking you could create a party game of “Pin Will and Kate at the church…palace…” over a map of London sites. Another pin board of the Union Standard can be found at Snaffles Mummy.

2009-11-09 21.08.07

I adore these engagingnapkin rings”.

If you are handy with the knitting needles you could give this idea a go.
As most of America will be watching the wedding in the wee hours, a breakfast menu is the perfect solution.
While scones and tea are a given, doesn’t this Union Jack Fruit Pizza look delicious?
Union Jack Fruit Pizza
A great alternative to “Toad in the Hole” is this bacon and egg savory appetizer.
Bacon and Egg Savory Cupcakes
Of course every wedding celebration needs a cake.
Royal wedding celebration cupcakes from Baking Mad
While you could also create fruit kebabs, this parfait confection looks a “trifle” yummy too.
Keeping the children occupied should not be a royal pain. A mere box and crayons could result in a “Horse and Carriage”.

Every little one likes a crown. There are premade kits or you come up with your own.
Several coloring pages can be found at Lucy Learns.
There are also Princess Catherine paper dolls to enjoy.
Printable Princess Kate Paper Doll Royal Wedding
I am trying to convince my own son to recreate this Lego Castle Scene for me.
Completing the scene: While the couple kiss, wedding guests wait patiently behind them and crowds of well-wishers stand outside the gate
If you are still at a loss as to what to wear, look as these Union Jack charmers by Irregular Choice. If found, I would love a size 7. :)

Also available in a garden party variety. Want! Need! Must have!
Patty Floral Union Jack Shoes
Is anyone willing to stitch up a Union Standard dress ?
Victoria Pendleton, Olympic Gold winning cyclist, models the Team Great Britain

But most importantly, I hope you have fun. While this does end the British edition of Royal Wedding Wednesday, I will return with this series in early June to begin the Monaco edition of R.W.W. to celebrate Prince Albert’s upcoming nuptials. After all, his parents wedding was quite the event.

Now let’s see what you have deemed Royal!

May you all live “Happily Ever After”!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Makeover Monday ~ A Oui Bit of French Flair

I am in the midst of packing. Suitcases on the bedroom floor, clothes scattered everywhere, endless lists….you get the picture.

When I began planning this trip there were certain things I wanted to take to France. A matching pajama and robe set, a hat to cover early morning flea market hair, and a trench coat. Could I find what I wanted? No of course not. So I made do. First the pajama’s~ finally found after hunting through 5 or so stores. They cover well and are still cute~ oui?

makeover 032

But could I find a robe to match? Of course not. I realize not everyone thinks that a robe is a necessity. But in France it is very rare that you have an ensuite room. Often you have to walk down a hall to reach the bathroom. I myself like to be covered for the journey. Also, in the event it suddenly turns cold, its nice to have an extra layer available. I found this robe for a great price~ $12.00 ~ but the bright white clashed with the cream and turquoise pj’s.

makeover 031

What’s a girl to do but grab a few different dyes and set out to create a match.

makeover 035


marie book 047

I will now be covered in a color so close that the makers of Garanimals would be proud.

marie book 049

There will be several early mornings where there might not be time to shampoo, let alone blow dry, my hair. I thought a cloche hat would be perfect to cover a multitude of sins. Alas the only one I could find was white. As I often dig through dirty piles at the flea in search of the good stuff I knew a white hat would stay pristine for about 5 seconds.

V day 016

But a soft gray is au courant and can withstand a few dirty fingerprints.

marie book 082

You may have heard that the trench is THE coat of the season. Given that I would wear such a jacket maybe one day out of the year in Arizona I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Man did I have to search high and low!

makeover 001

I finally persevered in the low department.

makeover 003

But the buttons were ho hum and in my opinion, cheapened the jacket.

makeover 010

Also the sleeves were freakishly long~ think Magilla Gorilla.


As the jacket was lined and I didn’t really want to mess with the seam ripper too much I decided to cut off the decorative band on the sleeve.

makeover 015

I did use the seam ripper to take off the band loops.

makeover 021

Then I began digging through my brass button collection. I was going for a mismatched Anthropologie look.

makeover 046

I took off the front black plastic buttons and replaced them with a few vintage gems.

marie book 093

Then I cuffed the sleeves and sewed on a button accent there too.

marie book 098

marie book 102

makeover 001


A nice improvement

I think.











Oh and the French flaired scarf? That got a re do too. It started out black and white (see below) which was a bit too “Jailhouse Rock” for me. I just gave it a swirl in the same dye bath as the robe.

makeover 026

I am on excitement overload. I leave for France in 4 days! The Royal Wedding is this week! I actually will be staying up all night to watch this magnificent event. Soon after the couple say their vows I will board a plane, where I hope to sleep through a good portion of the friendly skies. Although I will probably not look as glamorous as Marilyn.

But first we must celebrate!  This week on Royal Wedding Wednesday I will be sharing viewing party ideas and there will also be a linky party to celebrate whatever you deem Royal. A past or present post is welcome.

Have you met a member of the Royal family?

Perhaps you have toured a few castles.

Did you have a fairytale wedding of your own that was fit for a princess?

Are planning your own party?


Everyone who links up will be eligible to win a gorgeous Crabtree and Evelyn English Lavender Bath Set.

See you Wednesday!


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