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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Do you create a special Thanksgiving centerpiece for your table?
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For inspiration I took a tour through Pinterest and gathered up a few favorite images.
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This is perfect for a sideboard or buffet.

Who knew a neighborhood stroll gathering fall leaves and an old tin could result in such beauty?

This could be a super easy DIY project. A piece of old lumber, a few votives and a drill. You wouldn’t even have to add the cast iron feet, although they are a cute touch.

I hadn’t thought of arranging pheasant leaves in my own floral centerpiece, but I am now.
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Don’t forget the children’s table. Isn’t this a sweet interpretation of the Mayflower?
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Elegant simplicity.
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I still love the unexpected table I did last year.
metis thanksgiving 063
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