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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shake Your Pom Pom ~ Wreath Tutorial

I created this wreath a few months ago knowing that the holidays would sneak up on me and be here like… tomorrow. I am so glad I did.

pom 073-1

While out shopping at Goodwill I spied a huge bag of leftover yarn and thought I could incorporate a bit of the yarn trend with a pom pom wreath. (The base was a recycled grapevine wreath.)

I know you’ve probably seen pom pom wreaths. One of my favorites is by Bluebird Vintage.


I thought that using a light colored yarn made the poms seem a bit like snowballs. Um, ok. Dirty snowballs.

pom 029-1

There are a few different ways to create pom pom’s.
Erica purchased a pom pom maker to create this amazing garland.

But as a child of the 70’s, who put pom’s on everything, I opted for old school.

You can google “How To Make A Yarn Pom Pom” and several links come up as well as a few you tube videos. Bethany does a good tutorial.

Now let me just tell you that I have a huge front door which meant I had to create a wreath that was the right scale. This took MASSIVE amounts of pom’s, which required a massive amount of time. The good news is that the 3000 Nate shows I had recorded were finally watched.

Oh…. right ~ pom’s! So I thought I would lose my mind and quite possibly my fingers by making so many pom’s. Many of you know what happens when I get close to the edge. This time I selected a snappy Ricky Martin tune…

…and of course changed the words a little… “I wanna be your blogger, your favorite crafty blogger. I’ll create a million pom’s in a day… Just say “whoa” and make my day. Shake your pom pom, shake your pom pom, shake your pom pom.”
Finally, it was finished. Or so I thought.

pom 046-4

I can’t leave well enough alone and cut out a few felt snowflakes. I used this template and developed a nice blister on my thumb from the scissors. :) I did a simple topstitch which was also shown on the fall wreath tutorial.

pom 057

Still unsatisfied I thought that a few iridescent beads would add a nice bit of sparkle. (Then I began to think about pillows, presents, stockings, and just about any other surface I could plaster with add a snowflake. :)

pom 066

The wreath was finally finished!

pom 073-1

Be merry and bright!
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April said...

You crack me up!
Love it--dirty snowballs included. I would NEVER make one of these, though.
Your patience in craftiness is astounding.
Happy FALL! :)

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Oh it is cute Laura...good job!

Jeannine said...

I know what you mean about the holidays sneaking up. I'm trying to gather Halloween ideas and it just turned September! Your pom wreath is cute and I didn't know anybody needed a tutorial for them. LOL I too learned from my mom how to make them in the 70's, tassels too! Thanks for showing your cute wreath

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Having lived in New England most of my life, I can tell you that snowballs made more than a day or two after the last snowfall and from snow close to the road or driveway actually do look dirty, because they are! It's the nature of the beast. Your snowballs and snowflakes are just lovely and a great use of leftover yarn!


sweet momma luv u said...

So neat! Don't know if I would have the time or patience to make one. You are amazing!

Karena said...

You are amazing Laura as I have said before, I don't know when your little fingers aren't busy!! Too cute!!

Art by Karena

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

These are really cute! I think I would need the pompom maker like Erica used! ;P

ReFresh ReStyle said...

Oh I love your pom poms! It never hurts to stay ahead, things always get busy during the holidays!

Sarah AKA The Thriftress said...

Love the snowflake wreath. You are waaay ahead of the game. I don't even want to think about decorating for Fall yet.

Barb said...

Good for you! you will be happy to pull this beautiful wreath out when the holidays do roll around - and they will!

Felicia Kramer said...

Wow - I really do like this wreath! I made poms too when I was a kid, but just recently made a few for the first time in a long time. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

ImagiMeri said...

Oh Gosh Nate is soooooo dreamy.....why do they all have to be gay? I mean I'd be his friend, but I can't flirt with him......

Your wreath is gorgeous, just like the person who made totally amaze me woman. It would be just my luck that something that pretty would be stolen off my front door!

Let me know if you can come over this week.


Marydon said...

What a clever idea, Laura. I wish I were creative as are you. I'd probably put some sparkly sprinkles on it to glimmer in the sun. Just lovely.

Have a beautiful holiday ~

Susan said...

Laura I love that you used the light colors. It made it look so up to date! The bright colors look 70'ish.
Your wreath is very pretty!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

LOVE the winter wreath!!!!!!!!!
So creative and thanks for sharing this idea!

Miss Sandy said...

Love this one too! The snowflakes do add that little extra pizazz!

Hollace said...

ou'll be so glad on December 1st that you have this ready to go. What did you use for a frame?

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You know... before I read the Ricky Martin reference in your post... I totally had that song stuck in my head! LOL! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your wreath!! JUST GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Laura this is so cute. I was also a child of the 70's and remember those pom poms! The snowflakes really set it off, so pretty! And you got the yarn at Goodwill? You know what's coming here.....wait for get over to my Tuesday's Club G.W. with Charm Bracelet Diva Party, starting tomorrow evening, and link up. Would love to see you there!


bendedspoon said...

I love the color combination! It can soften an industrialized home and yes a lovely warm snowflakes :)

Alana Karl said...

love the pom poms! is there better way to spend craft time than watching nate?! :)

Robin {keephomesimple} said...

I love your wreath! It makes me "almost" want it to be winter again. :) very cute!

Marianne said...

Your wreath is great, Laura, but you and I know that snowflakes are wishful thinking! Seriously, it's really pretty.

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
This wreath is so cute! I haven't seen the yarn pouf idea before! I think the snowflakes give it an extra cuteness boost! :)

Brandi said...

I love your winter wreath! those pom poms are adorable!

Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy said...

Oh wow, those poms on the skates took me right on back. We made homemade pompoms all the time when I was a kid and stuck 'em on everything too! Great looking wreath! So cute.

I will definitely join in your Fall in Love Wednesday. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the invite. :) said...


Didn't you get the memo I sent out? You are only allowed to post about one beautiful creation a month to prevent me from feeling totally inadequate! :) Your winter wreath is just as lovely as the one you made for fall.
Question about your link party: Is it just fall projects or projects we are completing on our list (in the fall) to fall back in love with our homes?

Your Friend,

kimberlyrenee said...

This such a cute wreath! Love those pompoms! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my Christmas wreath! :) I love the mum wreath too! I'll definitely try to link up tomorrow!

Alexis @ persia lou said...

Pretty wreath! Is it time for this already? I guess so... :)

Upscale Downhome said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words about my wreath. I love your pom pom one but would not have the patience to create it unless I could buy the pom poms premade. The color combination is killer!

Carmen said...

Wow! That's a lot of pom poms but so well worth it...and yes, gotta love NATE...

Also, I would like to personally invite you to our new Rockin’ link party every Friday at RoCa and Company. Come and show off this gorgeous wreath this coming Friday. Hope to see you there...

Remember...YOU ROCK!!

Carmen @
RoCa and Company

Becca said...

So, so beautiful! I haven't seen one of these this season, so creative! I love the result- and your pic looks great, too!

thistlewoodfarm said...

OK....seriously. This is adorable! I just made pillows....but this is perfection!

Thanks for sharing.


Gold Shoe Girl said...

I love the pom poms!! I am going to have to figure out some way to use them. Thanks for the inspiration.

Pieced Pastimes said...

Your 'dirty snowball' wreath is lovely! Love the shades of whites, creams and grays and the addition of the sparkled snowflakes finished the look perfectly.
Have a Wonderful Day,

Patty said...

I like the different colors on your wreath and the snowflakes add a nice touch!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

gorgeous!!! love the grays and creamy whites!

J's mom said...

Just stopping by to let you know I featured this project on this round-up :)

Feel free to grab a featured button from my side bar.

Jennifer Rizzo said...

Love it Laura! It turned out so cute!