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Monday, September 19, 2011

It’s A Dogs Life Slipcover

It’s no secret that I am head over tails in love with my dachshund Rudi. Of course everyone who meets him seems to fall under his spell too.

Rudi's Cushion 017-2

Rudi likes to be in close proximity to wherever we are. He has a bed in the corner of the family room which is in the midst of being redecorated due to the hated mustard yellow drapes. I am working on a few new slipcovers for the room and thought his bed could use an update too.

Rudi's Cushion 008

I selected three antique French linen tea towels, that were well worn with softness, as my fabric. (Andrea is my source for such loveliness.) One of the towels featured Rudi Gunn’s initials hand stitched in the upper right hand corner.

Rudi's Cushion 001

Of course you know how I feel about monograms. You can transform them into anything to suit your needs. Another towel had the letter’s D.B. which seemed perfect for my Dachshund Boy.

Rudi's Cushion 007

I did not use a pattern which I know makes a few of you go “Grrrrrr”! I just measured the size (dimensions) of the pillow and added one inch to each side measurement and cut my pieces of fabric to size. I decided upon an envelope styled pillow so that it could easily be taken off and washed. Freshly Picked has a good tutorial for this super simple sewing project.

machine topstitch

I decided to check the fit of my pillow and somebody decided to help out.

Rudi's Cushion 011-1

What do you mean I have to get up? It’s naptime.

Rudi's Cushion 012

Later on I caught someone else trying to take a snooze on Rudi’s new pillow.

Rudi's Cushion 024

Have you been creating something new for your home? I’d love to see it at the “Fall In Love” linky party on Wednesday. It does NOT have to be autumnal themed.


I have turned the comments off today as I am still trying to catch up from being gone a week.

See you Wednesday!


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