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Friday, July 22, 2011

Rustic Style versus Cabin Americana

Have you ever found an image that speaks to more than one of your favorite design styles? This picture sums it up beautifully for me. French antique meets rustic elegance with a touch of the the seaside.

I recently spent a week in a cabin that had me thinking about cabin décor. The plaster walls that I viewed while stone cold sober had me thinking about what I would consider GOOD cabin design.

spice 007 

For the record I was mesmerized by the plaster for a good 20 minutes. Sweet Boy and I had a ball looking at the various themes of nature that were incorporated into the walls. I had never seen such a thing and yes, I think it could be considered an art form. I’m just not sure if I would want to be so “lucky” to have horseshoe imprints on my walls forever.

spice 010-1

To begin, I think we are all well familiar with bad cabin decor. It generally consists of several styles of various furniture cast offs, moth eaten blankets, and perhaps a velvet Elvis thrown in the mix.

But what is good cabin décor design? Well certainly the Arts and Crafts movement could work well in a cabin environment. I wrote about said architecture (also known as the bungalow style) HERE and A & C interior design HERE. Both posts are written in true DTA fashion, so enough said, let’s move on. I think perhaps “Americana” or “Adirondack Style” could possibly be an apt term to describe classic cabin style  Here are a few images of cabin décor perfection also known as the Double RL Ranch.

The Double RL Ranch is owned by a true American tastemaker, Mr. Ralph Lauren. He purchased the property, just outside of Telluride, CO with his wife Ricky ( the second RL) over 20 years ago and has built his ranch piece by piece.

The spectacular views are of course what initially drew the family to the area.

I know that much has been recently said on various design blogs about Million Dollar decorator Jeffrey Alan Marks putting a boat on the ceiling of his home but ahem, cough cough, people have been hanging canoes from the rafters for years. Yep, nothing new in design, just remixed. Also note the art nouveau lamps often found in Arts and Crafts interiors. Love a mad mix!

The wood chairs are Stickley, another A & C nod. I like the wool blanket placed under the leather couch cushions. It’s all in the details.

What a fantastically designed screening room. Even I could be coerced into watching an old cowboy movie.

There are a few options for dining such as the big barn known as The Vance.

Just for you, a close up of the tablescape.

The cookhouse is yet another charming dining area.

In the main lodge you’ll find a bedroom decorated with native American basketry, stacks of what I presume are vintage Pendleton blankets and in a whimsical nod to Mr. Lauren’s fashion roots, a display of concho belts.

There are various cabins and other accommodations for ranch visitors including a few tepee’s. Hmmmm. Maybe I would camp in a tent after all.

But for me if I were going to be spending my days in a cabin I would want a design style along the lines of what I term rustic elegance.

With a kitchen like this:

Or maybe this:

With dining accommodations such as this:

Or this:

A bathroom with a tub and walls like this:

I could see myself sleeping here if we exchanged the westie for a Dachshund.

Surely sweet dreams could be found here:

So which cabin camp do you fall under ~ Americana or Rustic Elegance?


It’s true. I’ve succumbed to the lure of Pinterest. You can find my boards HERE.

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This makes me want to visit Prescott this weekend as you know the rustic feel up there!! I loveeeeeee these photos... I am leaning me towards Rustic! :):):):):):):):):):)

Auntie Em said...

Fascinating pics! I love the rustic softened with romance and softness style. Sort of a Lady Rancher style!
Thanks for sharing! :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Rustic for sure! I could easily live in any of those rooms. Oh, and I'll keep the velvet Elvis in the closet-LOL! Have a great weekend, Laura!

Screaming Meme said...

I love all of these images...and I know a few Texans who would kill for lucky horseshoe :) I love mixing romantic whites with rustic accents...My taste all the way! XoXO to you! Meme

Did your daughter get her dream van? ;)

Bloggymom said...

I would go for the Americana.

April said...

I love both; the elegant speaks to me more--but alas in my world of grunge and kids and humidity and DUST, likely the Americana effect would FIT better. All that elegant white might get overwhelmed around here!

Alas, not far down the road from my humble home sits a "cabin" like the very first "bad" one you depicted. We ARE in the heart of the deep South here. . .complete with old appliances and a certain flag I couldn't help but notice.
Must laugh to stay sane.
I love your insights and research;they drag me out of the swamp for JUST A FEW MOMENTS each time I stop by.
Hugs and happy weekend wishes!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Rustic elegance all the way! However, I did see the Oprah interview of RL at the ranch and let's just say I could also see myself living there! :)


Sheila said...

I love everyone of the fabulous pics. I love the charm and feel of cabins...and I love the use of rustic materials with more refined know they have names for styles now like shabby chic or romantic prairie...I call this style Rustic Elegance. Love it!

Linda said...

lol, ok those are some cabins that I would love to stay in. Not so much for the "rustic" variety - makes me think of our anniversary a couple of years ago when my husband planned a lovely trip to our favorite Galena, Illinois, and he thought I would love staying in a cabin because I had never done that before. Well - it was rustic. It was called the "Andrew Jackson" because of this creepy painting that hung overlooking the bed. It wasn't a bad cabin - just a tad too rustic for my taste and that creepy painting. The whole place gave me the creeps because of it, and I told him that next time, I would prefer a nice Bed & Breakfast. :)

Love, Linda

jeanette from everton terrace said...

While I liked RL's place for what I'm sure would be a fabulous vacation, I would rather live in your picks. Fabulous.

martinealison said...

Rustique et campagnard... pour un week-end en amoureux...
Gros bisous

Bonnie said...

I identify with your picture too. Interesting pics of RL western home. Enjoyed all the other selections going with the theme also. YOur posts are always interesting and enjoyable.

Bonnie said...

I identify with your picture too. Interesting pics of RL western home. Enjoyed all the other selections going with the theme also. YOur posts are always interesting and enjoyable. said...

I'll take French antique meets rustic elegance with a touch of seaside. I like the bath room, the white rooms and "The Vance".

Your Friend,

Kit said...

Such lovely photos! I am definitely Americana. I have often wondered if I gave up my Eclectic style of decorating would I embrace the Western look for my whole house? Hmmm, it's a puzzlement! Kit

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I love all these beautiful combinations. That first shot is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

I lean more towards Americana in my real life, but I think my fantasy life would love the Rustic Elegance. The Rustic just looks so peaceful:) Thanks for sharing.

Lady Dorothy said...

Ah, the rustic elegant with lots of white. Love!

Hines-Sight said...

I would stay in both, but would not want a home like either. However, I like the idea of high end for my cabin experience so I think I think the Americana would appeal to me for a cabin experience.

Nancy said...

I love the plaster walls with the horses and horsehoes. I wouldn't want it in my house but I appreciate the artistry and would love it if I were staying in a cabin. Very creative!
I'm definitely a more rustic elegance type!


Marydon said...

Catching up with all your posts, Laura. As always such beautiful shares. Love the beauty you bring forth in each post.

Sorry I didn't with you sooner, got home, surgery next day & been laying low since.

So enjoyed you immensely. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.


French said...

it all looks super dreamy to me, as long as Honey or Biscuit r there....all i can say is WOW!~