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Friday, June 17, 2011

Wonder Woman Doesn’t Exist

Wonder Woman doesn’t exist. It’s true. Heaven help me I’ve tried to uphold the myth, but reality has evil forces working against me.

School is out for the summer and I am now lassoing children 24/7. I think they might be winning. Do you ever feel tied up?

I am the chief source of entertainment and primary chauffer for events such as vacation bible school, trips to the library, play dates, tennis and art lessons. Do you feel like you spend your life in the car… err jet?

It seems I am constantly waging war against their hunger pangs in the kitchen. I have the dish pan hands to prove it.  Is your sink constantly full of dishes?

I alone am fighting a daily battle against filth and grime in my house. There are no merry maids to save me. Do you have grime fighting super powers?

Beyond clean it’s also up to me to keep the house pretty. I am so eager to finish a few decorating projects around the house so that I can share them with you (no they don’t include paneling and metallic curtains). But there never seems to be enough time. I can think of four half finished projects waiting to be completed right off the top of my head. Who else suffers from this power zapping weakness?

There is also my interior design company to run, getting the online web site up and running for Metis Linens,  and writing this little blog in my spare time. I tried counting the blogs I like to read on my blog list, in google reader and via RSS feeds…I gave up after 250 blogs. Do you need x ray vision for all the blogs on your reading list?

  A happy project involves the Fashionista getting her dress designs (sorry, no capes) finished to submit to a manufacturer and helping her design her blog and online shop. I am so excited to share all that she is accomplishing but it is her story to tell. I promise it will be revealed soon. What projects and summer plans do you have planned with your mini super heroes?

Oh and I need to remember to be Mr. Décor’s girlfriend. I can’t tell you the last time we went on a date. It’s 110 degrees already so picnics are out and dinner and a movie isn’t really in the budget. What’s your go to date night with your Superman?

Of course in order to fit everything into a day means I am last on the list. I am way overdue for a haircut, they would probably turn my sparkly boots away if I asked for a pedicure and a general lack of sleep has me looking more like this wonder woman. Can you relate?

So I am trying to make this blog more user friendly for its super adorable readers and myself.

You may have noticed that I have now removed ALL verification from my blog. I have not had any issues with spamming. I did this because I myself really dislike comment verification forms. I have an entire file dedicated to verification words that I have been asked to type in. Here are just two of the “clean” examples.  

china 002
Really, is this the message you want to send the kind commenters that visit your blog?
valentine 002
So I thought it might be fun to take a poll on word verification. Feel free to benefit from the results.
The Poll is now closed.
The results were 97.9% of bloggers hate the device. Some will even go so far as to not leave a comment if a blog has word verification in the comment section. 

I also recently added a “LIKE” button to the blog. It is located near the comments.  My thinking behind this choice was that many of you may not always have time to comment, but perhaps you would like to leave some sort of notice you stopped by. 
This poll is now closed.
The results were 78% of you liked the “LIKE” button.
I have saved the biggest and possibly most controversial topic for last: COMMENTS.
I had recently turned off my comments as I was struggling to find the time to respond. I am not a blogger that can ignore the kind words people take the time to leave for me. Several of you let me know via email you didn’t like that decision. So, the comments are back on.
But let’s see what you really think about comments.
This poll is now closed.
The results were a surprise to me and I wonder if everyone was completely honest as 75% said they understand if someone can’t (or won’t) return a comment and  23% said they don’t care either way.
I want to hear from you. Feel free to leave some some great tips on how you balance everything that needs to get done in a day. I want to know, what is your super power secret to wearing all of your tiara’s?

PS. Does anyone else think that if the wonderful Ree Drummond put on a Wonder Woman costume the result would be uncanny?

Tiara off, lasso down, but I’m keeping the gold bracelets. Comments are open to Wonder Women everywhere.

An Ex Wonder Woman


The Catnap Cottage said...

this is probably about the cutest post i have read! it made me laugh early this morning! thanks and have fun ww! xx c

ImagiMeri said...

Well, knowing you and reading this post shows a huge disconnect! Your house couldn't possibly be messy...I've seen it, and it's lovely. However, I do know that even though we each only have one tween/teen at home, and a husband.....they are messy, so I do understand the little things that drive us crazy. As we all know, Wonder Woman is a cartoon, and it's hopeless to wish for "made-up" powers, but knowing how talented you are, how gorgeous you are, for the sake of equity I am going to believe that you are actually "frazzled" and take comfort that even us homely, never gonna' see a clean house again women have a chance. I adore you Laura, let's get together soon and do something crazy like a shopping spree at the local Goodwill or somethin'. Let's blow our wad of $5 somewhere really high end!

Love and Hugs,

Jen said...

Oh to be Wonder Woman! I understand your summer craziness. In fact secretly I counted down the days until school started again just last night. Maybe it's because we are three week into summer and we have had camp, basketball workouts, volleyball, mission trip, and Vacation Bible School already. It could be because the kids are already hollering they are bored. Bored? Really? I have come up with a remedy for the latter.... I do believe I will relieve their boredom today by letting them fold clothes. If I get that pile of laundry knocked out, I will probably feel like Wonder Woman!!

If you find solutions to your plaguing questions, please share. Heaven knows I need all the help I can get!


cityfarmer said...

wedding weekend here ... stopping in for a quickie ...

if you came down to breakfast some morning wearing that little WW suit you might get everyone's attention!!

how do you add the 'like" button?

Vicki said...

Very funny post, Laura! When Dan & I need a "cheap date", we head up to Barnes & Noble to hang out. We love the atmosphere, we love to dream about the books we'd like to buy, we sometimes share a cookie, we peruse all of the magazines we wish we were subscribed to, we enjoy the eclectic music they play. It's a great date for us!

Screaming Meme said...

YOU are adorable...and I love you even more with this funny...You are Wonder Woman in my eyes...Now I am off to shop lassos and Xo, Meme

Kristina said...

I was thinking about Ree before I read down that far. Cute, but ever-so-realistic post. It's no star-studded underpants, but sometimes when I clean I like to put on a jangly necklace or two.

*Thinking about all I have to do today.*

Linda said...

Such a great post and I understand completely, though as for the driving part - Jim understands quite a bit more than everyone. Over these past two days alone, he will have logged 30 hours of driving in one sitting. :(

I appreciated your polls as well, though on the one about leaving comments, I couldn't really reply accurately. My response is more that - "I don't always expect a comment in return, but once in a while is nice because then I do tend to get a bit sad since it seems no one is reading and I start to wondering why I'm bothering". Even then, I rarely get more than one handful of comments. I guess I'm not as much fun as some blogs. :P

I do leave the verification on my blog because I got spammed big time when I didn't have it on there.

Anyway - I hope that you are enjoying your summer despite the running around like superwoman. We've had our share of that, but now we have a bit of downtime again and I'm enjoying it.

Have a beautiful Friday.
Blessings always,

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I don't know how you found it, but the messed up WW is fantastic!
I voted for your questions, but I had trouble with the comment one....I can understand when people can't comment occasionally...but I really don't get when I visit regularly to a blog and they NEVER can comment to me.. sorry, but I think that is rude and I do my best not to do it. We all really want some comments...if we didn't we would not publicly do a blog.
I can relate to your being always runnning for kids. I remember those days!! and miss them!

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

great post, how on earth did she get away with such a skimpy outfit. For what its worth running a business with a family I would say you are wonder women juggling it all

Chris said...

Wonder Woman (who on earth has legs like that???), Super Mom, Mother Earth, Bring-Home-the-Bacon Career Gal and all their cousins retired long ago and far,away. The Empty Nest brought with it an appreciation for unswept floors, an ironing pile. occasionally the package of store-bought cookys and golf lessons. So school is out.....grab your towels and head for the beach. Children are waiting!

April said...

Dear Laura,
You are not alone. She does NOT exist. I can empathize completely with all you said except on two points: We stay home as much as possible, as I despise traffic and summer driving is worse because the heat's oppression makes people delusional and MEAN. There is a pool if they need something to do, thankyouverymuchkids!
The second thing is that I may have daydreams about a business, but that's as far as it goes. :) I don't know HOW you do it all, and your home is ALWAYS lovely I bet!

Be encouraged. Your job is huge, your achievements stellar--boots and tiara or not.

Hugs from Louisiana! Enjoy the summer!
ps- date night is nonexistent for us too--late night swims, and chatting while he's researching his sermons are about as "date-ish" as it gets around here! :)

Deanna said... nites are a must!
Think i will go on one tonite.
i iz turd (that's southern slang for tired!)

God bless us one and all.
Wonder Woman

Blondie's Journal said...

Wonderful post, Laura. I had to crack up a few times. I have so much on my plate for summer, my head is spinning. I have a book on dealing with stress and I haven't had a moment to pick it up! Your post is really timely. Summer can be one big blur if we don't lighten up!


Jeannine said...

I love your sense of humour. And all the wedding stuff. Thanks

Karena said...

Laura you are so great and I understand when you or other readers cannot always read comments. I follow so many blog friends that I also cannot ALWAYS leave a message of kind thoughts!

I still have a lot to learn, where is the LIKE feature to be found to put on site?

Art by Karena

laxsupermom said...

I've been finding myself falling behind in pretty much everything, too! School isn't even over for us yet, and I'm still behind. Love this post! The pictures and commentary were perfect! I'm also one who has to reply to comments. I used to be able to reply immediately, but now I only look at e-mails(I have comments sent to my e-mail) first thing in the morning and sometimes at the very end of the day, and not at all on the weekends. This has led to delays in replying which I very much dislike. I've been considering getting a smartphone just so I can keep up.

It's funny, because it doesn't bother me when others don't reply to my comments. I understand how busy people are, especially the "big" bloggers who receive hundreds of comments each day. It just feels so rude for me not to reply, though. Crazy, right?

Lady Dorothy said...

I thought Ree WAS Wonder Woman. Am I wrong?

And if you're not WW, then you are definitely a close second. I love you! (Thank you for your kind sentiments on my blog the other day. I truly appreciate it. {HUG})

French said...

I can totally relate!!

Charlene said...

Oh I can feel your pain... I don't have the kiddos at home any more but, do have GRANDS around some... even without kids I feel the same way... LOVE your blog! Sooooooooooo glad you took the word verification off. I did that over a year ago & NO PROBLEMS! As for the like... not a big fan... as for the comments... I like having/leaving comments. I couldn't answer the survey on that one... I don't get hurt feelings if you don't answer & I don't stop visiting but, it is nice to hear from someone you visit often at least once in awhile. Makes you feel like they notice you're a regular & that they matter too. Enjoy the summer for it will fly by (with or without the cape).

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hey...where did you find that picture of me!!! I thought I kept it under lock and key! Don't you just love my big ... Hair?! LOL
I forgot all the questions you asked..
I like to leave comments, however it's that persons choice. Sometimes I just read posts and don't leave a I bad???
Take care Wonder Woman!

Liz said...

I loved Linda Carter... My first husband had such a crush on her. :P Here's my deal... The daughter is grown and out. But I really seem to over extended my commitments otherwise. Husband, 2 sets of elderly parents, church, and oh of course work. Commissions cut in half so you have to work twice as hard. :( But life is good! I have a wonderful husband, still have my parents, my job and the freedom to worship. So really... you won't hear me complain... LOL...I think I just did! :)
On comments, I totally understand when some doesn't reply to every post or every time I comment on their blog... BUT!! There are a few out there that NEVER!! and I mean NEVER comment on their readers blogs. (Or maybe its just my blog, I shouldn't speak for everyone) Anyway my point is that's kind mean and rude to boot! This was obviously a great post and has generated a ton of conversation.
P.S. got rid of word verification a year ago... have not had a single problem!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I have been feeling your pain for a few months now... it is hard to keep up some days! :):):):):):):):):)

JennyLynn said...

The kiddo's have only been out for 2 weeks. I find my self now counting down. When I do, I scold my self for doing it. I recently just gave up on the dishes ever being done.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Oh how I feel your pain. Sad to say but I haven't had the time to visit all the blogs I love in a while, so I have really chuckled all the way through this post. I've got to figure out how to turn the word verification off on my blog. I'm with squarespace now and everything is just a tad different. I hope you find the time for some fun this Summer. Mona

Debra said...

Great post, Laura! Love how Ceekay described the brave, big haired cutie as the "messed up" WW. That would be more like me. LOL!! I think we all put more on ourselves to be the "perfect" woman, more than anyone else EVER could. Love reading your blog!! xoxo, Debra

Auntie Em said...

I LOVED this post! I was chuckling through it and relating to the comments you made...and then I came to the 'shopping version' of WW with the pouf-y hair and the white shorts hanging below the costume. I totally cracked up! Totally the best WW ever!
(It was interesting to note the changes the costume had morphed through. The top kept getting lower and the shorts higher!) I could never be a WW since I would have spent all my time holding onto the top and pulling the shorts down over my butt! Noticed the shopper WW had straps on her costume and added a white undergarment to the bottom! :D

Thank you for sharing your wisdom! I love stopping by to visit your blog! It's like sitting down with an amazing friend for cuppa and a chat! {Hugs} :)

Rose Tree Originals said...

Thank you for making me smile early this morning!!
And you inspired me to take the word verification off my blog... if someone leaves a spammy comment, I can always remove it, right?
About comments, I love when someone I've visited comes and reads my blog, but I don't really expect an answer to my comments I've left on a blog.
Enjoy your summer with the kids; my ex-husband has my son half the summer, so I cherish the few weeks of busyness with him.

Carmie of the Single Nester said...

How funny! I just posted today about making blogs more efficient.