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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Wedding Wednesday err Monday ~ The British Finale

YESSSSS! I am on a 6 hour layover and was able to go into the USO (Thank you my retired military husband!) and use their computers to construct a mini post because I just can't stand it!
Ok. Deep breath. The only way the wedding could have been any better was if I was there in person. 
It was understated elegance at it's finest.

Let's just start with the dress.

It was perfection. The Fashionista immediately said, "She drew her inspiration from Princess Grace." She was of course spot on because this was later confirmed by several sources.

 Vogue Daily — Catherine Middleton

Now you know how much I love a man in uniform and neither Prince William nor Prince Harry disappointed. I just kept thinking "Diana would be SO proud of her boys!"

Ready to Wed

I absolutely adored Pippa's dress. While some commented that she stole the show I would say that she held her own~ beautifully. The cowl neckline...the row of covered buttons on the back...cap sleeves edged in lace...Totally swoon worthy.

Vogue Daily — Catherine Middleton and her sister, Pippa Middleton

The wee ones were a delight as well. While their dresses were reminiscent of those worn by Princess Diana's bridemaids, they were modern, yet sweetly elegant.

Vogue Daily — Pippa Middleton

The bride's bouquet was perfect for the springtime. I loved that she just really made the day her own in so many of the wedding elements while sweetly capturing some of the essence of Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding.

Vogue Daily — Catherine Middleton with her father, Michael Middleton

The mother of the bride was absolutely dazzling in her baby blue dress and coat.

Vogue Daily — Carole Middleton

Not only did the sun come out for the big day, the Queen was the epitome of a ray of sunshine.

Sunny Disposition

The church itself was lovely. Having visited Westminster Abbey I cannot begin to tell you how vast this massive piece of architectural wonder really is. It was brilliant to bring in large trees to make the space feel warm and welcoming.

Dress Details

While I am not fond of fruitcake, this confection, it has to be said, takes the cake!

Drats! My computer time is up. So may I say that I hope that they live happily ever after!

Ready to Party

Up next, this beauty will marry Prince Albert of Monaco in July.

Vogue Daily — Charlene Wittstock

I shall return from France on May 11th.


Jen said...

I hope you are having a lovely time in France. It's a beautiful time of year for a visit!

The wedding was ah-mazing. There is no other word for the modern day fairy tale that we all needed so desperately in a too often dark world. It was a breath of fresh air!

Be safe on you travels.

~♥~ Monica S said...

Really nice post Laura!! :-)
I love the wedding too!! I especially liked the song that the church "gave" the couple as their gift! And the look of pride on Williams face! Priceless!!

Enjoy France!! :-)


Hines-Sight said...

Loved the day.

Enjoy your time in France. said...


I was up and watching the wedding and was so tempted to call you when I saw "The Dress" (Pippa's too)! Perfection. Too bad Andrew's daughter's looked like they were on the cast of Cinderella (step-sisters).

Your Friend,

Craftymoose Crafts said...

The whole event was wonderful. I think William chose very wisely! The hats were a hoot, weren't they!

Have a fun and safe trip!

martinealison said...

Un très beau mariage... Une belle princesse... Bisous

Johanna said...

Hello Laura,
after the wonderful teaparty, you hosted once for this Royal couple, everything just had to go right for them. I wish them all luck on earth and a very nice May Day for you.
Bets greetings, Johanna

Jane said...

It was all so beautiful and a wonderful event, made more so by your fabulous posts leading up to it! We'll miss the Royal Wedding Wednesdays!
Have a wonderful time in France!!!
Safe travels,

Kristen said...

We were definitely on the same wavelength about *everything*! Enjoyed watching the festivities so much and glad you did, too. =)


Oh, I did wake up to see the Royal Wedding, I'm still sleepy from that! I loved it all though, looking at your great pics it reminded me again of how lovely everything was and yes, mother Diana would've been so proud of her handsome groom and brother!
Thanks for sharing.

Laura Wilkerson said...

Can't wait to hear about your time in France!
I loved every minute of the wedding and even during a time of recession they did a fabulous job on the wedding of making everything look beautifully elegant but not extravagently expensive and I think Kate and her sister would have looked beautiful in a flour sack! LOL
Be careful and come home safely!

Debbie said...

I actually thought about you as I was watching the wedding for my seven or eight times so far.

I agree with you assessment completely.

Except I might have liked flowers just a teeny touch bigger.

And didn't he just look like Prince Charming? Oh yes.

Terri said...

Beautiful sharing of the wedding! What a gorgeous gown! Thank you for stopping and taking the time to post. Hope you are doing well.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

even Camille looked good!! Hope you are having a great time in Paris! I have paris envy. tomorrow is my wedding anniversary and for many years that is where we were on our anniversary

Audra Lynn said...

I read this post with my two-year-old daughter in my lap. She was enthralled. She kept asking to see the princess again. :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Enjoy your trip!! I absolutely LOVED the wedding!! Kate was BEAUTIFUL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Mimi said...

I Adored every second of it, and when she stepped out of that car, I cried!!!!
It was fabulous!!!!
I think it was the most perfect day for so many reasons!!!!
Have fun in France!!

Farah Muzaffar said...

Hi Laura...

The wedding event was graceful and elegant... no doubt the couple is the sweetest and beautiful one... But still I thought of Diana... no match to her beauty, kindness ans sweetness...
She will remain as Princess of Heart
Hope you would like to pay a visit to me at

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Wasn't it utterly amazing? I loved every single minute of it!!


Auntie Em said...

It was a beautiful wedding. Wasn't it nice to have good news for a few days.
Hope your trip is everything you hoped and more! Can't wait to read all about it when you get back.
Cheers! :)

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I just love your round-up! I was in an airport and STILL haven't seen the whole thing. I'm back home and have a nice weekend with my DVR planned. :-)

Hope you're having a tres fab time en francais! I have been verryyyy sllooowly trying to get back into blogging. Not sure if I'll pull it off but sure am enjoying catching up with everyone else!!

'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

it was a
for sure
and it didn't
weather here
in lille
is good
hope you
have been
as lucky
bought well
and enjoyed
the pleasures
of france
a plus


LadyLydia said...

I don't know if that is Clarence House you are showing on your new header, but I wondered if you have seen the you tube vido of the Sotheby's Clarence House tour of William and Kate's royal home. A couple of the rooms are so light and cheerful.

Julia Writer said...

I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly, except about not liking fruitcake, I adore it!

Shirley said...

This post may be past the wedding day, but I did enjoy every minute of this wedding just as much as everyone who watched it. I love your pictures. I adore how well presented these two sister were and how fond they are of each other..The dresses were perfect..
Enjoy your vacation..

The Tablescaper said...

Sounds like you're having a fabulous time.

When you return you should try to steal a few moments to see my posts on the Royal Wedding Breakfast that my daughters and I hosted. We had a blast.

- The Tablescaper

Joyce's Journey said...

You have truly outdone yourself with these enchanting posts! I have loved each and every one and thank you for taking the time to share all of the info and the spectacular photo's with us! You are amazing!!!

Karena said...

Hi to Laura and Andrea!! The wedding was perfection in every way!! I loved seeing all of the fabulous fashions hats, and fascinators!

Miss you both!

Art by Karena

Terri said...


I loved every minute of it. I thought the whole thing was perfect. I am so thrilled that I watched it. I also watched Diana and Charles' wedding and I wasn't disappointed in it, either!