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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Makeover Monday ~ A Oui Bit of French Flair

I am in the midst of packing. Suitcases on the bedroom floor, clothes scattered everywhere, endless lists….you get the picture.

When I began planning this trip there were certain things I wanted to take to France. A matching pajama and robe set, a hat to cover early morning flea market hair, and a trench coat. Could I find what I wanted? No of course not. So I made do. First the pajama’s~ finally found after hunting through 5 or so stores. They cover well and are still cute~ oui?

makeover 032

But could I find a robe to match? Of course not. I realize not everyone thinks that a robe is a necessity. But in France it is very rare that you have an ensuite room. Often you have to walk down a hall to reach the bathroom. I myself like to be covered for the journey. Also, in the event it suddenly turns cold, its nice to have an extra layer available. I found this robe for a great price~ $12.00 ~ but the bright white clashed with the cream and turquoise pj’s.

makeover 031

What’s a girl to do but grab a few different dyes and set out to create a match.

makeover 035


marie book 047

I will now be covered in a color so close that the makers of Garanimals would be proud.

marie book 049

There will be several early mornings where there might not be time to shampoo, let alone blow dry, my hair. I thought a cloche hat would be perfect to cover a multitude of sins. Alas the only one I could find was white. As I often dig through dirty piles at the flea in search of the good stuff I knew a white hat would stay pristine for about 5 seconds.

V day 016

But a soft gray is au courant and can withstand a few dirty fingerprints.

marie book 082

You may have heard that the trench is THE coat of the season. Given that I would wear such a jacket maybe one day out of the year in Arizona I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Man did I have to search high and low!

makeover 001

I finally persevered in the low department.

makeover 003

But the buttons were ho hum and in my opinion, cheapened the jacket.

makeover 010

Also the sleeves were freakishly long~ think Magilla Gorilla.


As the jacket was lined and I didn’t really want to mess with the seam ripper too much I decided to cut off the decorative band on the sleeve.

makeover 015

I did use the seam ripper to take off the band loops.

makeover 021

Then I began digging through my brass button collection. I was going for a mismatched Anthropologie look.

makeover 046

I took off the front black plastic buttons and replaced them with a few vintage gems.

marie book 093

Then I cuffed the sleeves and sewed on a button accent there too.

marie book 098

marie book 102

makeover 001


A nice improvement

I think.











Oh and the French flaired scarf? That got a re do too. It started out black and white (see below) which was a bit too “Jailhouse Rock” for me. I just gave it a swirl in the same dye bath as the robe.

makeover 026

I am on excitement overload. I leave for France in 4 days! The Royal Wedding is this week! I actually will be staying up all night to watch this magnificent event. Soon after the couple say their vows I will board a plane, where I hope to sleep through a good portion of the friendly skies. Although I will probably not look as glamorous as Marilyn.

But first we must celebrate!  This week on Royal Wedding Wednesday I will be sharing viewing party ideas and there will also be a linky party to celebrate whatever you deem Royal. A past or present post is welcome.

Have you met a member of the Royal family?

Perhaps you have toured a few castles.

Did you have a fairytale wedding of your own that was fit for a princess?

Are planning your own party?


Everyone who links up will be eligible to win a gorgeous Crabtree and Evelyn English Lavender Bath Set.

See you Wednesday!


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d e l i g h t said...

Your clothing choices will be perfect. I went to Paris two years ago and it is just incredible. I'm planning to go again. Your robe turned out such a great color. Have
a wonderful and safe trip.

LadyLydia said...


I know you are keeping abreast with the Royal Wedding, and wondered if you knew of anywhere online where this could be watched. I do not have a television and would like to watch it, even though it will be 4 am my time. I plan to dress up, wear a hat, and have tea. It just doesn't seem proper to watch a wedding in pyjamas ;-)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

This is sooo exciting, your clothes are perfect. We want tons, and tons, of pictures, I would love to see what is available at the flea market, I hope to go next year!! Oh my gosh this is one exciting week!!

Carol said...


I adore your Anthropologie alterations to the trench coat!
Stop by, I have your precious decorated box on my mantel and I'm hosting a sweet giveaway for a $25 Visa Gift Card.

Your Friend,

Jeannine said...

Love the robe transformation, enjoy your trip.

gail said...

Hi Laura, your trip sounds so amazing. Have the best time! I love the idea of dying the robe to match and the hat is adorable. Love the trench too!
Safe travels,,, Gail

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi laura, I am so very envious of your trip! Please take lots of pictures to share. Your clothe transformations are wonderful and I especially like the trench coat.

Karena said...

Laura you have turned your wardrobe pieces into gems, That robe! Wow!

I love how you just have that sense on how to improve upon all things!

You and Andrea are going to have the best trip and come back with great new finds for the shop!

Happy Easter!

Art by Karena

martinealison said...

Publication intéressante et vos photos très parlantes...
Je vous souhaite un bon lundi pascal avec de gros bisous.

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

I love what you did with what you found- great inspiration!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Genius to die a white robe to go with your pajamas, Laura! They are pretty, too! Love, love what you did to the trench. Just the buttons alone transformed it, but I know what you mean about the long sleeves. I have one that I just turn the sleeves up on. The hat is just the icing on the cake. It looks wonderful in gray.

Attempting Aloha said...

That jacket makeover is amazing! It's the little things, right? Those buttons are just perfect!


Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

GREAT post! This is what all blogging should be like -- inspiring and personal.

I found you at the Southern Hospitality party today.

Have a wonderful trip. We'll be listening in to your adventures. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the good posting and photos.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I know you must be soooooo excited about your trip! THe linky party sounds like so much fun. I can't wait 'til the wedding!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Genius clothing alterations - I especially love the new buttons on your trench coat. I'm looking forward to seeing what you visit and do. I would also love to know what you wear on your feet. I'm going to France this summer and am a bit obsessed with finding the perfect footwear so I'm comfortable, but fashionable.

suzyq said...

Lucky you, Laura. I would really love to be packing to head off to France!!

Jill Elaine said...

You did an absolutely amazing job with all 3 projects! Wonderful:) The difference in that trench coat is just fabulous. It was 'ok' before but your modifications make it 'oo la la'!!!!! Enjoy your time in France. And I will try to just forget you are going to keep the jealousy from eating me alive!!!
Hope you have the best time and find the best treasures;)

April said...

BEAUTIFUL projects--awesome vision for the coat, and you TOTALLY cracked me up with the robe--"a match so close the makers of Garanimals would be proud." LOL! It looks wonderful!
I hope your trip is fun, safe, blessed, and just plain AMAZING. Thanks for sharing your lovely preparations with all of us stuck-in-the-mud homestayers. :)

laxsupermom said...

Love the hat in grey. The color brings out the texture of the hat. Beautiful changes on the trench, too. What a fantastic deal, and so nice to be able to give it such a transformation with buttons from your stash. Have a fantastic trip. Can't wait to see your pics of the Paris flea.

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Laura,
Looks like you have some fantastic choices for your holiday - love the soft grey cloche. We have been having the most gorgeous weather with loads of sunshine here in Paris! Mini jupes and sky-high talons abound! (except pour moi - I always pass on the mini jupes!)
You and Andrea are going to have so much fun.

Auntie Em said...

You are going to look so chic and elegant on your travels! Love the pretty robe colour and it must be perfect with your new altered trench coat! LOVE what the washing and drying did to the flower on the hat. What a bonus!
Enjoy your amazing trip! Can't wait to see pics when you get back...
Thanks for sharing! :)

JeanaMichelle said...

Hello Laura! Thanks to your cousin, Lisa, I was directed to your lovely Blog. Your trip attire is adorable and the mismatched buttons are brilliant. I have been inspired. Have a wonderful trip and I look forward to seeing what your adventure brings. I think I want your job! Grace and Blessings. ~michelle

Annesphamily said...

You are a girl who knows what she wants! I love the robe the pjs and your pretty coat. Have a fun trip! NNNE

Linda said...

Everything looks so pretty - you're so fashionable and creative. I would never think of going to such trouble but it all looks very lovely.

As to fairytale weddings... I'm very simplistic when it comes to such things, and so Jim and I were married in our backyard, with just a small group of closest friends and family. Has it all been a fairytale thereafter? Well - NO. But most days, it's okay. :D

Have a wonderful trip. ♥

Debra@Common Ground said...

Your trench coat transformation is wonderful, love the buttons! I'm planning on being there for your Wednesday party!

Love the Decor! said...

Love the robe color and you sure found some amazing deals!!

Tee said...

So pretty, Laura! I had that same trench from Marshall's, in red, which I NEVER wore because the sleeves were freakishly long. I,however, was not so creative as you and probably sent it to the consignment store or Goodwill. Now I wish I hadn't. Have a fabulous trip, you lucky duck!

Language of Color and Texture said...

Garanimals and Magilla-Gorilla.......
You Slay me Laura!!! Lovely redo on all. You would look good anyway your morning hair turns up because you have big blue eyes and a beautiful soul that shines through them. Happy Wedding Week.

Miss Sandy said...

I love the simple transformations to your wardrobe choices, the coat turned out great, you have me eying the buttons on my trench, I think they may pop off soon and be replaced with something a little more special, thanks for the great style tip. Have a fantastic and safe trip!

Cottage Touch said...

I love the hat and frugal RIT project.
thank you for sharing.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Have a fantastic time, what fun! Loved your bathrobe redo.

Susan said...

You will have a fabulous time! I love that dyed the robe that beautiful blue!

Joyce said...

Goodness you are always dying something and they always turn out lovely. I haven't had good success I suppose in the dying realm.
I looooved what you did to your trenchcoat. It looks like a million bucks!
Have a great trip......our local Tea Group will be hosting an "overnight" Royal Wedding Party...teas, scones, British/American foods and of course....a beautiful 3 Tiered Wedding cake. We are nearly set to go! Have fun!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

What awesome makeovers you did. You are so smart. Oh, I envy you going to France. Some day I hope! Have fun.

alison said...

new follower here...yes indeed, i will be watching that wedding...i will be joining your lovely linky as well...adore your altered will look glamorous and chic when you travel across the pond...have a wonderful trip!

stuff and nonsense

Craftymoose Crafts said...

You are amazing, my friend! Packing and altering clothes at the same time!

CalypsoInTheCountry said...

Love the trench coat! Have a wonderful trip - what an incredible place to go!

Fifi Flowers said...

J'adore the French Flair!!!

Nancy's Notes said...

You are so clever and creative, I love what you have done with our trench coat! Have a wonderful trip!

5th and state said...

i am loving your posts especially on the royals wedding. such excitement for you wedding then france....magical!

yes i kind of know princess diana, not saying in the past tense because this diana is my sister diane. let me back up; she won a national look-alike contest & participated in a mock wedding. at the time she was always stopped, as a flight attendant on the london route and while in london. so, there you have it, the closest i would ever get to 'royalty!' bon voyage!!

Deanna said...

may you have a safe and enjoyable trip!
Great buys you got!

Such a pretty color for housecoat. luv it.

d in kansas

Deanna said...

may you have a safe and enjoyable trip!
Great buys you got!

Such a pretty color for housecoat. luv it.

d in kansas

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

Gosh, Laura, your revamps are amazing. I can't believe you got such a pretty color on your robe. Your hat is adorable, too. Have a great time, girl--I know you will! Hugs, Kim

Cozy Home Scenes said...

Have a great.....and SAFE...trip! Can't believe you got such a great deal on the coat. I've never seen much in terms of clothing at Marshall's or it's other stores. However, I love the updates you made on it, especially those buttons.

The DIY Show Off said...

You are so clever - I want to go through my closet now! :) Thanks so much for sharing, Laura. (Sorry I'm so late.) ;)