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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Great Find For My French Chairs and French Hats~

I have been looking for some new chair pads for my antique French bentwood café chairs for awhile. Most cushions left me feeling a bit like Goldilocks~too large, too hard, too thin, too something….
I finally found some linen pads from Wisteria that work fairly well. When I purchased them they were on sale for $13. (A steal!) I see they are now back to $19. Compared to other companies that is still a good price.

chairs 001-1
Even after a few weeks the cushions are still so fluffy that Sweet Boy exclaims “It’s almost like sitting on a whoopee cushion.”

chairs 007-1
The fabric is nice and machine washable. My only complaint is that I wish the ties were longer as I like to tie chair ties on ballerina style.

chairs 011-1

Many of you have asked about my favorite hat. Here it is in aqua, brim flipped up:
bette 005
A close up of the black model, brim flipped down. (The precious pups, Honey and Biscuit, are Andrea’s sweet pooches.) 

black hat-1
Some of the reasons why I love this hat are that it comes in many colors, it’s lightweight, you can roll it up into a suitcase and it pops right back into shape. Another reason to love it right now is that there is a giveaway going on for a free French Basketeer hat and basket at Art By Karena.

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