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Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Ideas

Even though Easter is arriving later this year I feel as though it has snuck up on me. I now have less than a week to plan dinner, dessert, and décor.

I imagine my last minuteness (Is that a word? We’ll say “Yes”.) has something to do with visiting houseguests, helping Sweet Boy come up with an act for the school talent show, soccer practice and matches, consequent heat exhaustion in my little player that resulted in a weekend of waiting hand and foot on him to get him well.

Packing for France is also forefront in my mind as is a craft project I need to create for 26 third graders celebrating Earth Day/Easter this Friday. Whew!

Here are some ideas that I am really loving this year:

Who knew I should have been saving eggshells? This is the perfect combination of Earth day and Easter.
This Paper Egg Diorama could easily be turned into the Earth with a little deer inside too.
Paper Egg Diorama
I have an overabundance of toilet paper tubes that I have been hoarding collecting so I am thinking a fun bunny or butterfly might be the perfect combined craft solution for joining Earth Day and Easter.
I also love these crepe egg holders. Not to be confused with crepes made from eggs. (smile) 
Easter Egg Cups Close
For Easter breakfast we’ll have omelets, fresh fruit and bunnies made from donuts~ minus the cupcake.
Just desserts. As a big Wallace and Gromit fan, I can’t help but think this looks like Shaun.
Baa Baa Black and White Sheep Treats
As for inspiration on the table itself, I absolutely loved Eddie’s Easter eggtravaganza. It includes all my favorite colors and is reminiscent of a David Hicks design.
The color of the year is pink and this table is perfection.
Butterfly Garden Centerpiece
I have to say it. This is a peach of a tablescape.
Love the wheatgrass placemats!
My favorite Easter dresses were always lavender. How about on a table?
purple and green place setting
You can never go wrong with napkins folded into a shape of a bunny.
Speaking of rabbits, this would surely please Peter.
Easter Breakfast plate setting with radish
Tie one on. To the back of a chair.
basket with chocolate candies and green bow
For centerpieces, the idea of this butterfly bouquet could easily be transformed into a stunning focal point.
While I have seen flowers surrounded by jelly beans before, I like the addition of the peeps.
Finally a good use for Brussels sprouts. (Sorry to those who love them.) Topiaries. Ingenious!
Brussels sprout covered topiaries

An Easter tradition I loved while growing up was all the church ladies going into their gardens and selecting the best and brightest blooms for the old rugged cross. It remains my all time favorite Easter décor.

I have turned the comments OFF today so that I may prepare my heart and home for the most glorious of holidays.

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