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Friday, March 4, 2011

What’s On Your To Do List and Oscar Entertainment

My next door neighbors are refinishing their pool. I hear a constant buzzing hum right outside my office window. There had better be a pool party soon Phyllis! (Hee hee~ She reads the blog.) It’s all give and take since I imagine she and Al probably wondered what was going on at our house last weekend. We had a houseguest and two dinner parties this past weekend. Like myself, the house is still in recovery mode. While I have washed all of the table linens, I have not cleared off the sideboard, put the table extension back or redecorated (I’m thinking St. Paddy’s Day.). 
 totem 014
Are you wondering what the HUGE black rectangle is? It was my “menu” for our Sunday night Oscar party. Which I have to say was TOTALLY  hilarious~ here is what we enjoyed (and yes I am totally crazy):
Upon arrival on our RED CARPET the guests devoured The Kids Are All Right Kiddie Corn (Popcorn=movies)
Drink selections included “Buzz” Beer (Toy Story 3) and Punch (The Fighter)
Our dinner menu continued the movie theme.
Black Swan roasted for 127 Hours (it was actually blackened pork tenderloin)

True Grits (ala Ina Garten Back To Basics page 163)

Two Inception Salads ~ so good they blow your mind!

Spinach salad with strawberries and my own coleslaw.

Winter’s Bone breadsticks~ open a can

For desert, Biutiful Pear Tarts with vanilla ice cream.

I was so busy I didn’t really take any table décor shots. But I used a basic white linen tablecloth and napkins then scattered gold coins, crowns and scepters ~ representing The King’s Speech ~around the tulip and candle centerpieces. For fun I swung by Burger King and grabbed several paper crowns (FREE!). My brother is as crazy as I am and wore his all through dinner.

totem 002
It was a fabulous night as my favorite guy (Mr. Darcy=HALL PASS) won.

I love how he supported his gorgeous wife who owns an eco friendly clothing boutique in London. Her dress, was created from 11 recycled dresses by ethical designer Gary Harvey. Forget the red carpet~ they need a gorgeous green carpet.

So I am off to repair my home and do a bit of gardening. What’s on your to do list?
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ImagiMeri said...

Hi Laura,

Gosh I so love Colin Firth!!!! There I said it........whew. I've had a crush on him for decades. Sounds like it was a great dinner. I'm so excited to meet up with you again soon for your tea. Take care pretty lady.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeee this party idea!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Liz said...

How Fun! Sounds like a hoot! I just love that Collin Firth won.... Didn't you just kind of feel like he was going to win all night?


Vicki said...

What a creative menu! I'm sure your party was a blast...

Linda Chapman said...

What great party theme ideas you have! YOU are SO much FUN!!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

SO clever you fabulous hostess you. I make that spinach salad as well, it's one of my favorites! The winter's bone rolls are just great. Weekend plans include continuing to work on and move into my studio :)

Lorrie said...

I think you NEED time to recover. Wow! What fun!

The Boston Lady said...

I think you should have photo-shopped your head onto Mrs. Firth's body!

I love, love, love your menu and still laugh when I think of the Black Swan roasting for 127 hours!

Now, step aside, because it's my turn with Mr. Firth!


Phyllis said...

Now this was a PARTY!! I love all your attention to details and the menu was so fun to read....I am still smiling! What a creative mind you have!!

Kit said...

Oh your blog so delighted me today! What a fun menu and time you must have had. We love the Oscars here and was so glad my "Mr. Darcy" won. Love him. My daughter couldn't get the channel at her home, so I buzzed over and brought her here to watch it on the big screen. We had a blast! But now I am thinking that next year I may have a party like you did. :) Kit