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Monday, February 28, 2011

Makeover Monday ~ Vintage Clothing

My good friend Jenny is the proprietress of Redhead Sadie. Jenny has been honing her eye for fabulous vintage fashions for many years. She decided to share some of her collection with the world and had a fabulous trunk show this past Saturday.

BGSadie 103

There were yummy, fluffy crinolines that I just wanted to run and jump into.

BGSadie 095

Pretty purses that would make Peggy perfectly happy.

BGSadie 078

Tons of gorgeous gems in sweet candy colored shades.

BGSadie 070

Jenny outfitted me for the day, Royal Wedding style.

Mr. D├ęcor’s favorite part? The Cuban heeled stockings of course.

BGSadie 117

The hat and gloves were my own.

BGSadie 125

Do you have a horrific bridesmaid gown that could possibly win the title of “Perfectly Putrid or Perfect Princess ”?

How about a Queen’s collection of rhinestones or piles of pearls for “Best British Baubles”? 

Could you be the hands down winner in the “Hats Off” category?

Here’s your chance to play along.


I’ll reveal the second esteemed expert for Wedding Wear this Wednesday, as well as the winners of the High Tea Tablescape for the categories “Fit For A Queen” and “Royally Scrumptious”.

“Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it. Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it. Vogue.”



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How FUN! I loveeeeeeee that little smiley face in the one photo!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

jeanette from everton terrace said...

That was a very cute video and you both looked adorable :)

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

the wedding is in 60 days!

Karena said...

Countdown to the Big Day and I adore you friends vintage colection!

Laura you are the best!

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Art by Karena

BEAR's Mom said...

Laura, love those pearls
and the seamed stockings =)

WendyBee said...

Coveting the red patent leather purse... said...

Saludos, my friends! Hello, it is I, Fernando aka Deborah. Thank you, darlings, thank you. We have got a special treat for some of you, and you know who you are. As you know, my friends, Laura - you know who Laura Ingalls Gunn is, another blog host with the sensational decorating skills, but does she not look as mahvelous as Jenny?Well, you'd never know it. I'll tell you that. Because, you look mahvelous! You -- this is fabulous - you look like a Princess Diana doll. May I say that to you? And you Jenny, you sort of look like one of Fonzie;s girl friends, you know what I'm saying? You look mahvelous! Absolutely mahvelous! No, you do, darling. Keep them together, you know what I'm saying?

April said...

Laura, you MADE MY DAY with your sweet comment--thank you ever so much.
I love the vintage clothing world, but at MY SIZE the hopes of anything more than a really cute HAT are rather slim.:)
You look so SWEET!!!

Shirley said...

Oh Laura,
Your post and video has made me so sad..WHY? because I had so many beautiful vintage items from the mid 1960 thru the late 1980..and I had trashed everything..Oh how I view the same items that have been saved over the years by so many folks, like you, and I can only say I am enjoying every post you share..
This was a very lovely post and video,,

The Boston Lady said...

Oh Laura, how fun! I have been away and not able to comment in awhile. When I was eight months pregnant with my son, I was in a wedding! I had to wear a hideous peach colored dress that made me look like the great pumpkin. The bride apologized to me years later after she herself became pregnant. At the time it was fun, but I felt HUGE! I am so enjoying your series leading up to the Royal Wedding! I also have "Young Victoria" via Netflix waiting to be viewed as per your suggestion. Hugs to all. Have you seen that we have an engagement in our midst? Ann

Auntie Em said...

What a great selection of vintage stuff! The stockings got me! I can remember my Mother telling me about the lines in the stockings and how a lady always made sure those lines were straight!
Thanks for sharing the fun! :)