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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from….

Steven Tyler from Areosmith, aka The Fashionista on her way to work.

halloween 028

Check out the rock star footwear!

halloween 039

The dashingly handsome Zorro.

halloween 018

Accompanied by a French artiste.

halloween 011

Friday afternoon found me at the school giving a few little ghouls a craft lesson. Each child was given a pile of chenille stems, fuzzy pom poms, sequins and spiders. Their creativity was amazing. 

halloween 002

The children were then allowed to put on their costumes.

halloween 009

Then line up for the annual costume parade.

halloween 015

To leave you with something spooky, here is a shot of Justice the class pet. Yes, she is a boa constrictor and no we won’t be offering to babysit her over the Thanksgiving holiday.

halloween 006

Boo to you!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

Last March I took a trip to New Orleans. A trip to the Big Easy is not complete without a visit to one of their unusual cemeteries. I have been saving these photos as I thought they would be oh so appropriate for a Halloween post.

New Orleans 462

Lafayette Cemetery #1 is located in the Garden District. It was established on a ridge in 1833 on land that was once the plantation home of the Livaudais family.  There are beautiful sections that hold family tombs.

New Orleans 432

There are also society tombs. Religious groups, clubs, and fraternal societies would purchase tombs for their members who could not afford a single tomb burial.

New Orleans 421

There are also military, fire and law enforcement society tombs.

New Orleans 451

Most prevalent are the rows upon rows of raised tombs. While many believe that the tombs were created in this style as a way to deal with the city's inherent water problem, it is in fact a style which originated thousands of years ago in the Mediterranean region. It is possible the style evolved as a solution to the rocky soil of the region. It was brought to the new world  by the French and Spanish creoles. Tombs, mausoleums. and other raised burial styles are common in most regions of the world with a strong Latin and Roman Catholic tradition.

New Orleans 427

There are a few, more familiar, burial plots found in the cemetery. Why they are not more common was probably due to the location of the cemetery and that it had a middle-to-upper-class orientation. At the time, it was generally only paupers and potters field cemeteries that had below ground burials. The earthen burial sites found in Lafayette are generally surrounded by beautiful cast iron fencing. 

New Orleans 442

As the cemetery was for the more upper class, many of the family tombs feature beautiful marble carvings and sculptures.

New Orleans 438

The garden statuary found in the cemetery is quite lovely, peaceful and touching. 

New Orleans 445

Sadly, the cemetery has suffered from the evils of time. There are groups dedicated to care taking and are devoted in their efforts to preserve this gem. I have to say that the image below touched me the most. While the small vase that used to stand on this marble platform, in tribute to someone’s beloved mother, is no longer present, it would seem that Mother Nature continues to honor her.

New Orleans 430

While I will be spending the weekend preparing for midterms, a truly frightful experience, I hope that you have a not so scary Happy Halloween!


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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tiny Sweet Treats and Ghoulish Attire

I am sure that many of you have seen the sweet cake buntings that talented bloggers have been creating recently. Putting my own spin on a great idea I thought “Doesn’t everything look cuter in miniature”? So I created a cupcake bunting. 

cupcake 002 

Warning: your eyes might cross while working at such a small scale, but the “ooh’s and ahh’s” will make it all worth it. 

cupcake 008 

Here is a close up of the three tiny triangles made from vintage fabric. They were strung on raffia and tied to lollipop sticks. (No, they’re not used, you can get them in the candy aisle of Michael’s. :)

cupcake 017

Next up are the treats that Sweet Boy will be passing out to the bears in our Cub Scout den, as well as his classmates.

robotlampshade 014

And the girls sing: Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto~ Domo~ Domo~

robotlampshade 023

I had seen this delicious craft years ago in Family Fun magazine. A quick cruise down the Halloween candy aisle made it easy to select the “parts”.

robotlampshade 001

How about some Ghoulish attire?

  metis chemise 072

Part of my absenteeism from blogland is due to the fact we are getting ready to open the online boutique for Métis Linens. I have been styling and photographing many of the boutique images which include a collection of antique and vintage chemises shown in fresh and modern colors.

metis chemise 050-1

This is the “Arika” style. It is actually an antique linen men’s nightshirt. But our Métis Mademoiselle wears it well~ oui?

metis chemise 051-2

Sadly, this sweet gem did not fare well during the washing and hand dyeing process. This occasionally happens when dealing with antique fabrics. As Métis Linens is committed to selling only the finest quality merchandise this shirt did not make the cut. But there is still SO much potential in this piece. 


One could of course wear it “as is” as shown by the Métis model. You could also remove the back portion and replace it with other fabric. I think it would look great backed in charcoal gray lace. One could even take the whole nightshirt apart and create some fabulous pillows out of the lovely remaining linen.


I love the pleated detailing. You can find this ghoulish delight in my Etsy shop. I know it will go quickly at $15.DSC07424

Stay tuned for more beautiful chemises in our Métis boutique which will open soon.


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Monday, October 25, 2010

My Own House of Horrors

Ok, so my own home is not quite as bad as this:

But I always have a ton of school projects waiting to get done and there always seems to be laundry to fold.

punkin patch 010 

Bath tub rings that need scrubbing and rubbish that needs to be emptied.

punkin patch 002

But last Friday I decided to leave it all behind and spend the day with my two special guys. I have found that if I apply the 20 year rule to my life, it makes decision making a lot easier. What is the 20 year rule? When I am pulled in a million directions I ask myself things like “Will there be laundry in 20 years?” Yes. “Will the rubbish need to be taken out in 20 years?” Yes. “Will this little person be asking me to go to the corn maze in 20 years?” Sadly, as a mother of a 21 year old, I already know HOW FAST time flies. I maybe have 1~2 years left of pumpkin picking and corn maze meandering with this guy. The 20 year rule keeps my focus exactly where it should be.

punkin patch 027

I am so glad that I chose this activity over housework as it was so much fun to see Mr. Decor smile like a little kid on the swings.

punkin patch 015

I got a tremendous kick as Sweet Boy held up his hat the entire time he went through the hay maze so we “Wouldn’t lose him.”

punkin patch 013

Even though I was beyond tired and in desperate need of a nap, I did something that made me feel even better ~ I had a hay day with these two.

punkin patch 029

We now have happy memories of trying our best to pick a pumpkin in the darkening twilight.

punkin patch 044

Afterwards  we had dinner across the road at del Piero located inside the Queen Creek Olive Mill.


The olive mill is the only one of its kind in Arizona. The oil that they produce has won numerous awards and the available flavors are amazing. They have a tasting bar and we took our bread and sopped up such flavors as chili, vanilla bean and chocolate olive oil. Afterwards Mr. Decor polished off his yummy panini while Sweet Boy and I shared the special of the day~ vegetable lasagna.

I encourage you to overlook your own house of horrors and go make a memory.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Festive Fall Recipe

Do you happen to recall the image on the Metis Linens blog of the antique grain measures filled with beautiful apples? Over the course of the day we were repeatedly asked, “Are those real?”  The apples truly were real and we ended up selling a few from our booth display, but still had tons to take home.

Metisrose bowl 143

As fall has arrived so too have precious memories which have made me miss my mom. (For those who are new to this blog, she passed away very suddenly last March.) In the backyard of my childhood home we had an apple tree. Every fall my mom would make my very favorite applesauce.

 applesauceinvite 004

Rather than wallow in my grief I decided that it was high time I use my ample supply of apples to give my children a taste of my childhood. As I collected the simple ingredients I wondered, “Why haven’t I hadn’t made this before?”

For Nadine’s Red Hot Applesauce you’ll need:

10~12 apples (Fuji, Granny Smith or any other crisp and slightly tart apple)

1/2 cup of water

1/2 cup of sugar (more if you like it really sweet) you can also use splenda, etc.

1/4 cup of red hots (more if you want a more cinnamony ~yes, it’s a word :) taste.

Metisrose bowl 180

Peel and core your apples. I leave one or two with the peel still on, as I like the texture. Chop into fine bits.

Metisrose bowl 186

Place your apples and the other ingredients in a slow cooker on high for 8 hours. Stir occasionally. It is so easy I am almost ashamed I haven’t made this before.

Metisrose bowl 190

I spooned the applesauce into small vintage jelly jars that I recently purchased at an estate sale for $1. They are a perfect individual serving size. But you can also place the applesauce into a large Tupperware container or something similar.  It will keep for about 2~3 weeks.  But trust me, it won’t last that long.

applesauceinvite 007

I gave my neighbors a bit of “Happy Fall Ya’ll” as well. 

applesauceinvite 016

Mom would be proud.


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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Harvest Hoedown Ideas

My computer is currently very sick and I have absolutely no access to photos I have down loaded previously, nor can I download the images I currently have on my camera. I am back to posting on blogger versus my beloved Microsoft live writer. Mr. Decor has been working on repairing this electronical nightmare for 5 days. I think it might be time to call the geek squad since there is also the issue of not being able to access my CAD (computer aided drafting) files which makes it impossible to do my school work. But I am willing to be patient a few more days to allow my darling hubby the chance to slay this dragon. Chocolate anyone?

While I love posting original, fresh material I have to currently settle for reconstituted images. Here are a few things that are currently inspiring me during this harvest season that I plan to cook, create or just plain enjoy at Decor To Adore manor.

First up: food. Every year I try to create a fairly healthy and fun Halloween dinner.  You are welcome to click on my archives to see what I have prepared in the past. Here is what is on the menu for this year.

Jack~ O~ Lantern Sandwiches

I love these pumpkin burgers too.

These yummy ham and cheese delights will be served with homemade tomato soup worthy of boil, boil, toil and trouble. 

I also like the idea of butternut squash soup served in scooped out pumpkin shells. I would choose the bitty white versions.

Nothing says Halloween like a cauldron full of green liquid. This Brew Ha Ha couldn't be easier.

Ending on a healthful note Devilishly Delicious Dip in a Cauldron looks SO yummy.

Cauldron Full of Devilish Dip

In terms of decor I really love the Halloween Banner (3) download that Tip Junkie featured by Moselle. I plan to make it my own with the addition of some old buttons, tissue paper fringe and other spooktacular delights.

all crafts 20 Free Halloween Printables

Leave it to Matthew Mead to give us classic cuteness. I am also going to make the owl garland for a girl that I adore. Do you know WHOOO she is? I also love this simple decoration. Wouldn't they be so cute placed over a string of white lights?

Matthew Mead Halloween Tricks and Treats

My nieces will be receiving these paper doll pretties in the mail. There is also a darling boy version as well.

On Saturday the 30th we are planning a scary movie marathon. Our choices are a bit more tame than most. Forget the kidlets, this mama can't handle true terror.

The Fashionista and Sweetboy's favorite is Hocus Pocus.


I am in the mood for some Ghostbusters. Sing with me..."Who Ya Gonna Call?"

After Sweet Boy and I retire for the evening, I have been told that this classic will be viewed.

For now I'll sign off with a "Z" as I need to put some finishing touches on Sweetboy's costume.

Do you have any special plans or costumes in the works?