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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Step Back In Time

The Parc Brasserie is a charming bistro and cafe located on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia.

east coast trip 107-1

Parc recalls a lovely time in turn of the century Paris. Indeed restaurateur, Stephen Starr, spent a few years trolling the French countryside to locate each of the antique design elements which give the cafe its truly authentic Parisian feel.

east coast trip 106-1

For Americans this is probably the closest thing to Le Grand Colbert~ the bistro made famous by Diane Keaton in “Something’s Gotta Give”.

east coast trip 103-1

It has many of the same elements: beautiful wood paneling, cozy booths and of course the traditional French cafe chairs and tables.

east coast trip 101-1

All of the bread is baked fresh daily on the premises.

east coast trip 105-1

I am sure that a few rendezvous have occurred underneath this old bar clock.

east coast trip 110-1

The powder room features marble, subway tile and ultra glamorous Parisian dancers on the wallpaper.

east coast trip 109-1

Even the smallest detail was not overlooked. I adored the Deco period lighting.

east coast trip 112-1

The tile work in the main dining area was also lovely but had more of an art nouveau feel.

east coast trip 113-1

Of course some things are just better in color.


We arrived for brunch. My cousin and I both opted for the Pain Perdu (French toast). Sweet boy selected pancakes with blueberry compote.


I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and perhaps try the pommes frites for lunch.

east coast trip 103

Or perhaps a lovely dinner for two.

east coast trip 110

I hope you have enjoyed this culinary tour.

east coast trip 113 

As August comes to a close, so too ends the Decor To Adore month long travel series. Come back on Wednesday for an Amish buggy ride through the Pennsylvania countryside and see what I found (squeal!) in a very old house. 


For anyone who is searching for a way to observe the 5th anniversary of Katrina and its devastating impact on New Orleans I wanted to remind you of the Decor To Adore “Make It Right” Foundation.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Arizona Republic

Welcome AZ Magazine readers. I am so happy that you have stopped by. To give you an overall feel of my design and craft blog I have included the links to the Top 10 posts which continue to get daily hits.

You can click on the title and it will automatically transfer you to the post.  Once you are finished viewing the post hit the back arrow to return to this page.

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curbside creations 014

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guest 043

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topper 039

Thank you so very much for stopping by. If you have any questions please send me an email or feel free to post a comment. It may take a few days, but I always respond to each and every person.

Be blessed,


Update: For those that inquired about the Amazing Race bedroom, please click here.

shug's room 007 

Corrections: The magazine incorrectly printed that we live in Glendale. We do not, but are happy to keep you guessing. :) It also stated that we lived overseas for decades, but in reality we were blessed to have lived in Germany and Crete for four years.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Jersey Shore

east coast trip 222
No, this is NOT a post about Pauly D, Snookie or J Woww. I will however shamefully admit to having viewed an episode (or three) of this indescribable phenomenon and justifying it as research for this trip.
Here’s Laurie G. going incognito in her favorite beach hat and juicy sunglasses. Given that it is early in the day and you can already see a slight tone of pink I think there might be another type of  “Situation” occurring.
Laura's visit 226
We began our beach trip by checking into the The Chalfonte, a Cape May hotel that dates back to 1876. It was heavy on the charm and light on the air conditioning. But there was a sweet porch.
east coast trip 206
The room we stayed in can only be described as quaint. It lost some of its charm when the fire alarm went off not once, but twice in the middle of the night.
east coast trip 156
The dining room was pretty and featured artwork by local artists.
east coast trip 163
You could also choose to dine outside.
east coast trip 164
I think the best part of the hotel was the view from the third floor cupola.
east coast trip 160
Sweet girl and Sweet Boy were eager to hit the beach.
east coast trip 176 - Copy
It wasn’t long before they were making friends with a few sea creatures.
east coast trip 184
They insisted on being photographed with this rescue boat.
east coast trip 178
I thought my camera might be broken so I took a second shot just to make sure. Phew, it’s working.
east coast trip 179
We also drove over and saw the Cape May Lighthouse.
east coast trip 239
Early the next morning we were back on the beach.
east coast trip 220
The sky was overcast and the day felt perfect. The kids set out to build a huge fortress.
east coast trip 216
Sweet Girl was nice and didn’t dump the icy water on Sweet Boy’s head. :)
east coast trip 208
Star spangled sand digger.
Laura's visit 238
It wasn’t long before some new friends were made.
east coast trip 212
A collective sand creature.
Laura's visit 230
All in all it was a good day save for two little “situations”. My cousin wore a tankini suit and applied lots of sunscreen, but somehow her top crept up, thus earning her the nickname “Burnt Muffin Top”. She declined an offer to be photographed.
muffin man I too also applied sunscreen lavishly but somehow missed the area of my hips and saddlebags, earning me the apt moniker of “Hotpockets”. I also declined an offer to be photographed. (Hee hee) Trying to get dressed the next day was an experience.  It brought to mind a favorite episode where Lucy had to put on a tweed suit after being fried.
But we soldiered on and met another fabulous Lucy.
east coast trip 246
Lucy the Elephant is a six story example of novelty architecture. She was originally constructed of wood and tin sheeting in 1882 by James V. Lafferty in an attempt to help sell real estate.
Laura's visit 272
Over the years Lucy has been a restaurant, a business office, a tavern and even a home. She became a national historic landmark in 1976.
east coast trip 248
You can take tours inside Lucy. The two circular windows are her “eyes”.
east coast trip 249
Here is Sweet Boy taking in the view from Lucy’s howdah (carriage mount) which was recently repaired after it was struck by lighting in 2006.
east coast trip 250
We love Lucy!
Laura's visit 273
Thanks for coming to the Jersey Shore with us!