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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Long and Winding Road

Sweet Boy and I have begun packing for an upcoming trip. We leave tomorrow and will begin with a visit to great Grandma. Our mission is to help get her settled into a new assisted living home. I will be taking my 88 year old granny and 8 year old son on a pontoon boat ride around one of the nearby lakes. I am not sure who is more excited at this point.

From there it’s off to Philadelphia and a visit with Auntie, Uncle and our cousin. Sweet boy wants to jog up the “Rocky” steps and I can’t wait to head out into the Pennsylvania countryside.

We’ll also hop on a train bound for NYC. Sweet Boy is so excited to be going to the Museum of Natural History. I have picked up a big bone for “Rex” in case he desires a game of fetch. We’ll be staying with good friends. Our friendship goes back to our  military days in Warner Robins, Georgia.
Our trip will also include a little something to pacify our love for the theater. We have wanted to see “The Lion King” for ages. It is thrilling to think about seeing it on Broadway.
The final leg of our trip will have us at the Jersey Shore. We’ll be bypassing Snookie and The Situation for somewhere a bit lovelier, Cape May. I hope to visit with my dear friend Deborah. Our time there will be spent at  the Chalfonte Hotel, a turn of the century charmer.
Upon our return at the end of the month my mother’s ashes will be placed at her families cemetery in Delta, Colorado.
A long and winding road in the journey of life to be sure.
I will be taking a break from blogging and will return at the end of the month. Feel free to read my archives.
How are you spending your summer?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Anthropologie Twice As Nice Giveaway

This post was supposed to have been up earlier, but my summer business class final took precedence. I wanted to host a giveaway to celebrate my 1000 Adorable People ~ aka “Followers”  milestone. But I also really wanted to thank everyone who voted for my recent Oprah audition. So why not have two giveaway’s I thought? I am sure that none of you will object. :)

sweater chain 012

So you can see the first give away above, but I thought my second giveaway deserved a bit of explanation or perhaps inspiration. Do you know this woman?  gl_14-Jayma-Sngl_1566_rc

This is the truly adorable character, Emma Pillsbury, played by the delightful Jayma Mays. She brightens up my Tuesday nights with her misadventures on “Glee”. 


But what I really love about Emma is her sense of style. She has brought back the classic looks of femininity. I was motivated to dig through my vintage jewelry stash to create some sweater clips like those that she is often seen sporting.

sweater chain 033

But what really inspired me was when she was seen wearing clips on her Peter Pan collared blouse. This was a look I could wear even in the brutal heat of the Phoenician summer.


So I created “Palm Beach”,

sweater chain 040


“Cotton Candy”

sweater clips 010


“Girl Town”

sweater clips 011

and “Kath with a “K” among others. They are all available in my Etsy Shoppe.

sweater clips 017

Which leads me to my second giveaway (B) to celebrate my Oprah voters. It includes a sweater clip made by yours truly from vintage rhinestone jewelry. In addition there is a sachet filled with lavender, a dishtowel with vintage embellishments, and a vintage lusterware tea cup and saucer. The Anthropologie goodies include a sweet tweet of a jewelry holder, a lovely seashell inspired covered dish with spoon filled with bath salts and sweet smelling soap.

sweater chain 011

The One Thousand Adorable People Giveaway (A) includes a dishtowel, lavender sachet, vintage pot holders, a silver pail filled with bath salts and buried treasure bracelet. The Anthropologie goodies include the darling anemone soap and anchors away apron.

sweater chain 012

The Rules. The “One Thousand Adorable People” giveaway (A) is for Decor To Adore Adorable People only. You may enter ONE comment.

The “Thank You All My Oprah Voters” giveaway (B) is for those that lovingly voted for my OWN audition. Obviously this is on the honor system as I don’t know if you voted or not. You may enter ONE comment.

Now plenty of you are Adorable People AND voted for my Oprah Audition which means that you get to leave TWO comments. It goes without saying that you are also extra adorable. :)

Good luck! The two winners will be selected on Sunday, July 11 sometime in the evening.

UPDATE: The Random Number Generator has selected the lovely Sherry of Country Wings in Phoenix as the winner of the (A) One Thousand Followers Giveaway and the delightful Lisa of The Pennington Point has won giveaway (B) Thank You All My Oprah Voters.

Thank you everyone for participating. Another giveaway will occur in the near future.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Who Bought All The Gnomes?

A few weeks ago I was perusing the garden aisles in Target and discovered the Sean Conway mushroom and gnome pot stakes.They were COMPLETELY adorable. Given that I only had $20 in my wallet and still had to buy lunch I only put two of the mushrooms in my cart and planned on coming back. Then my life got crazy busy and it was a few weeks before I got back to the store. I could not find a SINGLE  gnome. So, I went to another store, and another and yet another. I sadly came home with only a handful of red mushrooms, but no gnome pot stakes.

mushroom stake

Now I know that there are some strong opinions about gnomes. I happen to like gnomes. It may have a little something to do with the fact that I lived in Germany where the garden gnome reigns supreme or it may have something to with the sweet film “Amélie”.

Amelie gnome
Either way I still want to know who bought all the gnome pot stakes!? I imagine it was the same wicked girl who purchased all of the size 7 Cynthia Vincent gladiator wedges and proceeded to make a fortune by selling them on Ebay. Hmph!
I really needed those gnomes. If I had had those lucky guys gracing my house this would not have happened.
Warning: Be prepared to laugh and snort.

Come back on Wednesday for a giveaway and no, it’s not for a gnome.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sundressed & Given The Slip Tutorial

It’s 113 degrees today. But it’s a DRY heat. Yeah, so much so that my skin could be mistaken for a lizards. In the summer I live in sundresses. It’s always the same formula. My uniform consists of a cotton dress, cute sandals and fun baubles varied only by color.

I am old school. I like coverage. If my summer dresses are sleeveless they always have wide straps so that my dedicates don’t show.

I also like to wear a slip underneath my dresses and skirts. Many of the cotton fabrics I adore are sheer and I don't want to recreate a Lady Diana photo op.

But the thought of pulling on a heat trapping nylon slip left me in a pool of sweat. Trust me when I say that I have looked high and low for a nice cotton slip. They are available as vintage lovelies on Ebay but I grew tired of the bidding wars. They could also be found in special lingerie shops but I didn't want to pay $40 for a slip.

A slip had given me the slip! What's a girl to do? 

Then one day I was opening a package from my Grandma Jingles. Inside the box was an antique doll wrapped in bubble wrap and covered with a lovely vintage cream colored cotton pillowcase. Given that all of my beds have 2 pillows each I wondered how I could use this lovely bit of bliss. Then it hit me like a cotton concussion. I was going to make a slip. So I grabbed the scissors and snipped off the closed end.

Next, the edge was folded down 2" and given a good creasing with a hot iron.

The fabric edge was then turned under 1" and again given a good pressing.
Using a basic straight stitch, the folded edge was sewn closed.

I did not sew the edge completely closed. An opening was left that a safety pin, attached to a strip of elastic that fit my waist, would fit through. Then once again it was time to pull and gather.

Once the elastic was completely through, I sewed both ends together very well. Then I finished sewing the seam closed.

My slip took me all of about 20 minutes to make. I have found a few more single pillowcases in my stash and plan to sew two pillowcases together for a shorter, fuller slip. Two pillowcases would also work well for a curvier gal who needs a bit more fabric to work with. This slip is so cool and pretty that I don't even mind if it "Snows down south."

Have a Happy 4th of July.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Designing Independence

union jack rug3

I am as patriotic as they come. If you ever want to truly rile me up, keep talking while the national anthem plays. Yet I wonder if there were a design contest in which the patriots competed against the red coats would we all end up whistling “God Save The Queen”?

Let’s begin with pillows.


Pretty close to pillow perfection.


the natural store pillow union jack 2

I’m not quite sure about an Adirondack chair in the sitting room, but the mantle and mirror had me at hello.


An interesting pop of color.


I don’t have to write a thing as it’s already been said.



Hmmmm, a joining of forces.


It’s a banner day for the red, white and bluetiful!


I have to say in terms of furniture most of what I found in terms of Americana was either cute or kitschy.

But this I swoon for.

Union Jack Settee


Hello, Don Mclean? Please come get your Chevy er settee and take it to the levy.

Nice and subtle.


In your face fantastic.


Union Jack Chair


So where do your alliances lie?

Is the Union Jack back?


Or will you adore Stars and Stripes forever….



Tomorrow I’ll be posting on bedding you can wear. Hee hee.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anthropologie Inspired Americana

I am not typically a decorator for Independence day but I recently made an Anthropologie inspired tablecloth that fit the bill nicely.
tablecloth 038
It consisted of an old tablecloth I already had and a bag of fabric scraps.
tablecloth 030
The fabric scraps were leftover bits of bliss from the 1940’s and 50’s that I had received from my grandmother and couldn’t bear to throw away.
wreath 002
The tablecloth was a pretty cotton damask that had been purchased years ago at a flea market. As a favorite it had been used over and over and was really ready for the scrap bag or in desperate need of a makeover.
wreath 006
I took an old queen sized cotton top sheet and tore strips that were 3 1/2” wide. The length was way to long as you can clearly see.
wreath 009
Strips of colored fabric approximately 3” in length were cut. The widths varied between 1” and 1 1/2”. The fabric was then pinned onto the white cotton strip. Now I know you are all are thinking, “THIS WOMAN IS INSANE.” Yes, I am. But I am also a mom whose son has a 45 minute swim practice everyday. His weekly swim meets average about 3 hours. That’s a lot of time to be sitting around thinking about the mother of the year award I will be receiving for supporting him while it’s 115 degrees in Phoenix. I had to humble myself somehow. :)
wreath 010
Onto the sewing machine. I first sewed the colored strips onto the white strip with a wide zig zag stitch. I then sewed a long basting stitch down the center of the fabric. I used red thread for contrast. My machine does not have an automatic ruffler so it was then time to pull and gather, pull and gather until I wanted to throw the whole mess into the waste basket.
wreath 014
I pinned the ruffled strips onto the tablecloth. I found that it was actually easier to do this with the tablecloth on the table. I just kept switching seats as I pinned. I then sewed a basic stitch attaching the ruffled strip onto the tablecloth.
tablecloth 003-1
After the sewn cloth was placed on the table I covered the worn center with a smaller fabric topper that had had a few stains on it. The stains were covered up by hand sewing on a few coordinating fabric yo~yo’s.
tablecloth 011
As I finished this tablecloth yesterday I began to think about to the upcoming 4th of July holiday. I recalled that there were a few leftover embellished straws from the 70’s Soiree. With a quick clip they were transformed to  look a bit like sparklers and into the floral arrangement they went.
tablecloth 015
Some red, white and bluetiful candy make for festive centerpiece.
tablecloth 055
Since we are celebrating our independence from England, I thought it was appropriate to break out the English red transferware. Each napkin was embellished with a few of the fabric broaches I made back in February.
tablecloth 041
This Sunday we’ll be having bbq'd chicken, macaroni salad, baked beans and corn on the cob. Who’s bringing the blueberry pie?
tablecloth 064-1 
Be blessed,