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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sundressed & Given The Slip Tutorial

It’s 113 degrees today. But it’s a DRY heat. Yeah, so much so that my skin could be mistaken for a lizards. In the summer I live in sundresses. It’s always the same formula. My uniform consists of a cotton dress, cute sandals and fun baubles varied only by color.

I am old school. I like coverage. If my summer dresses are sleeveless they always have wide straps so that my dedicates don’t show.

I also like to wear a slip underneath my dresses and skirts. Many of the cotton fabrics I adore are sheer and I don't want to recreate a Lady Diana photo op.

But the thought of pulling on a heat trapping nylon slip left me in a pool of sweat. Trust me when I say that I have looked high and low for a nice cotton slip. They are available as vintage lovelies on Ebay but I grew tired of the bidding wars. They could also be found in special lingerie shops but I didn't want to pay $40 for a slip.

A slip had given me the slip! What's a girl to do? 

Then one day I was opening a package from my Grandma Jingles. Inside the box was an antique doll wrapped in bubble wrap and covered with a lovely vintage cream colored cotton pillowcase. Given that all of my beds have 2 pillows each I wondered how I could use this lovely bit of bliss. Then it hit me like a cotton concussion. I was going to make a slip. So I grabbed the scissors and snipped off the closed end.

Next, the edge was folded down 2" and given a good creasing with a hot iron.

The fabric edge was then turned under 1" and again given a good pressing.
Using a basic straight stitch, the folded edge was sewn closed.

I did not sew the edge completely closed. An opening was left that a safety pin, attached to a strip of elastic that fit my waist, would fit through. Then once again it was time to pull and gather.

Once the elastic was completely through, I sewed both ends together very well. Then I finished sewing the seam closed.

My slip took me all of about 20 minutes to make. I have found a few more single pillowcases in my stash and plan to sew two pillowcases together for a shorter, fuller slip. Two pillowcases would also work well for a curvier gal who needs a bit more fabric to work with. This slip is so cool and pretty that I don't even mind if it "Snows down south."

Have a Happy 4th of July.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

LOVE your 'new' slip! What a brilliant and easy way to be comfortable and properly dressed at the same time!

A pretty slip just makes you feel good!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwww! What a great idea!! LOVE IT! :):):):):):):) Happy 4th! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) said...


You are very clever! The slip you created is très féminin.

Have a wonderful 4th!

Your Friend,

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Love it...fantasic idea!

Happy 4th to you!!!


Jenn Seratt said...

What a great use of a pillowcase! I actually have a vintage cotton curtain panel with a lovely lace appilque at the bottom. This might just be the project for that. Thanks for the tutorial and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Rebecca Everett said...

Oh my goodness! Love, Love, Love! What a great idea!

Jo - To a Pretty Life said...

Lately I have refused to buy skirts that are unlined, because I hate wearing slips. I can't stand that silky heat-trapping fabric. But I would probably wear a cotton slip. I'll have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

I love the purple dress with white accessories you posted. So pretty.

mle said...

That is the perfect idea! Hate the nylon slips!! said...

That's a great idea1 I don't like nylon slips either!

Stopping over from weekend wrapup and following you!


Mary Ellen said...

Very cute idea and I love using a pretty pillowcase so that you can see the gorgeous hand work. I have a few sundresses, that, as I am a little older now feeling they are a bit too short. This would be a great solution!!

Stephanie said...

How clever are you??? I love this!! I am folowing you now so I don't miss any more genius ideas! :)

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

Wat to be resourceful! I need a custom slip. Im very tall and can never find one just right. Too bad I haven't a clue how to sew.

Lizzy @My Mind..My Life said...

So clever! Thanks!

- Brittany said...

What a great idea! I have a few lace pillowcases that got stained. This would be a great way to repurpose them!

Thanks for sharing.