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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Carrie Leaves the Penthouse SATC 2

A little over two years ago I wrote a post entitled “Carrie Bradshaw Gets A New Apartment”. That post continues to receive a few hits a week. I felt it was my sacred design duty to write about the decor in the sequel. So, of course I had to view Sex In The City 2 immediately upon its release. The opening scene finds our heroine leaving the apartment she shares with Mr. Big. I of course desperately love the Halston Heritage dress. The Chanel clutch isn’t too bad either.


I would like to take a moment to say that the 80’s flashbacks didn’t seem all that unfashionable to me.


Now onto the decor. Carrie and Mr. Big have left their penthouse apartment and moved twelve flights down. She has almost finished the decorating and it is the first hint that she has perhaps given up a bit of her sparkle. Dark colors and masculine lines dominate the selections. 

sex_and_the_city_2_carrie at home apartment

The infamous Montauk sofa. Is anyone else totally obsessed with the unique display on the Ninfea coffee table? The rug underneath makes me swoon. It is “Candy Flower” by Marni.

sex_and_the_city_2_big and carrie apartment

The accessories are where you see the Carrie we know and love shining through. The Birdie Blossom pillow that she clutches in the film is by Paul Smith.

portfolio_5c Still unidentified are the silk panels with lace overlay and the spectacular ottoman, of which I could not find any information on. I imagine that they are custom. Lydia Marks I desperately ask for your assistance.

portfolio_5b The wallpaper in the entry is a chocolate confection known as “Oiseau” by Katie Ridder. It is right on trend with the return of a love affair with wallpaper and of course the over popularized bird theme.6865909 The dining area features chairs upholstered in “Belgravia” by Lee Jofa.

Sex and the City 2

Although not much cooking occurs in the kitchen, I adore the nod to mid century modern. The “Starflower Blue” rug is by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby

portfolio_5a Onto the bedroom. Of course a very heated domestic squabble occurs regarding a television beautifully hidden in a “Hallings Secretary”. The lovely rug is “Harem”. I absolutely adore the “Rococo Damask” wallpaper. Completing the scene is a wing chair inspired headboard upholstered in luscious “Velvet Gate Tuxedo” fabric.

portfolio_5d We eventually must leave the apartment. Did you notice the Bergdorf window display? Wouldn’t a small collection similar to this be fabulous over an entry table or fireplace mantle?

Sex and the City 2

The girls embark on a spectacular vacation to Abu Dhabi. (I will pause for a moment to say I will be leaving the current turban and harem pant fashion faux pas to the Fashionista.)

6865905 The scenes from the movie were actually filmed at the Mandarin Oriental Jnan Rhama Hotel in Marrakech. It is set to officially open this summer. 


I imagine there will be a surge of Moroccan inspired decor occuring. (For additional information on Moroccan/Islamic architecture please see the post “A Love Story Set In Stone”.)


The interiors in the film steered away from traditional bright Moroccan colors and settled on the dark and dramatic.SATC2-16740_full I have to admit that up until this point I had no desire to travel to the middle east but I could possibly be persuaded if such mirages do indeed exist.

6865897 I mean, Hello! Where else could you wear a Zac Posen skirt to a spice market and meet up with Aidan?

Sex and the City 2

Aidan. Sigh... Hmmm… What’s that? Design? Nope, got nothing.

Get Carried Away,



Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Thank you for doing this post! I haven't gone to see the movie yet but I can't wait. It's fun to see how the decor has changed over the course of the show/movies.

Sandy said...

Great post, very unique decorating, real eye candy. Thanks for sharing.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwww!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee all the details U pointed out from the movie! I notice some things (mostly like the rug in the kitchen looks like one of my scrappy papers! LOL!) but not all these details...thanks for sharing these and giving me all the insights!! LOVE IT! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

FROGGITY! said...

i just saw it last night!!! SOOOO GOOD! i actually (fashion/decor wise) loved it more than the first one. so much fun!!! that halston needs to become mine.

Privet and Holly said...

Wow, now I have to go back in your archives and check out the original! I love how you tracked down all the designers/sources for this film! I haven't seen it yet, but can't wait, especially after this little appetizer that you've served up, here! I always love seeing the homes in films ~ probably one of my most favorite parts. Loved this! xx P&H

jewelstreet said...

Good post. I love that blue ottoman/stool in the living room.

Btw, I love the "new" look. I suppose it isn't new but it's new for me. lol.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for the post! Now I really can't wait to get out to see the movie.

nanny said...

I haven't seen either one but you make me consider it........

Linda said...

This made my whole day!! Love it. :) Now I wish we would have gone and seen it over the weekend, in Toronto no less.

Great post, soooooo informative in a way that I would have never thought about, and loved your fun commentary and photos.


scargosun said...

Loved this post! I need to wait to see the movie until after one of my g/f is ready (having a baby in a week) but now with your descriptions in hand, I can watch with a more careful eye. :)

Bettyann said...

Thanks for taking the time for this fab post..must show it to my daughter who is fashion shoeaholic..take care hope all is well with you..

Mimi said...

Hi Laura!!!!
oh my thank you so much for all that info, saves me hours of looking up that stuff myself!!!!!I loved and noticed the color BLUE!!!!MY other house was all blue, we are starting to love the color blue over here, like a tiffany shade of blue, looking for an old piece of furniture to paint blue and then give it a stressed look!!!!!!
OH we will have so much to talk about over lunch!!!!We must set a date!!!!!!
I loved the movie but am hearing from some, that they did NOT LOVE it!!!!!

WhisperingWriter said...

I get to see the movie Thursday! I sort of hope Carrie runs off with Aidan but I doubt that'll happen.

French Basketeer said...

Haha love it! Now you have me ready to see the movie! I love all your beautiful decor references and commentary, though the spaces seem sort of "un-Carrie;" oh yeah she's living with Big. btw I have some Moroccan slippers the Fashionista might like.

Love the Decor! said...

really had no interest in this movie til now! Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures!!

Hollace said...

So fun to read and see! Thanks for the heads up on wallpaper--I didn't know it was coming back in...

becca said...

i can't wait to see the movie! i love that birdie blossom pillow. my bedroom used to have a moroccan bazaar theme, but the hubs is a little more rustic traditional. why he has to have a design opinion i'm not sure. john corbett is the reason i watched northern exposure for all of those years.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I'm not a SIC girl but I would take the foyer and bedroom - very nice! Lovin' that wallpaper!

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

OK I LOVE the post but your JUNE HEADER IS TO DIE FOR!!!!! You have the most enticing header pics every month and I am just aqualiciously in love with June's!!!!

dreamday said...

love this! thanks for the magnificent dissect! now i know where to go when i wonder...

Natalie said...

I love this...I do this all the time..look at the beautiful rooms in movies, on tv and even on commericals, so much so that I forget what was going on in the show. I am drooling over that beautiful rug in the kitchen...ah!

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Great post! I enjoyed seeing the movie through your eyes!

Wanda Lee Of The Plumed Pen said...

What a fabulous post; I drank in every detail with rapt interest!.., I adore fashion and well, add home decor and your illusrious cast and set and what could be better I ask?!..,Great details and info as well!

I love,love,love your blog banner as well!


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You may select from my website @

Then simply email me your snail mail address information @ and 'voila'!..,Off they go to you my dear!~ Enjoy!

Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

The Boston Lady said...

I love all the info you have provided. When I wasn't drooling over Mr. Big, I was lusting after that coffee table - why does SHE get to have BOTH?!?

Rene @ cottage and vine said...

Just thinking about this movie makes me giddy. Great post.

Thanks for leaving the nice note with me today.

Fifi Flowers said...

J'adore the movie!!! LOVED the decor... I'm partial to masculine with hints of feminine... maybe because I live with 3 boys (hubby included in that number)... I would like to even add more masculine to my home... and loved the darkness... my home is quite dark in colour and most magazines show light decor... soooo AGAIN loved the movie decor! Warm and very INVITING!!!

Debi said...

Loved this post! I am waiting patiently to watch with my daughter! :D I do love most of the sets!! :D
Thank you for sharing!!
Debi xo

koralee said...

What a lovely post...that living room has me swooning the blue stool she is sitting on. Hugs for a great day. xxoo

Jo - To a Pretty Life said...

I haven't seen the second movie yet. I'm not sure if I plan to ;-) But I've always been little bit fascinated with middle eastern decor, history, and clothing, so I may just have to so I can oogle the setting.

That said, I just LOVE the purple and white skirt in the last picture. I wish long skirts would come back into fashion for regular people.

Heather said...

Please, please oh, pretty please link this up at Fabulous Friday link up party. I will love it forever. Swoon, haven't seen the movie yet but you have really whet my appetite for it! :)
Heather @

alice wayne said...

i would like the velvet curtains and the velvet marc jacobs dress in the bergdorfs display...

you may leave them on my porch :)

love you!

Bonnie said...

Oh! oh! OH! I was really enjoying your wonderful eye candy and then I got to the last picture. All of my thoughts just faded away. *drooling*

Mmmm now that is some yummy eye candy! hahahaha


Juxtaposition Design said...

Well, this is my first visit back to your blog in quite some time, I definitely have many posts to catch up on! And, I love your new header! Hope you are doing well :)

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

I was in the movie drooling over the new apartment and I was so distracted by that beautiful ottoman! Let us know if you find anything out!

Suvi said...

Dear Laura,
The blue Lola ottoman is from the Finnish designer Anna Kyyrö Quinn. I saw the movie tonight and found your blog when I tried to find some information on Carrie's coffee table :-)

Kelly said...

I'm not a huge Sex And The City fan, but I have been anxious to see some of the scenes. Glad you posted this!


terracota said...

I enjoy your description of the different sets and I was wondering if you notice a piece of wall art, seems to be an antique white lace framed over dark velvet, it is on the bedroom. Do you know if it is lace? have you seen that tipe of setting before?
thanks, from Argentina.