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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shag carpeting and other groovy things/GIVEAWAY

I have began getting our home ready for tomorrow’s Almost Famous 70’s Soiree. Although I didn’t get to the gardening or the dusting I don’t think anyone will notice now that this GREAT wallpaper is in my bathroom. Kidding. Wouldn’t it give you stage fright?
1970s decor Double tiered sheer drapes, my mom’s floral couch and of course shag carpeting. Yeah baby! I have to admit that I like the chair and coffee table.
22_lg Welcome to the dark dungeon.
2249704_f520 It’s been a bit chilly in Phoenix. Thank goodness for delightful fireplaces like this. (My Grandma Mary had a yellow one.)
3425018385_aa07bddc8b_o Nothing says chic like a sunken living room.
Fur daybeds, sea anemone like glass tables,  and metallic blinds and wallpaper. How many more ways did this room go wrong?6a00d83451ccbc69e2010534b912f8970b-800wi
Proving the point that everything old is new again…Owl craze, yep, already been done.  13_lg This photo makes me happy. Probably because if you threw in a bit of lavender, that couch could have been my childhood bedspread and Papa Jack always let us eat on trays in front of the telly.
Sheer tiered drapes again, but read the tiny print. Outdoor furniture used indoors. And you thought Rachel Ashwell was responsible for that trend.  I am SO gonna glue fringe onto my patio table. 14_lg I am thinking of redoing Sweet Boy’s room. Look, there is a desk big enough for his typewriter, I mean computer. 2103351862_2b0c6ccdf0 Let’s wallpaper the ceiling in the guest room…
2606045332_88776d86c9 ….and the bed, and the bookcase.6a00d83451ccbc69e2010534c0ab1b970c-800wi Where can I find a HUGE waterbed? (This is Rudi the dachshunds favorite photo~ he would feel a bit like Hef sleeping in such accommodations at the foot of such a bed.)
home decor Now this is my kind of craft area. A sewing area AND a place to hang my guns.
Of course every great party must have fantastic food. You too can have these great recipe cards for just $19.95. But wait! There’s more.
untitled-11252421146 My mom collected these cards. I bet you are truly eager to try these two fabulous recipes.
vintage-recipe-cards Nothing works better at controlling my weight given that I wouldn’t eat a bite of this:
series06_03 How about bananas wrapped in ham and smothered in cheese? Yum!
bananasjpg-3fa8a177ea06d527_large Now we’re talkin’. We will have a huge punch bowl full of sangria, colorful party ware and fabulous food.
series09_09 There will be fondue~cheese and chocolate, but not together.
Now, what to wear. I might wrap a long scarf around my head ala Rhoda. Hot pants~ not so much anymore.
3114026310_0a8bf705ec Ah a pretty polyester jumpsuit. And it zips up!
1970_todd_ad_sm These groovy chicks look SO happy in their maxi dresses. It must be the pain of over plucking their brows.
AAAADFnbHmwAAAAAAGrjCA Here we go, this is more my style. Love the hat. I recently bought several 1970 issues of Seventeen magazine and these shoes really were all the rage.
431774196bbf448b701ia2 But one must admit that these are something else.70s_5 The shoes I really want are shown in this photo. Ya gotta dig the bathroom tile and the small fry trying to take a peek.
euro10 Think I can talk sweet boy into wearing the plaid jumpsuit? (Thanks to Plaid Stallions for finding this gem.)
beatings For some reason Mr. Decor refuses to wear a poly leisure suit.
1970sfashion Or these groovy platforms.
acce097 But I bet I could get him on board in wearing matching His and Hers. I mean look at how much fun these people are having!
old-ad-70s Of course there is also hair and makeup to consider. (Is Yardley make up even still made?)
3255865441_9a30d7ba51 So come on over! I don’t care how you get here. Be it by skateboard…
4229447073_49df765c45 …or by lacing up your skates. (Thanks White Fundude.)
2537148826_a25e2cfa31 Heck you could even hop on a tour bus…it is sure to be a truly psychedelic time.
2604176963_68a51fb301 With a lot of groovy peeps.
But sorry, there will be NO “special brownies”.
For those of you whose tour buses have broken down please leave a comment. I am having  a 70’s themed GIVEAWAY and will pick a winner next Friday, April 30th.
give 002
Featuring authentic 70’s party straws, swizzle sticks, chandelier earrings, party favor skateboards and beer can necklaces. Also includes some daisy hair clips, tie dyed doilies and a fabric party bunting made from vintage fabrics and binding. Not to be missed 70’s candy favorites such as chick o stick, candy cigarettes and Bit O Honey.

UPDATE: The Random Number Generator has selected Michelle from Someday Crafts as our winner.
I hope you enjoy your totally groovy package.


Audra Lynn said...

I love these! What a great way to start my morning. :D

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

OMYGOSH!!! I am HAVING flashbacks here!! I think I WORE MOST of those items...and I am thinking Mama had that couch cover with the teal flowers!!! LOL LOL LOL!! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane Laura...soooooooooooo wish I could be there tomorrow!! What a groovy blast this is going to be! I need to go dig up my 70's photos and see how many of these things I owned!! LOL LOL LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Laura, this is such a fun post. I remember all of this, it's just funny to look back at. Hope you're having a super day. Hugs, Marty

April said...

oh goodness! some of these pictures bring back too many memories from childhood--and some of those rooms(gasp!)weren't
"too bad"!
everything old is new again.
i know you will have tons of fun with your soiree--enjoy!!! thanks for the friday morning giggles, too.

Connie said...

The more we try to get away from some things the more they come back to haunt us, sweetpea! Gads, I remember those things as I "LIVED" those decades. Gaaaagggg!!!

heather said...

I think I would've liked the 70s!

My mom bought a pair of roller skates back then that look exactly like the ones in the picture -I wore them pretty much my entire childhood & I still make time to use them every once in awhile. Talk about quality skates -eh?

LuLu Kellogg said...

Oooooooo, what a flashback! LOL, I grew up in that era so this all is familiar!! I used to go to the "Roller Disco" every Saturday night! *giggle*


Lorrie said...

Groovy, Laura. Talk about a trip down memory lane. It's scary to think what will happen in the 30 or 40 years when people look back at OUR styles. But I do think the 70s were something unique.
Have a fun party!

Kari said...

That was cool! And actually I'd use the very first wallpaper in my bathroom, love it!! Ok maybe not the bathroom but still. What's with the weather in Phoenix? 12 years and I've never seen it this cold in April!

kim said...

Hi, Laura - This post was so much fun. I just re-lived my late teens and early twenties. Have a wonderful party.

Deanna said...

Oh Laura, this is so meeeeee! Grins. I graduated from High School in 73 and married in 74. My attendants wore the floppy hats for an outdoor's wedding! Luvd it then. Fun to see these pics.

When I was little my Mom had green shaggy carpet...remember the rakes that came with the shag carpet???haha I thought it great fun to rake the carpet.

Special time in life.

God comfort you with missing your Mom. I would think your heart will ache for quite awhile when missing your Mom. One day you will wake up and suddenly that ache will be lightened and only sweet memories will be present.

This grieving process isn't encouraged by many...but I say, grieve and cry for the time being and God will comfort you as well as to dry your tears.

So glad you visited my site. Hope you'll come by again.
God bless you,
d from homehaven

Nan said...

When my husband and I married in 1973 (we were 19), he wore a floral shirt and platform shoes. He had his long ponytail cut off for the occasion and I wore an empire wasted navy blue and lace dress. Our best man was in a fine maroon colored polyester suit with ruffled shirt. It was quite a day. I walked down the aisle to Roberta Flack's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face". Thanks for the flashback and bringing back fun memories. Have fun!

Lindsey @ Better After said...

oh my gosh, too funny! I'm dying over the wallpaper on everything!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Some of those rooms reminded me of Elvis' Jungle Room! Seriously, some of them made me dizzy!

I know you will have a fabulous 70s soiree and I wish you lots of smiles despite the sad times you've endured lately. Have a great time!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

I just have one word to say about all that....YIKES! I'm going to send a link to this post to my 19 yr old who practically gags at the sight of anything from as far back as the 80s. Imagine what she'll do seeing so much of the 70s! What a hoot!


The Boston Lady said...

Okay, so who gave you the picture of Mr. Tennis and me in our matching overalls? That post was a blast - how crazy was that decade? I also liked the Sarah Palin craft room...

We wish a groovy, cool celebration of the Fashionista's 21st!

Bettyann said...

oh my goodnes...we were Mom wouldn't let me shag the ceiling LOL...have a fun party...wish I could be there... said...

No special brownies? How about streaking?


Carrie said...

What a flash back to my early childhood. Yikes!

Janet said...

I'm really digging some of those shoes!

Kit said...

LOL!! Your comment about the craft room and guns, had me laughing sooo hard! Even in Montana we do not combine the two. Loved revisting the 70's. I loved those years!

scargosun said...

Tooo awesome for words. Except my fave is the sewing/gun room.

Alison Gibbs said...

Wow!! Everything is so colourful and bright. You would need to wear your sunglasses into some of those rooms.
Looks like a fun time

Terri said...

Fur daybeds and guns in your craft room are a bad thing? Who knew? :) And I think your husband is being completely unreasonable about the leisure suit. Remind him that polyester doesn't wrinkle!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh my goodness.......I got married the first time (a story for another day...) in June 1970...and this is such a walk down memory lane. Hilarious! I can't believe how ugly things were back then...and I thought they were so HIP... I noticed the milkcan in one of the pictures....oh how HOT those were...especially if you had some nice macrame and an owl and mushroom collection to go with it.

Thanks for the giggles.

Warm blessings,

Mimi said...

I am soooo excited for the big party!!!Did I really dress like that back in the 70's????
I must pull out some high school pics to see!!!!!
My MOm let me out of the house in a mini dress or hot pants!!!!!
Oh my!!!!
see you tomorrow

daysease said...

Wahahahahahahah!!! I love the old days... Actually, some of hte ideas could be adjusted to be fun and cool!! I miss 70's kid's clothes!!! Really, though I would not want to actually relive them, I love to revisit them. Thanks for the flashback. Love your last comment... No "special brownies". Got nice sized giggle out of me. :-) If it is okay, include me in the giveaway... do I do that here? Hugs!!!

Barbara said...

Just think how cool we thought it all was!!!! Love the pictures and the reminders of days gone by.
Great post.


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

No wonder you got to eat on that couch - if you spilled it would never even show! ;)

Can I tell you how dang awesome those photos are? I missed out on it the first time around (I was born in the end of '76), but it reminds me of looking through my moms photo albums. Or -lets keep it real- her CLOSET where she kept a ton of stuff that she wore in high school because she loved it so much and "someday it'll be popular again." Lord help us.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said... would have loved my bedroom when I was a teenager. I didn't realize how cool it was until now when all that look is coming back. I wish we had taken pictures of it!!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I think this is one of my favorite posts I've ever seen! I am going to feature this at so all my viewers can get a good laugh!!!! Love it! Thanks for finding all these beautiful pictures.

katia said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA i love this post! makes me wish i was alive in the 70's!!! jeeze i am jealous of the awsome fashion back then...i thnk i will have to start dressing that way myself :)

and the sewing room with the guns on the wall is GREAT!!!

Tea Time With Melody said...

Oh how I loved the candy cigaretts and the bubble gum ones too cause we could blow the powder out the end and it would look like smoke lol. How fun this party is going to be.

Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

What a cute, sad {because I'm old enough to remember} post! :O

LOL - love this post. :) Great job putting it all together!

dearmolly said...

What a fabulous and timely post!! My 40th birthday invites have gone out - for a 70s Disco! and now I'm planning how to decorate the house and what food to serve. Some great ideas Laura! Have a great time at your 70s soiree - looking forward to some pics :)

Jill Elaine said...

These pictures are a hoot!! Glad I managed to get a little blogging time in today it was worth seeing these!

Liz said...

How was the party?! Will you be showing pics? My favorite room was the sewing/gun room. Didn't we all have one? LOL!


licha20 said...

Sooo many memories came to mind so quickly! so fun to see all the groovy(heehee)clothes and candy!! Just gave me a huge smile on my face!!Thank you for that. Soo cool.

Renee G said...

Talk about a blast from the past.
Too fun.

Bonnie said...

Wow. That was more retro than my brain could handle, I think. My eyes are spinning!!! Honestly, though, I had to laugh at the wallpaper on the ceiling. The last house my parents owned in New Jersey (before heading west) had wallpapered ceilings in 4 of the 5 bedrooms - only the master bedroom was spared. The best was our guest room - it had red & yellow 70's style flowers on 3 walls and then red & white stripes on one wall and the ceiling. You could get dizzy in that room laying on the bed, staring at the ceiling. It was the best room in the neighborhood...all of my brother's & my friends would come over and want to head to the "psychedelic room." We were so popular... Too funny!

Rhona said...

Your post is so fun! I was a teen in the 70's so this was a great trip down memory lane. I would love to win your give away and surprise my husband with a 70's party.