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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Almost Famous 70’s Soiree

Are you ready to get funky?
Brightly colored polyester clothing? Check!
Floral head wrap? In place!
Huge Earrings? Of course!
Frosted blue eye shadow? Yes, please!

soiree 206 
The front patio welcomed our groovy peeps.

soiree 016 
At the front door Sir Elton offered an invite.

soiree 005

The living room was decorated with banners made of vintage fabric, daisies and a few sweet treats. 

soiree 096 
A centerpiece of happy candy.

soiree 036 
She loves me

soiree 043 
Retro candy. Can ya dig it?

soiree 057 
Did you “smoke” these as a child?

soiree 059 
The classically yummy Chick~O ~Stick. (All candy came from my favorite sweet shop~Smeeks.)

soiree 066

I was horrified when I picked up the cake. I asked for tie dye and daises. Hello, Cake Wrecks?

soiree 092 
Give me glitter~STAT! Plus a quick rummage through Sweet Boy’s toy box and the cake was saved.

soiree 114

Far out vignette’s were placed in every nook and crannie.

soiree 100 
A trip to Savers netted a classic cookbook.

soiree 143

I found this darling journal at Anthro a few months back.

soiree 124 
I embellished the plain interior pages just a bit.

soiree 127

It will serve as a reminder of tye dyed doilies and hand sewn invitations. Everyone at the party also signed the album making it all the more precious.

soiree 131

Party central. (The bright rainbow paper gave instructions for fondue how to.)

soiree 166 
You can’t have a 70’s Soiree without Watergate Salad.

soiree 168 
Or classic ruffles with French onion dip.

soiree 169 
I found some great avocado green trays in the Target dollar section. The party ware came from Party City.

soiree 170 
Delicious dipables.

soiree 173 

soiree 176 
Of course there were casseroles, a 70’s staple.

soiree 198 
Sangria to wash it all down. The classic punchbowl and cups were a Goodwill find.

soiree 178 
The weather was perfect.

soiree 152

A few tambourines if you feel musically inclined.

soiree 162 
A lovely breeze had the banners blowin’ in the wind.

soiree 155

Come on get happy.

soiree 202 
Our good friend Mrs. Roper and her husband Jimmy Connors.
soiree 195 
Who can make the sunshine?

soiree 186


soiree 184

Born free.

soiree 191 
Wild things. 

soiree 196 
Max channeling his inner Keith Richards.

soiree 217

Stepford wives have nothing on us. (Mel, Jackie, me, Jamie, and Phyllis.)

soiree 219-1

Flower children.

soiree 220

Our neighbor Alan won the costume contest. The huge mutton chop sideburns he applied made it an easy choice. 

soiree 226

But Rudi was a serious contender. 

soiree 238

Boogie Oogie Ooging to the 8 tracks.

soiree 212 
You all are outta site for sticking through this ultra long post. Your love has truly lifted us higher.

soiree 180

As promised, me making a fool of myself for your viewing pleasure. Although I apologize as it was a classic 80’s tune.

Jinkies! I have just one week left until finals, so I’d better get my groove on. 

The Disco Duchess


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

OMYGOSH!!!! It looks like it was A FABULOUS and GROOVY TIME!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE all the photos ... (I spy Jamie!!!) I was supposed to go to another function this weekend and ended up being sick...*sigh*...anywho....absolutely LOVE these photos...your daughter and Mama too are JUST GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Groovy man!


Blondie's Journal said...

What a great party!! You really went all out, Laura. And it looks like a good time was had by all!! My only complaint is that I wasn't there!

Jane said...


Smiles are contagious. Thanks for spreading the love and happiness this morning! The seventies soiree was a success! Everyone looked great! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.

Your Friend,

TRay said...

Hey!! I'm so happy to see this post this morning!!! LOVE IT! It looks like you all had so much fun--wish I could have been there!! Peace!--Tara

Carrie said...

OH, man that looks like a super fun party.

Thanks for sharing the pics.

Janet said...

Looks like a groovy party!

Shelia said...

Groovy! Far Out! Oh, this is wonderful. You look like you stepped right outta of The Brady Bunch! :) How cute and clever for a party! Everything looks wonderful and 70s food! Great!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

That was the most outrageously awesome party I have ever seen! You did an amazing job as usual!

Deanna said...

This post is great and I smiled all the way through it!
Looked like great fun.

Every detail was 'Can u dig it' and groovy wonderful!!!

Very cute post and I really liked your presentation,

LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh looked like you had SO much fun!! I LOVE LOVE LOVED the video!


The Boston Lady said...

Laura you have definitely missed your calling and I have alerted Ryan Seacrest. You were dope, dawg!

You and the Fashionista were two pretty hip chicks and Rudy was boss.

Looks like the whole evening was beautifully planned and thoroughly enjoyed. And yes, I did "smoke" those candy cigarettes and thought I was pretty cool while doing so.

Good luck on exams and I am trying to get some pics of the art deco buildings down here. Raining today, and have only been in the deco district at nite so far, but I will definitely get some day time pics. Now go study young lady!

Kit said...

Simply Awesome Party! What great decorations and your outfits were wonderful! This will be an event everyone will remember forever.

alice wayne said...


i didn't know he was video taping that! i thought he was just taking pictures of us dancing like a fool!


we're so good looking

Its So Very Cheri said...

Hey-its Cheri from Its So Very Cheri. I moved my blog a couple of months ago and I am still contacting people who haven't found my new blog yet and asking them to come over and RE-sign up to follow me over there.


Linda said...

You all are just too adorable!!! I love, LOVE this post - the story and the photos!!! Happy Birthday to your daughter :) What a wonderful event you put together!!!

Karen said...

Such a fun post! Love it! Glad to see you having a good time. Have a great week.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Looks like you were having a Groovy time!!

Liz said...

OMG! Looks like so much fun!!! What a terrific flashback! The fashions were right on, baby!

George Michael has nothing on you!


Marydon Ford said...

What frolicking fun! & all had a marvelous time.

Have a great week.
TTFN ~ Hugs in love, Marydon

Terri said...

It looks like you had a great time, and I think you've sorely needed some fun lately. Good for you!

What a great job you did, pulling it all together! You should hire yourself out as an entertainment consultant!

Mimi said...

Hi To my grooviest friend ever!!!!
It was such an amazing par-teeee, so much fun!!!
Thank you so much for the invite it was a fabulous walk down memory lane!!!!
Happy Birthday to the very sweet fashionista!!!!!
you did an OUTSTANDING job making it so real and just like the 70's!!!Complete with a stack of old 17 magazines from the 70's!!!!!
YOU thought of everything!!!!

Natasha Burns said...

Look out Crystal Bowersox! here comes Laura!
Looks and sounds like you guys had so much fun!!!!
Loving all the groovy details!

Tracey said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! Now that is quite the party!!! Too fun! Fabulous job...

:) T

jen said...

i don't even know you but man i wish i could have been at this party - so darn cute!!!!

Kelly McDermott-Bay said...

OMG !!!! How great is your 70 party.
Kelly Bookend Diaries

GardenofDaisies said...

Fun Fun Fun! This is the sort of party my sister would have!

Jill Elaine said...

Love how you 'saved' the cake. What a wonderful transformation!
Way to go!
Looks like you had fun;)

Maija said...

You're no fool, you are my rock and roll goddess/idol!!!!

Mildred said...

What fun! I really enjoyed the clothes, food, decorations...amazing how young 21 looks!!! She's beautiful. (and Rudi is a doll)