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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shameless Hussy~ a truly funny "tail"

As most of you know, I have been on a bloggy break due to my in laws visiting and the need to study for my upcoming finals. But I had to share this hilarious story.
One of the cleaning tasks that I wanted to accomplish before their arrival was to scrub the back patio where Lil' Mama had made her nest so we could once again enjoy the backyard.

Last Monday sweet baby Edith left the nest for good. I waited until Wednesday to begin my cleaning just to make sure. I spent several hours scrubbing down the chandelier, the patio, the table, four chairs and washed all the cushions on the chairs.

I gently took down the nest and placed it into a Ziploc so that we could save it as a memento. I left the Ziploc on top of the patio table and came inside to begin tackling the rest of the house.

On Thursday morning I was in the kitchen (located near the patio door) dusting the baseboards when I heard the familiar whir of hummingbird wings. I thought "Oh someone has come back to say "Hi". Through the patio screen I saw Lil' Mama up on top of the chandelier. She was hopping around and then jumped down to the baggie that contained her nest.

She pecked at it.

If ever a bird could look confused it was Lil' Mama at that moment.

She turned and saw me through the screen and flew over. She began to make small flitter and darting movements around my face area. At the same time she made an angry chirping noise.

Yes, in essence I was "chirped out" by a bird. I got the message.

She spent the next three days rebuilding her nest in the exact same location. We decided to change her name from Lil' Mama to Shameless Hussy. Mr. Decor checked the nest yesterday and found one egg. I guess this means......

There will be a Rocky II.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Decor Medley

Although I am still currently on a bloggy break, through the magic of post options I wanted to share a great site with you. Decor Medley is the wonderful creation of the lovely and gracious Giorgina Devereaux .
She offers a wealth of information on her website. You can determine what your decorating style is, peruse sources she has listed to meet your home decor needs, and find out the "how to" and answers to many of your design questions.

Giorgina also regularly interviews home specialists in a variety of fields. I am honored that she recently posed a set of questions to me that I found interesting and thought provoking. You can read the Q & A by going to Decor Medley and clicking on "Interviews" located within the information menu. Or click here.

There is also still time to enter my 200th post giveaway. Please scroll down to the next post and leave a comment.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Almost Famous 70’s Soiree

Are you ready to get funky?
Brightly colored polyester clothing? Check!
Floral head wrap? In place!
Huge Earrings? Of course!
Frosted blue eye shadow? Yes, please!

soiree 206 
The front patio welcomed our groovy peeps.

soiree 016 
At the front door Sir Elton offered an invite.

soiree 005

The living room was decorated with banners made of vintage fabric, daisies and a few sweet treats. 

soiree 096 
A centerpiece of happy candy.

soiree 036 
She loves me

soiree 043 
Retro candy. Can ya dig it?

soiree 057 
Did you “smoke” these as a child?

soiree 059 
The classically yummy Chick~O ~Stick. (All candy came from my favorite sweet shop~Smeeks.)

soiree 066

I was horrified when I picked up the cake. I asked for tie dye and daises. Hello, Cake Wrecks?

soiree 092 
Give me glitter~STAT! Plus a quick rummage through Sweet Boy’s toy box and the cake was saved.

soiree 114

Far out vignette’s were placed in every nook and crannie.

soiree 100 
A trip to Savers netted a classic cookbook.

soiree 143

I found this darling journal at Anthro a few months back.

soiree 124 
I embellished the plain interior pages just a bit.

soiree 127

It will serve as a reminder of tye dyed doilies and hand sewn invitations. Everyone at the party also signed the album making it all the more precious.

soiree 131

Party central. (The bright rainbow paper gave instructions for fondue how to.)

soiree 166 
You can’t have a 70’s Soiree without Watergate Salad.

soiree 168 
Or classic ruffles with French onion dip.

soiree 169 
I found some great avocado green trays in the Target dollar section. The party ware came from Party City.

soiree 170 
Delicious dipables.

soiree 173 

soiree 176 
Of course there were casseroles, a 70’s staple.

soiree 198 
Sangria to wash it all down. The classic punchbowl and cups were a Goodwill find.

soiree 178 
The weather was perfect.

soiree 152

A few tambourines if you feel musically inclined.

soiree 162 
A lovely breeze had the banners blowin’ in the wind.

soiree 155

Come on get happy.

soiree 202 
Our good friend Mrs. Roper and her husband Jimmy Connors.
soiree 195 
Who can make the sunshine?

soiree 186


soiree 184

Born free.

soiree 191 
Wild things. 

soiree 196 
Max channeling his inner Keith Richards.

soiree 217

Stepford wives have nothing on us. (Mel, Jackie, me, Jamie, and Phyllis.)

soiree 219-1

Flower children.

soiree 220

Our neighbor Alan won the costume contest. The huge mutton chop sideburns he applied made it an easy choice. 

soiree 226

But Rudi was a serious contender. 

soiree 238

Boogie Oogie Ooging to the 8 tracks.

soiree 212 
You all are outta site for sticking through this ultra long post. Your love has truly lifted us higher.

soiree 180

As promised, me making a fool of myself for your viewing pleasure. Although I apologize as it was a classic 80’s tune.

Jinkies! I have just one week left until finals, so I’d better get my groove on. 

The Disco Duchess

Friday, April 24, 2009

Laura's Favorite Things giveaway.

This marks my 200th post! I think it is time to celebrate by sharing a few of my favorite things.
Polly from Counting Your Blessings always has the most ingenious ideas for repurposing things. Her Friday Flea Markets are fabulous. One of my favorite things are the Victorian styled wallets she creates from vintage fabrics.

Cerri from Little Pink Studio sells the most fun and original things. Her original works of art are magical. I love her buttons, but my favorite thing is the vending machine plastic bubble that is filled with vintage bits and bobs of fantastic fun.

Andrea at Velvet Strawberries is just lovely. Her blog is lovely. Her store is lovely. She herself has kindness and talent wrapped up in one big silk bow. Her shop, One Hundred Wishes, is filled with frothy goodness. I love the Coccoina glue. I will not use anything else. But my favorite things are her ribbon and millinery. It is such wonderful quality.

Heather at Present Past Collection is another favorite of mine. Her blog provides such creative inspiration. She is such a wonderful photographer. Seemingly everyday events become priceless bits of beauty when captured by her lens. Her store is currently being restocked and I am checking daily to see when it reopens.

Is there anyone who inspired you to begin blogging? For me it was Candice at Peacoats and Party Hats. Back in January of 2008 I was in a serious creative funk. I attended one of Candice's scrap booking and crafting events: a vintage valentine banner. During the course of the evening my creative spirit was restored. I shared with her how much I loved to scrapbook but that in this season of my life I don't have much time to do it. She told me to upload my photos to a blog (what's that? :) and jot down thoughts so that when I was ready to scrapbook, none of the memories would be forgotten. And so I began my little blog, thinking it was only for myself. Now here I am 200 posts and many new friends later.

For those of you who cannot attend one of Candice's events, she sells the kits (with detailed instructions) in her shop. They are sooooooo wonderful. I love this recent party hat kit.

All of the above images are copyrighted and used with permission of the owners. Do Not Copy!

Now here's the fun part. To celebrate my 200th post I am giving away one of Polly's wallets, a magical plastic bubble filled with delights by Cerri, some yummy ribbon from Andrea, a gorgeous candle created by Heather and whimsical delights from Candice.

This post will remain open for one week. This will give everyone a chance to enter and provide me with a nice bloggy break so I can:

~Enjoy a week long visit with my wonderful in laws

~Study for my college finals

~ Prepare everything for my booth at the upcoming Bohemian Bliss Soiree. Details to follow.

This giveaway is open to everyone. Please leave me ONE comment. If you are an Adorable Person~aka "Follower" please leave a second comment.

UPDATE: The Random Number Generator selected Sheila of The Quintessential Magpie as the Favorite Things Giveaway winner. Congratulations to Sheila and love and blessings to everyone else who entered.