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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday Freebie~My name is Laura and I'm a ribbon~a~holic!

Yes, it's true. I have so much ribbon that if I laid it out end to end, I could probably reach China and back. Do you suffer from this affliction as well?

My daughter, the fashionista, mentioned that she liked the prize ribbons that are all the rage right now. So I sat down at my sewing machine over the Christmas holiday and created this to pin on her stocking. She loved it.

It also looked pretty cute pinned on a pillow.

But this is how she ended up using it. Her book bag has never looked better.

Later on, I was perusing blogs and came across the talented Elizabeth Holcombe. She is featured on page 25 of the March 2009 issue of Romantic Homes. She inspired me to add a few of the vintage charms, and bits & bobs that I use in my jewelry designs to create a corsage for my niece to wear at her upcoming baby shower.

Of course that led me to create a corsage for my other niece to wear to her bridal shower.

Then I remembered my sister in law Melody will soon be celebrating a birthday.

Which made me feel all warm and fuzzy... kinda like Valentine's Day.

Pink fluffy love.

Hearts and flowers forever!

I wrapped a few up to give as gifts.

But there are a few leftover, along with some new Valentine jewelry in my Etsy shoppe.

Onto Friday Freebie! I still have alot of ribbon left. So I thought I'd share some Valentine colors with you. I have also included a small tray you can string ribbon through, lace doilies, some bits and bobs, and of course, chocolate, candy and tea.

This contest is open to followers of this blog, also known as "Adorable People". Please leave me one comment.

There is another contest open to everyone. Over at Bella Casa's blog she is hosting an Etsy party. Yours truly donated a Vintage Valentine Lovers Necklace. You have until Friday evening to enter.

Good luck and much love!
UPDATE: The Random Number Generator has selected Sarah from Blue Castle ~Congratulations Sarah! Another Friday Freebie will occur on February 6th.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's a zoo around here!

Ready for a Tuesday Trip?
Here's a little known fact about me. I love aquariums and zoos. I am Decor Doolittle.
Sweet boy loves the zoo too. He's been asking to go to the Wildlife World Zoo on our side of town because they opened up a new aquarium. (Check out those twisty palms!)

Upon entering we received a 2 claws up from a Macaw.

The entrance fee is a wee bit pricey, but given that the zoo also serves as a rescue facility I feel happy knowing that I am helping a one legged bird feel loved.

The other amazing thing about this zoo is how CLOSE you actually are to the animals. I don't have a fancy schmancy camera, the animals are just right THERE! (You can kind of see the fence in the lower right hand side.)

We played peek a boo with a zebra.

Adored this baby camel.

We also went into the petting zoo to "fawn" over the animals.

This llama thought that I was his mama.

We had lunch with the flamingos.

Then took a tram ride.

Relax, there was no "fowl" play, it was only nap time for the joeys.

I wonder what will happen next at Meerkat Manor?

Sometimes it was hard to remember not to touch given that the animals were so close.....

Other times it was not hard at all.

What is your favorite animal at the zoo?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Totally trashed!

I'll bet you were thinking I had a wild weekend. I'm sorry if you're disappointed. :)
I assume that you own one of these or a similar configuration. Don't you just LOVE it?

I bought this rubbish bin a little over a year ago. It wasn't cheap. Withing 2 months after purchasing it, the foot pedal broke. (I probably should have not let a herd of elephants use it, right?) Then, a few months after that the inner plastic liner cracked and wouldn't lift out any longer. So, when we needed to empty the trash (which is usually everyday) the entire unit had to be taken outside to dump into the bigger bin. That has been great FUN!
So, I started looking for a replacement. I knew what I wanted.
I wanted an antique wicker grape gathering basket used in the vineyards.
When I lived overseas I would see them all the time at the German and French flea markets.
They come in wood...

...and also in metal. They stand up by themselves and are flat on the back so I could push it completely against the wall. I would probably take the leather straps off and reuse them elsewhere.

But I really wanted a wicker vineyard basket. Two actually. I also need one for the recyclables. I have searched high and low here in America. But they have alluded me. Mr. Decor said my dream rubbish bin would have to wait. I needed to find a replacement NOW. So here's what I came up with:
A wicker basket from WalMart ~$18.95. I took out the fabric liner. It will soon face the RIT dye and have pom pom trim added to it and become a cute shopping or laundry bag for the fashionista. I found a plastic liner that fit within and voila!
But I still wish it was flat on the back. And European.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Key West Architecture~ Redeux

Where are Martha Stewart's blogging assistants when you need them?
I am taking an online Algebra class this semester and it has been big trouble just trying to configure my computer to run the program. Sheesh! Also, who knew graphing calculators were so expensive?
I also have two design clients I am trying to finish up this week as well as my own two projects and have run out of time. So I am re running a favorite post from last year. This will buy me a few days to finish up a historical post I am currently researching, as well as put the finishing touches on next week's Friday Freebie. I think you will "love" it.

I first saw pale blue porch ceilings in Savannah and later in Charleston.
I was a delighted to see the blue ceilings again in Key West last week.
I have been told a number of reasons why the light blue color is used.

~Wasps and other insects will not nest in an area they think is the sky.

~Blue paint reflects more light and the front rooms of a house painted as such will appear brighter.

~Blue chases away evil spirits. (Haint blue is a popular shade in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.)

Whatever the reason, I just love it. So cool and calming. When I wanted to paint our back patio porch cover a tranquil blue last summer Mr. Decor said "No." It had something to do with the fact we live in the desert. Someday...

I loved the pale pink and aqua combination of this home, but could do without the cars in front. I was reminded that people do actually live in the homes and have a right to park. But it WOULD be so much better if they drove buggies.

I so wanted to see the inside of this church but alas, it was closed.

Is there anyone else out there who wears rose colored glasses and desires to take up a scraper and return this home to its former glory?

Sadly, this is what's available in our price range.

Luckily, dreams are free.
This post originally ran on March 29, 2008.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Over embellished. Yes, it is possible.

Although the subject matter is a month late (or perhaps just eleven months EARLY) I thought you might get a kick out of a recent crafting session I experienced.
I bought this advent calender during the after Christmas sales. It was my intention to give it a bit more "pizazz".

Out came the scrapbooking paper, embellishments and glue. I spent HOURS on the layout. (When it is actually Christmas time I will write a post going into more detail.)
Sweet boy was off on Monday for the MLK holiday and he loves to craft. So we spent some time gluing everything on. We had a good time and he felt proud of our creation.

Mr. Decor, you know the guy who has a degree in aeronautics and actually works with rocket scientists, took one look at it, smiled and said "You and your glitter." (It's true, it's a sickness.)
Then he asked, "Do the doors actually open?"
As I was fixing dinner, I half mindedly said, "Yes, of course they open."
Mr. Decor then proceeds to open and close every single door. Almost...

Houston we have a problem with doors 2, 20 and 21. They are so over embellished that they can't fully open.
Sweet boy came to my deflated rescue. "Mom, we're not changing it. I'll just have to be extra careful when I open those doors."
I love this boy. His wife will too some day.

Oh and yes, I have no number 13. Anyone out in blog land have a lucky 13 something or other about the size of a quarter they want to send me? :)

What's in your lunchbox?

Today I embark on yet another semester of school. Last Thursday I invited a friend and classmate over for lunch to make sure that we were actually ready to inflict such torture upon ourselves once again.

Little Laura Ingalls (brunette with pink yarn bows) enjoying kindergarten lunch at Lincoln School.

I met Karen last semester in my CAD (computer aided drafting) class. We bonded due to the fact that we were:

A. Two middle aged women floating in a sea of fresh young faces. (Karen was still more stunning than most.)

B. The majority of each Tuesday/Thursday class we spent with a glazed over "doh!" look upon our faces.

C. We rarely, if ever, missed the Wednesday afternoon CAD tutoring and were generally the only people to take advantage of it. (I'll take "idiot" for $100 Alex.)

Like most women who have kids, careers and are students to boot, we have NO TIME. But it is so important to make the time for friends.

I made a great salad. (Karen later called for the recipe.) We also had tortilla soup with all the fixins. (I found the tureen for $1.50 last week at a thrift shop~love!)

Cheese, sour cream, olives, tabasco and the contents of the bottom of the chip bag for garnish. (Yeah, nothin' but the best for my good buddy. :)

The table setting was the same as shown in this post.

I totally slaved over a hot stove...

This was dessert~strawberry mousse with chocolate shavings.

Yeah, I really sweated over that confection too. (To the right are cereal straws.)

It was a grand day. A year from now neither one of us will remember what we ate, only that we ate together. So set the table and call up a friend. If they are truly your friend, they won't mind that lunch comes in a box.

I'm off to school!

Little Laura with her Little People Elementary School.

Please take a moment to read one of my all time favorite quotes found in the upper right hand side of my blog.

I have to read that quote quite often in order to remind myself to never give up.

This was one part of my final project for CAD.

If you're wondering, Karen and I both got an "A" in the class. Perseverance.