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Friday, November 27, 2009

GIVEAWAY~ Second Annual Black Friday Freebie

Welcome to the 2nd annual Black Friday Freebie!

Last summer I proclaimed that I was putting myself on a craft buying diet and forcing myself to use up the tons of supplies that I already had on hand. In thinking about the holiday memories I wanted to make with my children I decided that this year we would try to create beautiful gifts or support other artists and select their handmade creations.

1960's sugar bells and trim

Beginning on Monday through Christmas I will be posting tutorials on creating your own holiday treasures and decor for very little money.

Some of the first gifts that we made were corsages topped with vintage embellishments. The Fashionista selected the ribbon combinations and Sweet Boy picked out which treasures of Christmas past would go in the centers.

1940's Spun cotton snowman
You can wear the corsages traditionally pinned to a sweater or coat, or jazz up an everyday pillow with some seasonal charm.

Try placing one atop a miniature tree or a wrapped bottle of cider for a quick but pretty gift.

They can be the perfect finishing touch on top of a present.

Or the crowning glory in your princesses hair.

1940's spun cotton and beaded Santa

We of course had so much fun that we kept on going until the vintage treasures ran out.

Yes, that's right. These are the last of the Christmas handcrafted, one of a kind corsages. I have listed the extras in my Etsy shop.

The giveaway is everything shown in the first photo of this post. It includes some yummy soap, hot cocoa, a crafty book from the queen of Christmas herself, vintage ribbons, trims, and buttons, a corsage of course and a few surprises.
Please visit my shop and select your favorite corsage then come back here and leave me a comment on how you would use the corsage.
Good luck! A winner will be selected on Friday, December 4th.

UPDATE: The Random Number Generator has selected Kathy from Creative Home Expressions as the winner! I hope you enjoy your seasonal goodness.


icandy... said...

Hello Laura!
I am just in love with the pale pinks...I tend to swoon over the soft colors! This would be soooo special, I would love to use one as a tree topper for my little white tree!
Hugs and have a wonderful day!

The French Bear said...

Hi Laura, good idea to use up what we have, I am sure lots of us have too much stuff already! I know I have decided to use up what I have, I am just now running out of certain things, but I am trying to stick to my own rules.
I love your bow corsages! I especially love the french inspired one, I think that would look so nice on my french inspired doll!!!
Margaret B

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

These corsages bring back memories of my Aunt Nena who always wore one and I hadn't really thought about that until I saw your post this morning.

Well my FAVORITE is the Vintage inspired French corsage. My workroom is pink and black and I love all things french.

I'm thinking I would decorate one of those small round boxes and put the corasage on top and put it on my desk to hold tiny treasures!

Have a wonderful day!


someplace in thyme said...

Hi Laura, that's such a great idea, and it gives people that don't craft a chance to try something new, Char

Craftymoose Crafts said...

They are all so lovely--everyone did a great job!

It's so hard to pick a favorite, I love all the corsages with snowmen! I love the maroon, gold, white combo in this one: We love to decorate all over the house for Christmas & I could see a corsage as a curtain tie back!

Six divided by two..... said...

I am soo delighted to see I am not the only one who loves corsages. I have always worn them- especially Easter. It is a tradition that has been in my family for years. They are also wonderful decorating accessories. I adore the French inspired one!! How awesome!!

kim said...

I just love these corsages. They remind me of my Grandmothers.
I purchased the Christmas corsage with the adorable snowman. I'm going to nestle this lovely decoration on top of a large bowl of vintage ornaments. Won't Mr. Snowman look terrific there?

Miss Sandy said...


I think you will have the most wonderful topped packages in all of the land of blog! I am partial to the tiny baby corsage, perfect for capping of a gift for a new little princess! Really, I love them all!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love the pink French one with the fleur de lis! I think I would actually use that where I could see it all the time ~ maybe on a bulletin board or, as you had suggested, on a pillow.

They are all lovely Laura and I'll bet it was fun to have your kids involved with them.

Carrie said...

They all are so very pretty!!

Lorrie said...

Hello Laura,

All of your corsages are beautiful - I think I would choose the blue one with the bells. And I would use it in my blue and white bedroom for a wintery Christmas touch.

Hope your weekend is wonderful.


squareby said...

I like the pale blue Christmas corsage/hairbow. I'd probably wear it with a black dress to some upcoming holiday parties.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Boy is that ever a nice giveaway! Thanks for the invite over!

My fav corsage is the vintage inspired one at

Very pretty stuff, Laura!


Mimi said...

HI Laura!!!!!
Those are all so cute!!! Very creative family you have there!!!! I love all of those shown and I have to go peek at your shop now!!!!!Cute idea about putting it on a pillow!!!!! Or a hair bow!!!! You know we love hair bows!!!!

kiwicarole said...

Actually, it's darn hard to pick a favourite, but I tend to go back to the pink and white Christmas ones.
I think I would put it on my daughter's Christmas gift, as she is pretty special to me!
:) carole

licha20 said...

Hi, cute! I love them all!I would be happy with any one of these beauties!! I do have a feather tree that a pastel one would look just devine on!!

Grace of Gracenotes4Today said...

Wow, it's so hard to pick a favourite! When I was young, my mother, sisters and I all wore these corsages on our good coats.

If I were choosing one to wear, I'd like the pink and silver, or the aqua and silver. BUT for decorating purposes, I must choose the gold and white.

To a large white pillar candle I would attach some wide sheer gold ribbon near the bottom. Then I'd attach the corsage to that ribbon and tuck in a few pine sprigs.

The gold and white goes perfectly with a little vignette I make for my diningroom side table. It consists of a white and gold teapot, 2 matching mugs, white twinkle lights under gold gauzy tulle, and a strand of gold balls arranged in a figure 8. Perched nearby are two little birds. The candle with corsage would fit perfectly into this scene.

luverlie said...

It was really hard to pick a favorite, but it would have to be the pink and white with the snowman and bells. I would definitely hang it on the tree to treasure during the holiday seasons. Love fru fru, but am not a fru fru wearing type of gal, but would gaze at it gracefully adorning my tree. Thanks for a great giveaway and happy crafting during the new year.

Linda K. said...

The corsage's are so sweet, what a wonderful idea. My fav is the aqua. They are adorable!


Mildred said...

I remember an elderly lady neighbor on the street where I grew up had a shoebox full of these little sugar coated pretties. All of your creations are lovely. I especially love the bride - our neighbor who is my age lost his wife to a brain tumor about 7 years ago. He has recently met a delightful lady (who lives in OH) and they plan to wed after the first of the year and she will be my new neighbor! I think this would be delightful on a wedding gift. Wishing you and yours a blessed weekend.

Sarah said...

My favorite is this one, I didn't see a different name on them to pick each one, so here is the link:

I would love to put that on my girlfriend in California's present that I will be sending her. She is totally into shabby chic and the pink and silver is fabulous! I love it!! I LOVE the silver in that one especially!! You did a wonderful job, they are charming!

Couture de Papier said...

Beautiful !

Suzie Button said...

Hi Laura, I love your corsages, especially the pink Christmas one! I'd wear your corsage to have lunch with my girlfriends this Christmas season!
I'm working on your swap surprises, after Canton I'll have them in the mail right away to you! Have a great week! Suzie

koralee said...

Your corsages are so lovely...I do like your blue one with the sweet white bells. I would put it on a sweet package under my tree or on a Christmas wreath. So so lovely. Thank you for visiting me and letting me know about your lovely giveaway. xoxoxo

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

You are so talented and creative! These are all just beautiful. I would love to give a corsage to my 93-year old grandmother to wear on Christmas. :-)

Thanks for the giveaway! Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Terri said...

There's a lovely silver and burgundy one with a little snowman - I'd use it to adorn a homemade stocking!

Red Door Home said...

These bring back wonderful memories for me! My grandmother would make corsages like these for decorating Christmas presents. I don't think I could choose a favorite - they all are so beautiful.

Pat said...

They are all beautiful! I would choose the French inspired corsage...with the Eiffel Tower, the fleur de lis, etc. It would be gorgeous on a pillow and given to my daughter.

Terra said...

These are so pretty it is hard to choose, but I would wear the French inspired corsage to church, and then display the corsage on my computer desk.
I spent some time in Paris, so that would be lovely.
Thanks for reminding me about corsages.
And who is the Queen of Christmas? I guess its not me, or I would already know the answer.

Janet said...

I love the french corsage. I would decorate a nice bottle of purfume with it or engulf a jewelry gift box with it. Very cute. The clear gift box is adorable too, great idea. I can't wait for all the fun stuff to come. Thanks Laura.

Nancy said...

What a neat giveaway! I would love to win it!!


Jingle said...

These are amazing! I really love the Christmas Corsage shown here:

I would add it to my red Little Man Bag purse for the holidays!

merium said...

Hi Laura!
They are all lovely and it is so hard to choose! I would wear the Christmas Corsage/Hairbow in my hair and then put it on the top of my pink tree for my 'Pink Christmas Party' with my girlfriends!

Hillcrest Acres said...

Your corsages are darling. I love the one with the polka dot red ribbon, "believe" ribbon and the Santa in the middle. This would be perfect for my niece's Christmas present because I'm wrapping hers in red and white polka dot gift wrap.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Your corsages are very pretty! I think my favorite is the pink and silver Christmas one. It would make a wonderful ornament itself or could be glued onto a glass ball. Thank you for that wonderful giveaway!


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

What a great giveaway.. And your corsages are beautiful!!!

Lady Dorothy said...

I really love the pink one, the 1960's sugar bell one. I think I might pin it on my coat or hook it to my new silver bag. I know how wonderful your collection of giveaway goodies can be. I hope I win another one! :-)

Patti said...

I can't decide!! But I guess the red one with a snowman...and I would wear it on my red purse...or dress up a pretty package under the, count me in!

Tracey said...

Your corsages are beautiful Laura!!! My favorite is the all blue and silver one! It would make a special addition to any of the gifts I was wrapping! Wonderful giveaway!!!

:) T

VintageCrafter said...

What a lovely giveaway! I would love to win such a wonderful treasure! I think the blue and white corsage would look amazing perched atop a beautifully wrapped present. Please count me in!

Rosanne said...

I love these! They would make any present special! And I like your decorated soaps idea too! TFS!

perilloparodies said...

i love the character of the 1940's snowman corsage. fun!! great to place on a dresser amidst bottles and such for an added bit of detail. or to hang from a bed post for a bit of humor and color and holiday fun. :-) or to put at the base of a normal everyday lamp to add some interesting detail.huh, cute.