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Monday, November 23, 2009

A new guest bedroom for under $500

This past April I wrote a post on beautiful bedroom spaces that had inspired me to transform the Fashionista's former lime green bedroom into a soothing sanctuary. After determining how I would use the space, I then set a budget and gathered several things stored in my cabinets and closets that I wanted to use in the space. A set of embroidered linens I had rescued and framed were at the top of the pile. They now grace the entry of the guest room and set the tone of the room.

I also wanted to hang an oil painting that my mother had done as a young girl in the room. Based on the colors found in these pieces of art it was decided that the walls of the room would be lavender. I involved both the Fashionista and Mr. Decor in the decision. It was easy enough for the Fashionista to love the selection as purple is her favorite color. For Mr. Decor lavender reminded him of our wedding colors which were cream and periwinkle.

To me the most important thing in a guest room is a comfortable bed. I have stayed in too many spaces where a lumpy mattress or itchy sheets kept me from a good nights sleep. I found the antique bed on Craiglist for a song. The yummy white cotton matlesse spread and pillow covers were left over from our own bedroom which I redid two years ago. I found the brand new white linen bed skirt and euro shams at a yard sale last spring.

I topped the white linen bed skirt with another Ralph Lauren bed skirt I also had leftover from my bedroom redo. I dyed the white embroidered skirt lavender the same way I did these pillowcases.

The white vintage sheets were also given a dye bath and I then added some embroidery and ric rac to the deep hem. Over the deliciously soft sheets I placed an antique quilt my great grandmother had made. It is like sleeping in a soft cotton cocoon.

Although I wanted white linen drapery panels for the window I couldn't find long enough panels (96") in a bright white that fit the budget. Instead IKEA came to the rescue with white matlesse panels, $29.00 for two. Of course every guest room should have a chair in which a guest can sit on. Remember what this sweet seat used to look like?

Above the chair are three prints of European cities that we have visited in the past. Each picture has a touch of lavender in its midst. Although they are very different in style, I unified the grouping by using white mat board and spray painting all the frames black.

On the wall by the bedside table I framed two antique prints of Flemish figures in black frames along with Sweet Boy's recent Disneyland Treasure. Mish mash for sure. But we really love it and that truly is the number one rule when selecting and hanging art.

On the wall next to the chair are the shelves that Mr. Decor made to my specifications. In last Monday's post I wrote about how we decided to only hang two of the three selves he made on the wall and the remaining shelf was placed inside the closet. Was that a good choice?

Here is a closeup. I didn't want to just fill the shelves with "stuff". Each item has meaning.

I topped a few favorite design and crafting books with an antique photo of a small girl with her dachshund. Next to it sits my antique china Harvey girl given to me by cousin to commemorate our train trip to the Grand Canyon which once featured Harvey girls.

Another vignette features my mothers sterling jewel box atop three of her books. It comforts me to have her things around and it all beautifully keeps to the silver, lavender black and white color palette.

I often take the dust jackets off of books as a preferred look. The lavender mercury votive holder came from Z Gallerie for a whopping .99 cents.

It is a tiny space to be sure. The only other wall in the room features my craft closet which I showed you the contents last week. I topped the upper ledge with a few things I had on hand. They all received major makeovers with paint.

I'll show you several of the transformations and provide tips on Wednesday. The colorful week will end with black Friday and my 2nd annual day after Thanksgiving giveaway.

Be thankful!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Such a beautiful room. Everything looks just lovely and so warm and inviting. I really like the color scheme. You've done a beautiful job. Hugs, Marty

Connie said...

Now, who says bedrooms have to be boring "beige", sugar; that one is stunning in lavender! Quite serene and elegant.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Congrats Laura,
This is gorgeous! Soft, pretty, welcoming and filled with lovely vintage finds. Great Job, your guests will love it! Cindy

Shelia said...

Hi Laura! What a lovely bedroom! I love the soft lavender color you have spread around. You've made a very pretty bedroom.
Be a sweetie and have a blessed Thanksgiving,
Shelia ;)

ceekay said...

It is beautiful Laura. The whole room came together beautifully!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Nicely done within a budget, Laura! It looks like a very inviting and comfortable guest room.

Willow said...

I just love what you have done and for all under $500.00 WOW !!


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Delightful! I've never thought of dying anything to all turned out beautifully.

Warm blessings,

The Boston Lady said...

Absolutely lovely Laura. The lavender color is divine and I love the bed. Surrounding yourself with wonderful memories is the best way to live.

Janet said...

This room is beautiful. I wish my own bed was as comfy and cozy as you made this guest bed! How awesome that your grandmother's quilt goes so perfectly with the color scheme!

Liz said...

What a very restful, cozy spot! I love the color and the fact that it is $500. :)


alice wayne said...

i love you
you love me
where a great big family
with a great big hug
and a kiss from me to you
wont you say i love you too

something is wrong with me if i sereiously remember that!

Linda said...

Such a lovely, soothing, sanctuary! You really did a great job.

Hope you and your family have a most blessed Thanksgiving.

Linda ♥

Mimi said...

Hi Laura!!!
The room turned out gorgeous!!!! I agree about the bed and linens!!!! Oh my --my MOM loves the color Purple, she has a house full of purple!!!!I think it is such a soft inviting color!!!!!!Love all the special touches you put in there!!!!! Did your daughter move out??? It always took me a few years to change the rooms after a child moved out, I just couldn't bear to do it --now all have been changed, our son still lives at home, but gone is his BOY room with sports and cars and junk on the wall and it is somewhat just re-done but not a lot of change other then all of that is gone and the color is more of a Rust-gold paisley looking room, he is ok with it --he really is only home to eat and sleep, Law School takes up alot of hi time!!!!!

Blondie's Journal said...

You did a fabulous job, Laura. I love the color palette and how you pulled everything together. The bed linens are my favorite. All the layers! And that extra yard you went to make them so pretty.

Love it!


Craftymoose Crafts said...

What a beautiful, soothing sanctuary you have created!

Lisa @ akawest said...

Oh, how beautiful! I brought my daughter in to look at your room. Her bedroom in the new house is now painted (thanks to hubby) close to what you used, and her new coverlet is white. If she would make her bed nicely, and arrange pillows, I would love to copy your bed. Somehow, at 5:30 AM, I can't imagine I would be arranging pillows, either.

I should send my guests to your house. We are having our first guest next week. She is bringing her own air mattress.

...mmm... said...

Oh, this looks so lovely. I really like what you've done here!

...mmm... said...

BTW, I went to your "about me" icon but nothing is clicable. So is it just the profile one is meant to read?

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Laura, this is so pretty and so inviting. I'm afraid you won't get house guests to leave. Love the soft colors. laurie

koralee said...

Your guest room is amazing. I love the shade and everything about it..your guests will feel so welcome. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog the other day. Your blog is so lovely.

Cote de Texas said...

So pretty and relaxing. I love the color!

D said...

You did a beautiful job. I love the colors. Great idea about dyeing the sheet. They turned out great.


LiLi M. said...

That lavender is gorgeous! I love that room, well done!

Mimi said...

Your guest room is so sweet. I just love the color lavender for a bedroom, that was the color I had as a is so calming. Your grandmother's quilt is exquisite, as are all the linens you have chosen. Thank you for sharing your beautiful room. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Laura...
Sweetie can I be a guest? I am just lovin this room. It is so exquisite. You did a GREAT job dying those linens. The color is that of my lilac bushes I had back home. So beautiful and serene. I could definitely rest in this room, and it sure beats lime green screaming at ya. Love it.

Thanks for sharing sweetie. Happy Thanksgiving. Country hugs, Sherry

The French Bear said...

Beautiful, love the way it all goes together and so calming!
Margaret B

Judi said...

Hi there
Your guest room is gorgeous. I love the lavender walls and the comforter and the decor over the bed...its lovely.
You have decorated with beautiful books....thank you for sharing.
Your guests will love to stay there

linda t said...

Wow Laura, love your guest room! So pretty & serene.

Hey, I saw you on the Today Show this morning!! You were in the little piece they showed before Matt interviewed Christian & Stephanie. Have you seen it yet? You were adorable!

Vintage Junky said...

looks great!! wow! If I was your guest, I would have to steal that fabulous chair haha!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Smiles~ Michelle

Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

Lovely job. Oh and when I saw the books, I just wanted to sit in that lovely chair and start reading the Prophet. I've got to pick that up again. Stop by and visit; if you like what u see, click the "Follow" button and "subscribe" so we can visit each other often!

susan said...

A haven for guests! Love all the special touches-especially the sheets!

part time jobs said...

I wish a have a bedroom like this. It’s very pretty.

Melbourne Relocation companies said...

the color of your bed and the color of your walls are gorgeous.

French Basketeer said...

LOVE it!! What a peaceful little and Mr. Decor make a great team, between the guest room and the new crafting space!